Jezebel’s Finest Hour: Woman Uses Witchcraft and Kundalini To Conjure Demons In Church

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In my video Jezebel’s Finest Hour, I discussed women using the platforms of the church to operate with familiar spirits and control people.  We have so many single women that cannot get married and men that will not marry or even remain married because theses witches are operating under the influence of Jezebel and cursing those that have been touched by them. They are putting spells, incubus, succubus, baroness, divorce, infidelity, lust, and all kinds of perverted spirits in people with every touch, scream, and yell that is coming from them. They are out of order and weak men are allowing them to take over God’s churches.  Jesus rebuked the church at Thyatira for these practices and yet many today are being gravely affected by the seducing spirit of these out of order women.  God never intended for women to operate in this authority. There is no scripture at all to validate it. The only time women operated like this in the Bible was when they were diviners and under the influence of demons.

People beware. The day your pastor starts allowing these kinds of occurrences in your church it the day you should be praying about another church. Any man that cannot keep order in God’s house is disqualified by God to lead it.  This is so serious because when these witches perform these rituals and spells, they have lasting effects on the members. This is why churches have more divorces than engagements.  They have more funerals than weddings. They have more single members than married.  This births dysfunction in homes and ineffective churches! This is the plan of the enemy and he uses the spirit of Jezebel to defy God’s order and desires for His people.  Watch this video and you will see how this false prophetess is divining in the house of God! Blasphemy!

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Is the spirit of Jezebel operating through you? Are you being controlled by this spirit or controlling others with it? This entity has taken many names and forms throughout the ages. Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Lilith, Minerva, Hera, Athena, and many other goddesses all represent this powerful feminist spirit of the wicked queen, Jezebel. The Bible says that she stirred up her husband, controlled his kingdom, and destroyed God’s prophets! Today, this spirit is doing the same thing. Controlling men, seducing men, causing men to fall, and even manipulating God’s pastors to dominate their ministries. Jezebel has taken centerstage in many modern day churches in the form of pastors, co-pastors, bishops, apostles and prophetesses. Just like in the city of Thyatira, this spirit is uncontested in many churches because the leaders and pastors are bound by sexual sin or perversion, which gives this spirit a rite of passage. This presentation is a must watch for every believer. In this powerful message, G. Craige Lewis challenges all believers to recognize and confront this spirit before it destroys the order of your home, the lives of your children and the church of God. The solutions to defeating Jezebel are readily available, if you take heed and apply the teachings given in this message. Get informed through this pivotal sermon so that Jezebel’s will not have her finest hour through you!

One Comment on “Jezebel’s Finest Hour: Woman Uses Witchcraft and Kundalini To Conjure Demons In Church”

  1. After watching that video of that false prophetess performing her carnival act in what supposed to be a house of God, I am completely in disbelief! I just can’t believe that people can be so deceived as to believe that anyone sent by God would say or do things the way this woman is. She’s making God’s house out of a house for clowns. I wanted to laugh, but it was so disgusting that the laughter refused to even come out. Instead I felt sick to my stomach, and still feel sick right now just thinking about it. We have come to believe that God ordains anyone who has a little money or the gift of gab to lead his flock. I don’t know what else can be said or done.

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