Identity Crisis: Beauty And The Beast Has A Gay Moment!

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That’s right, you read correctly. In the new version of Beauty and the Beast, LeFou is confused about his feelings for Gaston. A gay moment is included in the film. As if a woman attracted to a Baphomet looking “beast” wasn’t bad enough, now there is a homosexual moment in it? As our world becomes more and more corrupt, those of us that know how to pray need to be doing just that. The hour is late.

The Washington Post: The upcoming live-action remake of the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” made waves last week after its director revealed that one of its characters was “confused” about his sexuality.

Many online said they were proud that the children’s entertainment studio would at long last portray a same-sex relationship, and the editor of a prominent British gay lifestyle magazine hailed it as “a watershed moment for Disney,” as The Washington Post’s Elahe Izadi reported.

But the promise of that moment was enough for one drive-in theater in Alabama to cancel its plans to screen the movie, citing religions reasons.

According to the Associated Press, the Henagar Drive-In theater in northern Alabama said in a Facebook post that its operators are “first and foremost Christians” and will not compromise on what the Bible teaches. They said they would continue to show “family-oriented films” so that customers could “watch wholesome movies.” Read more

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