"Homeschooling growing seven times faster than public schools enrollment"

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Report: “Homeschooling growing seven times faster than public schools enrollment”

By Dr. Susan Berry

As dissatisfaction with the U.S. public school system grows, apparently so has the appeal of homeschooling. Educational researchers, in fact, are expecting a surge in the number of students educated at home by their parents over the next ten years, as more parents reject public schools.

A recent report in Education News states that, since 1999, the number of children who are homeschooled has increased by 75%. Though homeschooled children represent only 4% of all school-age children nationwide, the number of children whose parents choose to educate them at home rather than a traditional academic setting is growing seven times faster than the number of children enrolling in grades K-12 every year.


As homeschooling has become increasingly popular, common myths that have long been associated with the practice of homeschooling have been debunked.homeschool-reuters

Any concerns about the quality of education children receive by their parents can be put to rest by the consistently high placement of homeschooled students on standardized assessment exams. Data demonstrates that those who are independently educated generally score between the 65th and 89th percentile on these measures, while those in traditional academic settings average at around the 50th percentile. In addition, achievement gaps between sexes, income levels, or ethnicity—all of which have plagued public schools around the country—do not exist in homeschooling environments.

According to the report:

Recent studies laud homeschoolers’ academic success, noting their significantly higher ACT-Composite scores as high schoolers and higher grade point averages as college students. Yet surprisingly, the average expenditure for the education of a homeschooled child, per year, is $500 to $600, compared to an average expenditure of $10,000 per child, per year, for public school students.

Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/07/Report-Growth-in-Homeschooling-Outpacing-Public-Schools




3 Comments on “"Homeschooling growing seven times faster than public schools enrollment"”

  1. Alot of people also don’t know the demographics of families who homeschool. Most are Christian, lower to middle income and most of the parents only having two years of college. I was inspired to homeschool after I read an article about 3 sisters who graduated from a technical school in my hometown. Their mother educated all of them with only a year of college herself. I have been doing some research and if a parent considers homeschooling they should research their states homeschool requirements and laws , join a homeschool support group in their community, make sure that they administer any state required tests yearly, keep record of anything their child does in case they are challenged by their state or their child’s college, and if possible connect themselves with a lawyer that works to protect homeschool families because you never know who might try to challenge your decision to homeschool.

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  3. My husband and I have made the decision to homeschool our sons (6 and 4). We live in Maryland, and I have not heard of anyone being challenged by the state enforcing them to enroll their child into public schools, but to prevent any potential hiccups this year we are planning to enroll in an accredited day school located in Maryland that has a homeschool umbrella program. I am excited and nervous because my son’s academic success is very important to me. But with all that is going on in the schools today, and all that they are teaching these children, we wanted to explore this option. We said we will try it for a year and see how it goes. I did complete my Bachelor’s degree but I did not major in education, so I am a bit nervous that I will not teach them properly. I am leaning on the Lord through this journey, because my desire is to homeschool until they are ready to go to college.

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