By Heather Clark |

Cake-Credit-KVUE-TV-compressed-701x394AUSTIN, Texas — A homosexual “pastor” in Texas who filed a lawsuit against the health-oriented grocery chain Whole Foods after claiming that a slur had been written on a cake he ordered has admitted to lying about the matter, and has subsequently dropped his pursuit of emotional damages.

“Today I am dismissing my lawsuit against Whole Foods Market. The company did nothing wrong,” Jordan Brown of the Church of Open Doors said in a statement on Monday. “I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story.”

As previously reported, Brown had filed a legal challenge against Whole Foods last month, claiming that he ordered a cake last week for one of his congregational members that was to bear the words “Love Wins,” but later noticed that it read “Love Wins “F*g.”

He said that he did not notice the slur until later as he was driving home. Brown states that he didn’t want to make a scene at the store, so instead of returning with the cake, he called Whole Foods’ corporate office as well as the store manager to complain.

Brown Tweeted an image of the cake bearing the slur that same day, recorded a video to show others the “sealed” box, and also appeared at a press conference where he tearfully declared the alleged incident an act of hate.

“Pastor Brown never asked for this to happen. He continues to be overwhelmed by the feelings of pain, anguish and humiliation because of this incident,” his attorney, Austin Kaplan, said in a statement.

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