FEMA Has Begun Training Pastors For What Is To Come

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FEMA Has Begun Training Pastors For What Is To Come – Video You Won’t Like

Royce Christyn | yournewswire.com

fpp-2y3xvfq0iemta7ffehy3nuOnce upon a time pastors were known as pillars of hope, small, quaint men (or women, more recently), who would help those in need and work in the local community.  Fast forward to 2015 and they are being used as tools of the Illuminati agenda, agents of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and, in some cases – mouthpieces to coax you into trusting their word on entering FEMA Concentration Camps.

As Lisa Haven documents in her article “FEMA Pastor Speaks Out and Reveals a Dirty Little Secret About What They’ll Be Called to Do by the Government When Asked…Warning You May Not Like What You’re About To Hear…” [1]:

FEMA’s “Clergy Response Team”

By now most of you are aware of the infamous group formed by FEMA and DHS who recruited 28,000 pastors to be part of the Clergy Response Team—a team of pastors who duty it will be in the event of any beck and call from the Government to round up citizens—be it for a catastrophe, an outbreak, or whatever them deem necessary. These pastors have sold not only their congregations out but also left God at the doorstep by doing so.

A Pastor Reveals Devastating Secret FEMA Plans

Recently Pastor Walt Mansfield, one of the first to be recruited by FEMA, boldly shares with Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show, all the devious workings the government is attempting to do through this organization. Everything from rounding up dissidents, to promoting servitude to the government, to forcing people into camps is involved.

In the video below I dive through all this and more but be aware you may not like what you’re about to hear…


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10 Comments on “FEMA Has Begun Training Pastors For What Is To Come”

  1. Luke 4:18 , doesn’t sound very oppressive to me, straight from the Founder and Finisher of our faith. Keep going!

  2. Wow. It’s so close you can smell it. Welcome to the new America land of the weak and the home of the scared. The new laws in this town is see no evil, hear no evil, and just obey!

  3. I will never believe in FEMA again. I list everything due to Tropical Storm Debbie and they said I didn’t lose enough…What does that even mean? I was homeless living in what was left of my mold filled car, and others were able to use the system and got all the help they needed. I am still trying to get back on my feet after that tragedy.

  4. Turn back and study the Word of God. Listen to the Holy Spirit and not waiver from God’s word.

    Read Matthew 24: study , study, study the Word of God.

  5. To understand is “unhealthy talk” ?, Allow people to find their own way to GOD? no wonder the document ended with mass graves. Wanted so badly to respond to the Supt. about his 1Kings 19 analogy but, didn’t out of respect for my elders and now I see it again in this document, makes you wonder.

  6. Wake Up People… ALL and I Mean ALL Churches are Whore Houses! Come out of them!

    The Doctrines being preached throughout ALL RELIGIONS is the Slave Masters Doctrine which has kept God’s People (He Does Have A Chosen People Remember – Deuteronomy 7:6, Amos 3:2) blind as a bat.

    Not 1 of them are teaching the Truth; that Blacks, Latinos and Native Indians are The Children of Israel (Isaiah 49:6) which will assist in the raising of the tents of Jacob (Israel); and therefore are Nothing more than Whore Houses; Whoring God’s people; Taking people’s money ILLEGALLY! Because TITHES throughout the Word of God was FOOD and not Money (Deuteronomy 14:22). The “Windows of Heaven” is God opening up the heavens (Genesis 7:11) and allowing the rain to come down which causes crops to grow so food can be distributed to the poor, the Levites, the homeless and the fatherless; so animals would have food to eat as well. This was the blessing… not money! These Government Authorized Whore Houses are just that… Whore Houses. Whoring God’s people is all they are doing. Wake The Hell Up!

    1. Sir, all are not. And Blacks,Latinos and Native Americans are not Semitic people. You seem very intelligent but, that hate needs to go. It blinds. (Sorry moderators, you know I will bite at anything that’s not true. And I know I’m just asking for it.)

  7. Poor fella, don’t allow your frustrations and anger with this beastly world system cause you to speak out of turn against the Most High! No matter how dark and slippery the way looks now, there’s always been a remnant that remains faithful unto Him.

    Not everyone is corrupt, just as you believe that you are doing well, there are others that are doing well and yet will not congratulate themselves nor bow down to the rules of this system. Pray for those that are the true children of the Most High as well as those that are yet to awaken to the knowledge of the truth. Not one of His shall be lost.

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