Italian Authorities: Pope John Paul II's blood may have been stolen for satanic ritual?!

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Pope John Paul II’s Blood Stolen From Church in Italy

By Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter

A container that holds some of the blood of the late Pope John Paul II has been stolen from a church in Italy.

Relic-of-JP-IIFranca Corrieri told Reuters she called the police after discovering a broken window at the church of San Pietro della Ienca early Sunday morning. Corrieri serves as a custodian of the church, which is located east of Rome in the mountains of Abruzzo near the city of L’Aquila.

When they entered the building they discovered that a crucifix and the gold case that holds the blood were missing. Dozens of police officers and some sniffer dogs then swarmed the area to search for clues.

The blood was given to the local community by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, who is now the archbishop of Krakow in Poland but formerly served as John Paul II’s secretary. The former pope reportedly loved the area and would sometimes go there to ski, hike and pray in the church.

Italian authorities believe someone commissioned the theft, reports NBC News, because the burglars did not take other valuable items that were inside the church at the time of the break-in. Police also said the blood may have been stolen for use in Satanic rituals, because to sell the blood would be a difficult task.

Only three of the former pope’s relics contain his blood.Corrieri told Reuters the theft felt more like a “kidnapping.”

“In a sense, a person has been stolen,” she said. John Paul II led the Roman Catholic Church from 1978 until he passed away in 2005. He is set to become a Catholic saint in April, and will be canonized along with Pope John XXIII, who died in 1963.




11 Comments on “Italian Authorities: Pope John Paul II's blood may have been stolen for satanic ritual?!”

  1. Now this is interesting….Isn’t the fact that they were saving/storing the blood in the first place satanic? What was the purpose of saving the blood in the first place? To do a ritual.

  2. Being unaware of where biblically it says the blood of Popes/Bishops/Cardinals/Deacons/ Pastors or Ministers should be kept, I am perplexed as to why they had/kept the blood in the first place. If this is biblical, could someone please point me to the chapter and verse.

    1. Nowhere does the Bible say to keep anyone’s blood. The only blood ever used is the blood of sacrificial animals and the blood of Christ for the redemption of sins, but neither is saved for “safekeeping?” Blood is sacred because it holds life and life should be respected and shouldn’t be unnecessarily shed, aka murder. Blood has nothing to do with how special or sacred a human in and of himself is or was. But as the pope is considered The Mediator between God and man (and not Christ as the Bible does say), it makes sense that they would believe his blood to be sacred.

      I saw a documentary on PBS where the body of a hundreds year old dead bishop is embalmed in a glass coffin and literally worshiped in a town in Italy (I forgot the town’s name). The townsfolk even admitted that even though they are Catholics, they don’t worship God, they worship the bishop’s corpse. It is very perplexing and creepy… especially the custodian in the article likening stolen blood of a dead man to a kidnapping of a living person.

  3. This is retardism. Why are they keeping blood anyway? Is his blood holy and a purifying agent like Jesus Christ’s?!
    – NO. I wonder if they’re going to try and bring him back to life

    1. Quite sadly more satanic and crazy Catholicism stuff. Don’t know why the people in the Catholic Church don’t speak out on important issues like this, a terrible shame.

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