Israel to Issue ‘Gay-Friendly’ ID Cards to Children of Homosexuals

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Israel to Issue ‘Gay-Friendly’ ID Cards to Children of Homosexuals

By Heather Clark |

570067701000100490354no Jerusalem-PD-300x300The Israeli government will begin issuing “gay friendly” ID cards to children of homosexuals, according to reports coming out of the country.

Heretofore, the cards had always had a space for “father” and “mother,” and one of the homosexual twosomes had to be listed as such regardless of whether they were male or female. However, the new cards will now say “father” and “father” or “mother ” and “mother,” to reflect the gender of the individual and accommodate the same-sex nature of the household.

Homosexuals in Israel have been able to adopt their partner’s child as their own since 2006, but documentation has not reflected the allowance. Therefore, three children of same-sex “couples” filed a request to the Population, Immigration and Border Authority to ask that it alter the identification cards to reflect the two mothers or fathers.

“Each and one of these children were born to a lesbian family being headed by two mothers,” the request outlined. “Each one of the kids was adopted by the non-biological mother, and were then registered as a child with two mothers.”

Homosexual groups in Israel are applauding the move, stating that it demonstrates progress in their goal to obtain equality with families that consist of a mother and father.

“Israel is home to thousands of gay families which aren’t registered with the state, and issuing ID cards is another important step in our struggle for equal recognition,” Chen Arieli told YNet News.

The development comes just weeks after a bill allowing homosexuals to have children through surrogacy passed its first reading in the Knesset.

“This bill is about the principle of equality, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or the composition of the family unit,” said Health Minister Yael German, who submitted the proposal at the beginning of the year.

But some have been opposed to to the idea.

“The health minister presented a bill meant to destroy the nature of family as we know it,” opined Moshe Gafni of United Torah Judaism.

Although same-sex “marriage” is not legal in the country, homosexuals are protected under Israeli law. As previously reported, in 2009, a pair of lesbians filed suit against the Messianic kibbutz Yad Hashmona for declining to host a “marriage” celebration at their moshav. Tal Ya’akovovich and Yael Biran had tied the knot in England the year prior, and workers at the Yad Hashmona hotel, where the wedding hall is located, explained that the celebration could not be hosted at the site because of their biblical beliefs.

In 2012, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court ruled against Yad Hashmona, rejecting the hotel owner’s arguments that they should have the right to practice their religion. The judge also declared that rejection of homosexuals constitutes “sexual harassment.” Yad Hashmona was ordered to pay 60,000 shekels ($17,400) in damages to the lesbian women, as well as 30,000 shekels ($8,700) in attorney’s fees.

The case was then appealed, but in June of this year, Judge Moshe Yoad Cohen upheld the ruling and agreed that Yad Hashmona was guilty of violating Israeli law. As a result of the rulings, the owners of the hotel closed the wedding hall due to fear of further lawsuits, and the facility has been struggling to fund the kibbutz ever since.

“I feel sad that people are getting so far from God and celebrating the victory of sin,” hotel manager Tsuriel Bar-David told Morning Star News. “I feel shame that this behavior is now officially becoming ‘normal’ and accepted. I feel that we are getting closer and closer to the days when being a follower of Jesus—Yeshua–will not be accepted anymore, and that those who would like to stay faithful will have no choice but to be set apart from the ‘normal’ society.”


6 Comments on “Israel to Issue ‘Gay-Friendly’ ID Cards to Children of Homosexuals”

  1. I didn’t know israel allowed this trash.why would they do wonder God is allowing them to get attacked!this is just retarded.God bless ex ministries.

  2. Wow! ” all who seek to live Godly lives will be persecuted” This lgbt stuff is ridiculous, God has already judged it, and it is sin and we know what the wages for that is and will always be, because the Lord of Host will not change His mind about it, no matter what man comes up with to try to make it ok, it will never be ok before the Creator

  3. Wow, probably not the followers of God, but government leaders and lgbt activists, u.s.a. gov’t is probably giving them a sweet financial package for this.

  4. it’s an abomination to do such thing by give the children of homosexual a friendly ID Card remember what how apply to Sodom and Gomorrah how God did Judge them because of there homosexual life they live, if you went God to Judge Israel go head in doing it.

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