Kirk Cameron Urges Christians To Celebrate Halloween By Sharing The Gospel

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Kirk Cameron Urges Christians To Celebrate Halloween By Sharing The Gospel

By Ed Mazza | The Huffington Post

CPACActor Kirk Cameron is urging Christians to celebrate a holiday many fundamentalists shun: Halloween.

When you go out on Halloween and see all people dressed in costumes and see someone in a great big bobble-head Obama costume with great big ears and an Obama face, are they honoring him or poking fun?” the former “Growing Pains” star asked the Christian Post.

“They are poking fun at him,” he said. Then, he added:

“Early on, Christians would dress up in costumes as the devil, ghosts, goblins and witches precisely to make the point that those things were defeated and overthrown by the resurrected Jesus Christ. The costumes poke fun at the fact that the devil and other evils were publicly humiliated by Christ at His resurrection.”

Cameron said the “real origins” of Halloween were related to All Saints Day and All Hallows Eve. However, according to anthropologists, the true origins of Halloween go back about 2,000 years to the Celtic holiday of Samhain, which celebrated the end of the harvest season.

Ancient Celts believed the day marked the beginning of winter, a time of year when ghosts returned to earth to wreak havoc on their crops and possess the living. To combat this, the Celts would don animal heads and skins as part of their interaction with the spirit world.

But Cameron claims Halloween is not about death, as often depicted these days, but about life, and he urges Christians to throw “the biggest party on your block” as a way to convert the masses.

“Halloween gives you a great opportunity to show how Christians celebrate the day that death was defeated, and you can give them Gospel tracts and tell the story of how every ghost, goblin, witch and demon was trounced the day Jesus rose from the grave. Clearly no Christians ought to be glorifying death, because death was defeated, and that was the point of All Hallows Eve.”

Halloween isn’t the only holiday on Cameron’s radar. Next month, he’s releasing a film called “Saving Christmas,” aimed at restoring religion to the holiday.


“Christians ‘don’t realize it, but they’re celebrating our holiday with us. . . . We like it.’”—The newspaper USA Today, quoting a professed witch

The Truth Behind Halloween


21 Comments on “Kirk Cameron Urges Christians To Celebrate Halloween By Sharing The Gospel”

  1. He need to take heed of what that witch said in the USA today. Then again it wouldn’t matter. Some Christians refuse true knowledge. It’s true that everyday is the Lord’s day, but we don’t have to ( nor should we even want to) celebrate ( in any form) a wicked occasion as Halloween. Smh

  2. Compromise is the order of the day. Should Christians smoke crack to win a crack addict??? Should a women start stripping in order to win strippers??? Come on this is another example of the church trying to fit in with the world. Halloween is of the devil, and the Church can rename it by calling Harvest celebration and kids dress up like their favorite Bible character and go throughout the church rooms and get candy, it is still Halloween. A pig with lip stick and a dress on is still a pig. Come out from Babylon unless you also receive the same JUDGMENT!!! May we take HEED what the Holy Spirit has already spoken to the CHURCH!!!!

  3. This is a representation of what Christians bow down to. Christians today fall for anything. If you tell them that Halloween is a day thy celebrates darkness and death, many Christians would be offended because they want their little ones to dress up in their favorite costume.. On top of that some jelly back preachers will celebrate it under the Umbrella of “harvest festival” or Somethig similar. The do this to appease te church folk.. Church folk who are supposed to discern and know when things are not glorifying God. I can’t tell you how many churches are filled with people in DARKNESS! It’s an atrocity.

  4. I understand what hes trying to say. But personally I just dont agree with it can bring so much confusion to the Christian children, non believers. We still have to continue to make and show a difference. The gobal church is not there yet so in joining this type of thing will take us a step backwards. And alot of us worked too hard to get our children out of this demonic celebration and I absolutely will not compromise no matter how good or understanding it looks and sounds Naw!

    1. AMEN, eloquently spoken, and you are right we must continue to make a difference to those without the FAITH.

    2. In my opinion, all it takes is someone to have backbone. We stopped celebrating Halloween in my house about 2 years ago, so it’s nothing for me tell my children’s teachers, friends, or my co-workers that we don’t partake in the Halloween celebration. People may have, and have already said something sarcastic about us not letting our children go trick or treating, but I just ignore them. I pray that other families would grow a similar back bone.

      1. Amen Joshua, backbone is what we need, we are suppose to be a peculiar, people, the people across the river that everyone looks at and says, why they so happy? And then give them the reason. GOD Bless your family.

