Grand Architect of the Universe orders hit: The curse of Free Masonry

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The following story reported by Matthew Lysiak of Daily News, New York, November 26, 2010 confirms a hard reality of demonic possession, free masonry and false gods. G.Craige Lewis and Will Ford have addressed a myraid of rituals and demonic activity involving secret societies and the occult. These messages are made available on our website.


[Image is not associated with original article.]

[Image is not associated with original article.]

Michael Brea, bit-part ‘Ugly Betty’ actor, says, ‘I didn’t kill her. I killed the demon inside her’

By Matthew Lysiak | Daily News Staff Writer 

An unhinged actor Thursday calmly described hacking his beloved mother to death with a sword because he believed a demon had taken hold of her soul.

“I didn’t kill her. I killed the demon inside her,” Michael Brea said in a chilling hourlong interview with the Daily News in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital.

When told his mother, Yannick Brea, 55, had died in the grisly assault early Tuesday, Michael was unrepentant.

“So be it. It was the work of God,” he said.

Speaking with white-hot intensity and unflinching confidence, Brea described a shadowy descent into a world filled with Masonic symbolism and black magic beginning late Sunday when he snapped awake.

“I was sleeping in my bedroom. God came above my bed and reached his arm to me,” said Brea, wearing a light-blue prison jumpsuit and slippers. He told his tale while sitting unhandcuffed on a blue chair behind a wood table.


“I said, ‘God, is my time on earth over?’ I heard a voice say, ‘Yes Michael, today is your last day.’ I asked if I could say goodbye to my family.”

[Image is not associated with original article.]

[Image is not associated with original article.]

The 31-year-old Brea said he told no one about the dream, but the following afternoon, he said he received another sign while at the Prince Hall Masonic Temple in Harlem, which he’d joined a week earlier.

There, he said, a man approached and tried to put a curse on him.

“[He] kept trying to put something in my hand but wouldn’t show it to me. I kept opening my hand. It was a Freemason pin. I wouldn’t touch it,” Brea said. Felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix

He began feeling ill and left, and while riding the train back to Brooklyn, he said, strangers began speaking to him about his mother.

“I felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix.’ I began hearing voices and feeling powerful,” Brea said. “They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign.”

When he returned to the family’s Prospect Heights apartment, the bit-part actor who once appeared on “Ugly Betty,” hugged his mother, a God-fearing Haitian immigrant with whom relatives say he had long been very close.

“I knew I would never see my mother again,” he said. “I gave her lots of love.”

He went to his room and lit candles, placed a dagger and a 3-foot ceremonial Freemason sword by his side. Investigators said he had stolen the sword from the Masonic lodge, but Brea insisted his father had given it to him when he was a child.

“It’s a powerful sword,” he said.

Brea also arranged three saint cards around him – including one of Saint Jude holding a sword.

His mother then knocked on the door and asked him to go to the kitchen and pour water from a pot in which she was cooking three chickens.

“I looked at these chickens lying dead in the pot and a voice told me it was a sacrifice. It was black magic,” he said.

Brea left the chickens alone and went back to his room. When his mother asked why he did not do what she had asked, he said she spoke with a different voice.

[Image is not associated with original article.]

[Image is not associated with original article.]

“She had the voice of the demon. I opened the door with the dagger at my side and the sword,” he said.

“I asked, ‘Do you believe in God?’ She said, ‘No, Michael no,’ and began screaming. I began slashing her like this,” he said, bringing his right hand down in a violent hacking motion.

Sickening trail of blood. Brea chased his mother from room-to-room, repeatedly swinging the sword, leaving a sickening trail of blood in his wake.

“I didn’t want to kill her right away. I wanted to give her time to get right with God,” he said.

By this point police had arrived outside the apartment, but Brea said he had no doubt he would be able to finish the job.

“I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, ‘Michael, open up, Michael, open up,’ but I knew they wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me,” he said.

“I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God,” he said.

“I’m named after a saint myself – Saint Michael. He was protecting the house from the police. They weren’t allowed to enter the apartment.”

