Is Hollywood Ignoring Christians?

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Is Hollywood Ignoring Christians?

By Morgan Lee | Christian Post Reporter

Megachurch pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas and producer of the recent hit “Heaven Is for Real” T. D. Jakes urged Hollywood to create more films that reflected his own experiences in an editorial for Variety.

“As both an African-American and a person of faith, I have watched with great consternation while the missing reflection of the world in which I live in was previously being poorly served,” wrote Jakes in an article released on Wednesday.

Jakes, who has a close relationship with Christian film executive Tyler Perry, (who also donated $1 million to his church in 2013,) praised Hollywood for “the new-found proliferation of products that serve the burgeoning faith and family film market,” but added that he remained “appalled that this sector is still being discussed from a niche-market perspective.”

(PHOTO: FACEBOOK/T.D. JAKES MINISTRIES) Hollywood film producer Tyler Perry prays for Bishop T.D. Jakes on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, at The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, in this photo shared on the Facebook page belonging to T.D. Jakes Ministries

Hollywood film producer Tyler Perry prays for Bishop T.D. Jakes on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, in this photo shared on the Facebook page belonging to T.D. Jakes Ministries

Jakes expressed frustration that although the U.S. was overwhelmingly Christian, the majority of its movies and television shows did not attempt to cater to this demographic.

“Does Hollywood have the instinct to communicate to an audience base whose views are often more conservative than its own?” he queried. “Is the system willing to accept the tutelage of those who understand how to penetrate this inescapable base of young families who are in constant pursuit of entertainment that is engaging, crafted with the excellence that only an adequate budget can afford?”

For Jakes, the answer to this question began in the “development stage of production,” and Hollywood must be “aware of the sensitivities of this population.”

“Hollywood may have to override its own skepticism in order to reflect faith on film, and recognize that it needs to ‘go green’ at the box office by partnering with those who have an instinct to increase the diversity of entertainment options for a previously underserved and poorly served consumer market,” he wrote.

2014 has been a breakout year for faith-based movies. Currently, according to Box Office Mojo, “Noah,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven Is for Real,” and “Son of God” all sit in the top 20 of highest grossest movies of the year. This fall, “The Song” and “Exodus: God and Kings” will also be released in theaters.

Jakes’ “Heaven Is for Real” has grossed $88 million since its April release.

Results from a recent poll suggest that while nearly 50 percent of American Christians favorably view Hollywood, more than 40 percent believe that the major studios do not accurately represent their faith on screen.

According to respondents from a Christian News Service/Nicaea Movie poll conducted by American Insights, 49 percent of Christians view Hollywood positively, while 32 percent do not. The poll also revealed that Catholics are more likely to view Hollywood warmly, with 57 percent approving of it, compared to only 40 percent of Protestants.

19 Comments on “Is Hollywood Ignoring Christians?”

  1. Hollywood is NOT Christian!! So therefore how can it pay attention to Christians Many ‘Christians’ who choose to work in Hollywood either leave or are put in compromising roles. Hollywood if TD Jakes did his research has a large following of satanists. Illuminati symbols almost everywhere even children’s cartoons are not exempt. For example Jolies’s latest movie Mafelcent or whatever its called was a metaphor for rape even she admitted this. EX Ministries you need to send some of your DVD’s to TD Jakes!!!!!

  2. I understand the question, but some of these movie producers and makers films are hardly christ like entertainment. Some of these films are hard to disguise from the world. Also the films that are suppose to be bible based are biblically accurate. Or does that matter. So as kt has anything to with the bible, it’s deemed a christian movie. .

  3. Really???? Why should we CARE if H’wood ignores Christians???? We are supposed to be set apart from them anyway sooooooo…….. Besides, that which a Christian follows cannot be contained on a screen. The Word is toooo much for even a good Christian to behold. Why turn it over to a system that uses the parts that uphold its values and not the values of Christ??? I say ignore away!

  4. THIS type of thinking is the very reason MOST professing christians are missing the mark in their walk,too many want to be entertained. Nowadays the church itself is a place to be amused. As christians we are NOT to be conformed to the world(system). Hollywood is pushing a satanic agenda, why would they make movies that are based around the bible. They only use biblical titles to lure the carnel minded christian and fill their heads with anti christ ideas unbeknownst to them. WAKE UP! Jakes only wants another way to line his pockets.He knows it wouldn’t fly if he attached his name to violence and sexually explicit scenes, so he just wants hellywood to tone it down abit so he can get a slice of the pie. Then his followers have yet another reason to praise him instead of JESUS! If you think movies,sports,tv,music is what determines your salvation you’re sadly mistaken. Jesus was not an entertainer, he went about doing good, healing the sick, and doing the will of his father. “Christians” should be doing the same. After all the word means Christ like. Jesus definitely would not have any concerns about what’s playing at the box office. People it’s late in the hour and it’s time to get saved FOR REAL. If you’re more concerned about media than you are about souls, you need to reevaluate your walk. God HAS NOT changed, He’s STILL HOLY, he still expects His people to live holy lives. Believers shouldn’t expect the same equality as the world. This is not our home, we’re just passing through! Let them(world) have at it. If you’re christian then your BODY belongs to God and He doesn’t want you filling it with wordly filth!Men have crept in unawares and are trying hard to merge the church with the world. Don’t get caught up!! Ask yourself if you’re more concerned about living EXACTLY the way the bible says or do you want to live worldly, filling up on movies,internet,tv,false gospels,etc?Awaken to righteousness your eternal life depends on it.

