EXMinistries Presents Promises DVD Series

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EXMinistries Presents Promises DVD Series

dvd_cover_promisesYour satisfaction is guaranteed. We can ensure next day delivery. You’re pre-approved! Order now, pay later. Have it your way! Your freedom of speech and expression is protected! You have the right to bear arms! We live in a society saturated with promises. From the local grocery to the highest levels of government, we are constantly bombarded with oaths, vows and certainties in the midst of uncertainty. Although these declarations are meant to satisfy our hopes, quell our fears, and safeguard our way of life, none of these promises are eternal.

At best, they are shallow and short lived and for worse, they are vain and empty rhetoric. Our spirits desire assurance, security and comfort that this world can not provide.

The timeless promises of God, as recorded in the Holy Bible, are the only promises that can refresh the weary soul and sustain the faithful believer. G. Craige Lewis invites you to join EX Ministries on an investigative study of God’s prevailing and priceless bond and pledges to His children. Be encouraged! Be equipped! Be edified! This long anticipated exposition is essential for day-to-day warfare and discipleship. Order Here.

2 Comments on “EXMinistries Presents Promises DVD Series”

  1. Hello Brothers and sisters Body of christ Our LORD.Just say GoD that Bless you for this BIG JOB.EXMINISTRIES is a PROMISE OF GOD for US!!!
    AMAZING EXMINISTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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