Gorilla Killed to Save HUMAN BEING!

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The director of the Cincinnati zoo, where a large gorilla was shot dead on Saturday after a three-year-old boy entered its enclosure, said staff made the right decision in killing the prize ape.

gorillaSpeaking at a briefing on Monday afternoon, Thane Maynard said messages of support had come in from up to 1,000 animal experts and fans around the world, including the famed British primate expert Jane Goodall.

“She sent her sympathy,” Maynard said.

The gorilla, a 17-year-old, 400lb adult male silverback lowland gorilla named Harambe, was shot after he began dragging the boy by his ankle around a moat within the enclosure at the zoo. Maynard said the child was in imminent danger because the gorilla was agitated and acting erratically._89842932_732a9f4f-743f-4795-912b-4a3b0a7187e6

“This child was being dragged around and his head was banging on the concrete,” Maynard said, responding to suggestions that the gorilla may have just been trying to protect the child and should not have been shot. “This was not a gentle thing. Read More here

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2 Comments on “Gorilla Killed to Save HUMAN BEING!”

  1. sadly our history of psychoanalysts/zoologists buying into Darwins theory of evolution has put apes out of order #weneedEducationReformation

  2. one more thought….history reveals the foundation built in education that supports Freud’s /Jung’s theories created a societal buy in for sexual perversion

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