  5. This is one of many of satan’s deceptions. Take heed to EX Ministries and the truth they speak. It only encourages me to seek the Truth behind the deception. This ministry has truly blessed my Wife and me….. Thank God for EX MINISTRIES!!!!!!

  6. I think Kirk has been doing great in evangelizing to the masses, but I am not in agreement with this. Hopefully The Lord will shed light to him, on this topic. I don’t think it would be bad to pass out tracts, but to throw some crazy huge party will make non believers think the stuff they are practicing is good, when it is really of the enemy. GBU.

  7. Another one to say “Thank God for EX Ministries” and my viewing on The Truth Behind Halloween about a week ago. I encourage everyone to watch. I seen this article posted two days ago on Facebook my some of my Christian believers and they thought it was an interesting article let alone doing research to see how they can participate in this Satanic day. Thanks to the video posted just in time for me to enlighten the Devils plan to get Gods greatest His Christian family to celebrate this day as if it has anything to do with our Beloved Jesus Christ; I informed them this was deception and we need to know the intent behind this “holiday” and Christians should have not a thing to do with it in reference to any type of acknowledgment of the day. There is nothing holy about it. Lets keep our kids friends of Christ and family away from celebrating this day. Thank You! for being able to be a voice of Gods truth. Some of us Christians are out here running blind and will be held accountable. Seek The Kingdom!!

  8. Thank God for EX Ministries! For me able to view the Truth Behind Halloween about a week ago, so when this article was posted by Christian friends on Facebook I was able to inform them the deception, and blindness of the Christian family to be no way in participation, affiliation, nor celebration of this day of the evil doers, Satan’s demons. This day is demonic and its nothing Holy about it. God will hold us accountable for not only knowing but also seeking the Truth. With EX ministries, G. Craige Lewis is certainly making it easier to keep up with these end times deceptions and tricks from the enemy. TAKE HEID. We have to be at war just as the Devil and his angels are working full time! This man is deceived and wants to deceived others, don’t let you and your family be victims. I suggest people subscribe to the newsletters and blogs, and stay connected through twitter, instagram, and Facebook. EX Ministries Rock!!

  9. I refuse to dress like something that I have a bad relationship with and rebuke in Jesus name!

  10. Kirk is flawed in a few of his doctrinal believes, but this by far takes the cake. To claim that early believers dressed in demonic garb to prove the point of the devil’s defeat is ludicrous! The word doesn’t tell us to “poke fun” at the devil. This is an ancient spirit who convinced 1/3 of the angels to turn away from God, who with a open eye would think poking fun of him would matter? The word tells us to RESIST the devil not dress up like him. If people would get knowledge and then ask God for a understanding, they would not be so quick to justify and jump on board with this type of foolishness. We are to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM!! This is a prime example of the blind leading the blind and they ALL fall in a ditch. Stop listening to this non sense children of God and search the scriptures for YOURSELF!! Study to show YOURSELF approved! Let God be true and EVERY man be a lie. This man is spiritually blind and only those who have an ear to hear and eyes to see(REAL DESIRE FOR TRUTH) will hear and see.
    Not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven!~Jesus

  11. Kirk is wrong in saying we should celebrate, (despite the origins) but we should aspire to reach the lost. Period. Share the Gospel of Christ. No compromise. Salut. And lets make sure this head knowledge is balanced with practical application of Christ’s command in discipleship with HIM to preach to the nations. Bless up. lets not earn our salvation but respond to his amazing saving grace fam.

    1. Excellent post trying to reach the lost should be our No. 1 job. A city set on a hill cannot and should be hidden. (we be that city) You got some preaching in you. I pray GOD calls you for this. Excellent post.

  12. Truth be told Christmas and Easter are also pagan holidays, but I dont think thats going to stop some of yall from celebrating them. Although I do not agree with Kirk I understand where he is coming from.

  13. What Cameron is saying makes no sense at all. You cannot take evil and turn it into something Godly to win the masses. That is exactly what people are trying to do when it comes to hip hop! I came across Brother Lewis’ piece on the Truth about Halloween and it empowered me to not have anymore involvement with the day, including passing out candy to kids out trick or treating. I have a note I made up about 2 years ago that I tape onto the front door of my place explaining why I do not pass out candy to the children. I have a few instances in my past dressing up in costumes and going to parties and passing out candy to the kids just to be nice. That was when I didn’t know any better, but thank God now I do!

  14. Guess he ain’t fireproof in real life. Again I marvel at the words I hear on this forum. I always meet the kind of Christians that look down and stand back from you. And as Pastor Lewis said they kind of float, GOD Bless all of you and families. Good movie though.

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