Gay Florida Teen Faces Felony Charges

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Gay Florida Teen Faces Felony Charges 

14 Comments on “Gay Florida Teen Faces Felony Charges”

  1. Are you kidding me, this law has been utilized in mostly heterosexual cas3s, rarely is it used in a homosexual case. 2he4e did thses people get their information? They’re just 0u55ing out their like it’s a true fact, totally mis informing people.

  2. Where in the world did they get their facts? To say that this law is mostly used against homosexuals is a flat out lie.. That law has been in place for many years in various states and NEARLY every case hae been a heterosexual encounter. Give me a break, they are flat out giving mis-information.

  3. This is an out right lie. I know a heterosexual guy that did time for having a relationship with an underage girl. It is called statutory rape. And it is wrong.

  4. wow.. as it is written

    The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him.
    The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness, and the end of his talk is evil madness. (Ecclesiastes 10:12-13, ESV)

    This man has not done his homework…and it’s obvious.

  5. You know what this means right??

    1. First the gays went for same sex marriage – that’s a done deal.

    2. Next they want to teach the 4 yr old to accept gays by force..they’re penetrating the educational system.

    3. Now they want to eliminate pedophilia…and this is how they want to do it….and therefore all those sick older men and women who want to violate little girls and boys (under 16 is still a baby to me). will be given the go ahead by Obama …nothing surprises me with him. He is letting satan use him all kinda how…

    Another step in the satanic plan is unfolding

    Keep exposing them G. Craig Lewis . God will bless you.

  6. Florida had better press forward with those charges. Being gay should not give you a pass for behavior. That entire state has a child killing/child molestation problem that has made it’s way in the international news. My prayers are with that entire state.

  7. There is always some idiot who is looking for television time trying to sound witty with no idea how stupid they really sound like this obviously homosexual male who is making absolutely no sense with his own words. It’s a case of statutory rape regardless of the same sex situation involved and it is enforced when charges are pressed; especially against minorities. There are black men who will be registered sex offenders for the rest of their lives because of this very law. It should also apply to a white lesbian girl regardless of her orientation. The liberal gay media blows everything out of proportion as if they are so persecuted. They don’t won’t the law to apply where it concerns their perverseness which I find absolutely hypocritical. The parents have a right to be disgusted with homosexuality and lesbianism; that’s not a crime but a choice of preference which has nothing to do with this case. You don’t get a golden ticket for being gay.

  8. what is this guy talking about!? when this lady slept with another lady and commits a lude behavior with a child, she is criminalized!! therefore they did the right thing by charging her. Saying that her charges should be dropped means you are saying yes to petafiles to commit crime!

    1. What I’m talking about is the statement that this law is used mostly against homosexuals. That is totally incorrect. It may have been applied to a few homosexual cases, but the vast majority of the cases that this law has been applied to are between a male and a female. Homosexuals have not been the target of this law. Pedophiles can have this law applied to their cases, but it’s usually at the end of a long
      list of other charges. People vwho choose to have sex with minors a putting themselves at risk, as it should be.

  9. This is of course their way of making homesexuaity normal and heterosexuality abnormal. You know up is down, right is wrong and sin is righteousnes. He is on the exreme left side. Anything to push the gay agenda. But God will prevail, in the end. praise God

  10. It is time for the Anointed Intercessors to step it up!
    Jeremiah 9:17 “This is what the Lord Almighty says:
    “Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come;
    send for the most skillful of them.
    18 Let them come quickly
    and wail over us
    till our eyes overflow with tears
    and water streams from our eyelids.
    19 The sound of wailing is heard from Zion:
    ‘How ruined we are!
    How great is our shame!
    We must leave our land
    because our houses are in ruins.’”
    20 Now, you women, hear the word of the Lord;
    open your ears to the words of his mouth.
    Teach your daughters how to wail;
    teach one another a lament.

  11. Janine you hit the nail on the head. But, most people don’t want to accept what is truly happening. We are on a slippery slope. This is only the beginning. People need t9 check out groups such the “North American Man Boy love association” and what they want.

  12. I disagree with how individuals who would have been considered adults in ages prior in every society is now considered children. Traditionally when someone reached puberty they were considered an adult – treating adults like children by an entire society is absurd because it stunts the maturity of the society as a whole.
    In regards to the case both girls should be put in prison for willingly committing lesbian acts and as far as the men having sex with underage girls they both should be put in prison for consensual fornication. Unless it’s pedophilia age should be left out.

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