High Number Of Doctors Unhappy In Their Profession

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High Number Of Doctors Unhappy In Their Profession

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

Massachussetts Considers Mandatory Health InsurancePHILADELPHIA (CBS) Next time you see your doctor  you might want to ask if he or she is happy. According to the most recent study, 42% say they are ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ in their medical practices, and 59% say they are unlikely to encourage a young person to go into medicine. Only 16% report having a generally favorable outlook about the future of their careers.

The report was not all doom and gloom for the medical profession. Those satisfied physicians were male, over age 45, and anesthesiologists, dermatologists, or pediatric or surgical subspecialists. As for the least satisfied physicians, they were more likely to be female, younger than 45, and internists or family physicians. Others with a negative view were those in emergency medicine, critical care and radiology. The type of practice made a big difference as well. Those doctors who own a practice, are locum tenens physicians, or are employees of a practice owned by a hospital or health system are more likely to be unhappy.


4 Comments on “High Number Of Doctors Unhappy In Their Profession”

  1. Unhappy doctors equals not quality service. I can only imagine being in that profession and “filling”out prescriptiond while not being “filled themselves” with the Holy Spirit.

  2. There is NO joking here folks because their unhappiness might affect the way you’re treated, especially if depression sets in and their ‘mindset’ is elsewhere. Case in point: a friend of mine who is mentally challenged had been going to his doctor for ‘years’, but had to change recently because of his ‘medical coverage’. Well, he started going to a ‘clinic’ rather than a ‘real doctor’s office’ and just found out that he had a “HUGE tumor” in his stomach, which turned out to be ‘cancer’. The ‘clinic’ was NOT giving him “thorough check ups” but the ‘regular’ doctor was, do you see where I’m going with this?? If doctors are depressed or don’t want to do their jobs, you WILL be affected in one way or the other (I believe that’s what happened with my mom as well). I’m praying that something ‘drastically changes’ here for the ‘better’ or we’re ALL going to be affected by this. God help us!!

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