Neighbors complained that the officers who initially responded failed to do enough to get inside and stop the sword-wielding maniac before his mother died.

Police officials said the officers handled the situation properly and were waiting for better equipped and trained Emergency Service Unit cops to arrive.

When they finally broke the door down, cops found a trail of bloody footprints and handprints on the walls and floors, and Yannick Brea crumpled on her knees in the bathroom.

Her son stood amid the carnage with the sword in one hand and a Masonic Bible in the other.

“I heard voices telling me how powerful I was, saying ‘Oh he’s good,'” Brea said.

While recounting the gruesome murder, Brea showed no remorse, and his eyes stayed locked on a reporter.

His intensity only broke for a moment when he said he was thirsty and his mouth was dry. Guards gave him a wet towelette to dab at his lips.

Brea said he is convinced he did the right thing.

“Grand Architect of the Universe means God,” he said, referring to an expression neighbors said he shouted as he was being removed from the bloody scene. “I was praising God. To you it might sound silly, but in my culture demons are very real.”

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14 Comments on “Grand Architect of the Universe orders hit: The curse of Free Masonry”

  1. There’s truly far more greater things than our trivial every day to day problems! Had this young man known the bible and the absolute word of God he would have known that God is not pleased with dead human sacrifices, that’s why, although we don’t believe in and should not tolerate homosexuality we don’t go around stoning them to death and taking judgment into our own hands. It is truly the time for radical change, disobedience and lack of faith & knowledge of the word of God has lead to this chaos.

  2. I was just reading about Brea and what happened a couple hours ago. I never knew this happened. And what do you know it’s here…. SMH grand architect isn’t that satan…. smh So many questions.

  3. I’m so glad that I’m no longer part of Eastern Star, I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. I thank God for loving and protecting me even in my foolishness. This is such a sad story, I pray than many will turn away from these fraternal organizations like I did. God bless

  4. I remember this story…very, very sad. The enemy has three purposes: to steal, to kill and to destroy. Sad…I pray his mother was saved and is now resting peacefully…smh.

  5. It is sad that a God fearing woman had to go in such a horrific manner, but we should praise Him for her life and the assuarance that as a child of God she surely is with Him. There is nothing more any living being can do for her but we still can pray for her son, and try to minister to him. Maybe he can find true salvation in this life. Let us as Christians not just condemn. We should through His mercy and grace try as much as possible to reach out to lost souls like Michael, the harvest is great but the reapers are few.

  6. Sad situation indeed; even sadder is the fact that the family came from an area where there are strange mixtures of religious practices that have radical and incompatible beliefs separate from biblical Christianity and truth. Then this poor misguided fellow makes things worse by joining himself to a curse. The most high (JEHOVAH) nor his holy CHRIST would never command a son to murder his own mother (Murder is not a part of their natures!) Things are awfully wrong here on this earth; It is as CHRIST said things would be (The beginning of sorrows).

  7. Thank the Lord before I knew the Lord like I know Him know that I had no desire to join this weird organization. Those whom I know are in it, I’ve tried to warn them about it. They thinks its cool. I always thought it was strange that some preachers are in this organization or fraternities and have the nerve to call themselves saved. The devil is a liar!!! I pray that those who are in it come out and come to know the true God of the Bible.

  8. God’s word STANDS!

    John 16:2b – yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm Ex Ministries. We praise God for you continually and continue to share your message, website, dvd’s, etc with others.

  9. My Dad was in the Masons years ago, but praise the Lord, our Savior brought him out and he “went to sleep”, Knowing the Savior as his Lord. God help those still caught up in these satanic ‘cults’.

  10. This is a terrible price to pay for lack of knowledge of the Word. If he had known God at all, had the Word in his heart, and had the Holy Spirit abiding in him, this would not have happened. The guy has no idea he was possessed. We need to pray for him to be healed, for him to come to Christ and repent, and for him to forgive himself as the Lord would forgive him. I can’t imagine how he would feel when he comes to his right state of mind.

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