  5. Hollywood, please just keep ignoring Christians, maybe then many Christians will understand that Hollywood and Christianity cannot mix. Any pastor who makes appeals for Hollywood to cater to Christians, disqualifies himself as a representative of Christ. It’s obvious for years now that Bishop T D Jakes and many other “popular” pastors see no problem mixing with Hollywood. But you can’t mix the holy with the profane. The Bible says –

    And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people.” (II Corinthians 6:15, 16 NKJV)

    The Bible has already made the judgement and those who mix will experience the judgement unless they repent.

  6. I have three questions.

    1. Tyler Perry laying hands on and praying for Bishop Jakes? Is Tyler Perry a child of God, born again Christian?

    2. By making this statement, is Bishop Jakes trying hone niche in an ungodly Hollywood for himself?

  7. First of all Hollywood is run by anti-Christs, devils and satanists, so of course they are not going to produce anything that promotes true Christianity. Secondly how is Tyler Perry going to lay hands on any one when he struggles with effeminization? That is dangerous. Also TD Jakes is not so Christ like either with his acceptance of strange doctrines and his new teachings of following instincts to get what you want. These people know what they are doing and should not be allowed to misrepresent Christianity or the bible anymore than they already do. The so called Bible based movies or television series are highly inaccurate and misleading so If anything Christian film makers should stay as far away from Hollywood as possible and reach other Christians by different means. Youtube, DVDs, local churches, community or art events etc

  8. As disturbing as this may be, I cannot be moved by it. I am going to continue studying about the early Apostles and the early Christian Church. Wow just learning what they went through for this Gospel compared to articles like this is shameful. The studying helps me fight off personal discouragement and grief

  9. This is where some folks within the body of Christ mess up. Thinking that just because a film here and there promotes family, morals and Christian living means that Hollywood hence secular society is softening up if not turning over to Christ and it’s all a lie! Hollywood is still a godless, reprobate, culture of perversion no matter how you slice it because it’s ran by people who are fully immersed in that behavior and they are in no way shape or form interested in living for Christ yet evangelicals are trying so very hard to appeal and be accepted into that scene. The very people that fund their films, or are in partnership with them to have their movies made who smile in their faces since they are making money are the same ones that go home every night laughing behind their backs and curse the name of the Lord in the same breath!!

    1. Harsh observation. And yet I agree 100%. The Lord did not tell us to partake of the world’s sins in order to be lights in the world. He told us to do the opposite. Be salt/lights and don’t partake in the sins of the world.

    2. I think Hollywood should not be making faith-based movies at all because they do not worship Jesus Christ……

  10. Hopefully this open letter to Hollywood by Mr. Jakes influences it to produce more faith based films or the Body of Christ should take up this mantra itself.

  11. If 50% of America is Christian, Then over 50% of Hollywood movies must be christian related and bible centered, but since this isnt happening, one has never stopped questioning the accuracy of this study, tbe question Mr Jakes is asking is very valid, Should America and the rest of the world continue to feed on carnal meditations of Hollywood you….?

  12. We need to be about the things of God. If we’re in tune with His Spirit there is little room for indulging in foolishness like entertaining our flesh. I’m not against all forms of media, I just believe that it should take a back seat, waaaay back to our daily lives. Whether produced in Hollywood by heathens or produced outside the matrix by believers, we need to pull back. God’s plans for us collectively and individually are far greater than we can imagine or think but we’ve got to desire His presence more and more, not less and less. God bless.

  13. Since when did Christians start relying on Hollywood to teach the Bible? Requesting that Hollywood make more faith-based movies would be like requesting that Lil’ Wayne make a gospel album and expect Christians to be blessed by it. If we expect Hollywood to make movies for Christians then we might as well join The Potters House and New Birth Baptist Church; there is just as much “entertainment” and content as the average box office hit.

  14. The last Christain basic movie I saw was Unstoppable by Kirk Camron. It was an interesting movie but I was alert. Thank to ex ministries I’m always reproving and rebuking some works. I sort of have that old grumpy man mindset and I try to stay alert. I believe TD Jakes produced the movie “Sparkle” with Whitney Houston and even back then I suspected that something may be wrong.

    I’ve been around many people and they have always suggest that people read the book before they watch a film adaptation of a book but some people rather watch the films instead.

    Also I think some people see preaching as some kind of joke. They are some people who really get into prophetic mode when they are filled but I couldn’t watch the rest of the Tyler Perry laying hands on TD Jakes.
    I just hope that people are more aware of what’s going on.

  15. The majority if so call faith base movie, are not based on the bible but the imagination of writers. Heavens for real for example the young boy tells his dad that Jesus will be coming back in his dad’s life time. No one knows the hour when Christ will return. I saw the trailer for Noah and it was dark satanic. I saw God’s dead it was very good not based on any biblical account in the bible. He use scriptures. How is it possible for a man to play Jesus who is God I have never in my 64 years of living want to watch someone play God. When I want to know God says I read his word. Stop caring about this world system they are out to make money that’s it

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