TBHH 2 EXODUS TO EYGPT: Jay-z Causes Controversy By Wearing Anti-White 5% Medallion

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Jay-Z’s bling from ‘whites are devils’ group

By Gary Buiso

Beyonce, Jay-ZBlack people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world.

These are just some of the ­beliefs behind the bling — the gaudy Five Percent Nation ­medallions worn by Jay Z and Carmelo Anthony.

Last week, all eyes at the Barclays Center weren’t on Jay Z’s better half, Beyoncé — but on the coaster-size golden pendant swinging from the rapper’s neck as the couple sat courtside. Asked once if the group’s symbol — an eight-pointed star with the number 7 in the middle — held any meaning for him, the rapper shrugged, “A little bit.” So what exactly do Five Percenters believe?

“The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” says Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of two books on the radical group.
“Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.”

The group was founded in 1964 in Harlem by Clarence Smith, who later changed his name to Allah, a former student of Malcolm X who disagreed with the Nation of Islam over the nature of God.jay-z-godbody-chain-iced-out-cuban-links-shawn-carter-hublot-watch

Smith rejected the notion of a supernatural deity and instead believed that all black men had God in them and that black women were “earths” who took on a complementary yet subordinate role to their gods.

The idea is empowering, Knight says.

“Anytime someone is saying you have to accept your conditions of oppression and slavery and pray to an unseen god — that kind of god is just being used to keep people down and to keep people from looking to themselves as a solution to their problems,” he notes. “If there is a problem, no one will fix it for you, except yourself.”

Five Percenters don’t consider themselves Muslim, but their name comes from the Nation of Islam’s belief that 5 percent of humanity are “poor righteous teachers” who

exist to enlighten the masses about the truth of existence.

Members will sometimes refer to themselves as “scientists” to drive home the search for truth. And they face a tall task, because under their belief system, 10 percent of the world’s population controls the other 85 percent by spreading the belief in a “mystery God.”

To show followers the way, members must learn the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet — powerful tools to decipher the meaning of the universe. In both, each letter and number represents a concept: for example, 1 is knowledge, 2 is wisdom, while A is Allah and B is be, or born. The number 7 on Jay Z’s pendant stands for God.

jay-z-godbody-chain-hov-iced-out-cuban-link-chainCaucasians, meanwhile, don’t enjoy an exalted status in the narrative of the Five Percenters.

“The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: F–k white people. Seriously. White people are devils,” Knight, 36, who is white and converted to ­Islam as a teenager, once wrote.

He insisted the movement has been welcoming and that he views the controversial sentiment as a statement about power rather than biology.

“For me, it is about who is marked as privileged in the power relations of this society,” he says.

Some followers take exception to those who transform their flag into a fashion accessory.

“Jay Z is not an active member — no one has vouched for him” Saladin Allah, a representative of the group’s upstate region, told The Post. “It was always understood that you don’t wear the ­regalia if you don’t totally subscribe to the life.”


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11 Comments on “TBHH 2 EXODUS TO EYGPT: Jay-z Causes Controversy By Wearing Anti-White 5% Medallion”

  1. i am from African born n breed and listening to this brothers i cant help but shake my head and laugh at the foolishness that is coming out their mouths .so according to 5% nation beliefs the white man is the devil ,OK you dressed in clothes that were made by a white person you eat food that come from a farm owned by a white farmer , you are driving a car that was made by white people ,you live in country that is controlled and run by white people,you are using money that was created by white people .AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE !!! and ooh yea before i forget the phone and the jewellery you have was created and made by a white person.REALLY!!!

  2. God helps us black people if this is the kind of foolishness that is coming from this brothers mouths, still SMH

  3. This is foooooolishnessssss!!! They are about as shallow as a ‘fork’ of water!! Lord Jesus I pray for the deliverance and salvation of everyone involved in this mess!

  4. Blast from the past….resurgence. Nothing new under the sun. History repeats itself. Can’t believe one medallion representing false gods is still hanging on people’s necks.

  5. Look at there eyes. They are under some kind of mind control. satan is a liar. Choose you this day whom ye will serve, as for Me And My House we will serve the LORD.

  6. That is the same thing that Hitler taught. Arians we god their name saying that tithe were part god – of air- and part man. They justified the murder of millions whom they said were inferior. Q

  7. DUMB! I had a coworker who use to try to”enlighten”me until I made it clear to him that I know the way the truth and the life. Everyday in my line of work I see black men who are ungodly unholy wicked preverted self destructive and on any given day a black man will lynch a black man sometimes they blow each others brains out once one of them shot the face off of another so that his remains looked more like a lump of ground up meat kind of like what was done to Emmett Tills. Oh but thats the nature of the gods. JUST PLAIN DUMB! THANKS PASTOR LEWIS
    And I am an African American and I serve African Americans everyday and it hurts to see what we have come to. I love my people just as the prophets of old loved the nation of Israel who turned away from serving the true God and went after false gods to committ whoredom. Lord God of Israel we need YOU!

  8. EX Ministries was on this years ago so when i read this ‘news’ its old news. Everything ex ministries have being saying in the DVD’s about these music is being played right before our eyes JAy Z is deceived he chooses to be deceived. HE will soon learn satan is no one’s friend. As for his wife EX ministries I am begging you to do a new tape on beyonce and rhianna many Christians love and support these ‘stars’ i know beyonce is a beauty but whats in the heart? she is now encouraging lesbianism.
    I feel for their child.

    And people be jeaulous these people only rich on paper the devil keeps tabs they are not free to say resign and live in peace somewhere. They signed contract and will work till they die or old age

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