G. Craige Lewis has been ministering for over 25 years. He is Pastor of Adamant Believers Council in Grand Prairie, TX and also travels the world spreading the message of deliverance through EX Ministries. He promotes the message of Jesus Christ and fights against the secularization of God’s church.

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G. Craige Lewis

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  1. Hey Mr. G Craige Lewis my name is Keenan Bowman and I highly appreciate the conviction you have about the very words of God! And calling not only those who attend your church but those outside the church to the standard of obedience! So many “Christians” believe faith alone saves you and once save always save and that you don’t need to repent but just believe! Which we both know is not enough according to James 2 and Acts 2:38 and so many other scriptures. I myself am 19 years old and a campus minister at Long Beach city college I as well attend the City Of Angels International Christian Church and we believe that baptism is a necessity for Salvation but you are saved by Gods grace through your faith in him. We believe that a person must have faith in Christ,Repent,Confess their sins, and be baptized which we truly believe is the moment you come in contact with the blood of Jesus biblically. I wanted to know if you believed the same most people don’t believe baptism is necessary for salvation. And by the way I listen to your podcast which are incredible! Thanks
    Keenan Bowman

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