Kirk Franklin Questions His Motives for Recording Music

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Kirk Franklin Questions His Motives for Recording Music

By Christine Thomasos | Christian Post reporter


Kirk Franklin is questioning his own motives for releasing another album.

Franklin, 44, has no trouble staying in the spotlight with his own Sirius XM radio station, Kirk Franklin’s Praise, television hosting gigs on The Game Show Network’s “The American Bible Challenge” and BET’s “Sunday Best.” With all of his endeavours, it’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Franklin’s last solo album was released.

He took to Twitter to reveal some struggles he has been having with thoughts about releasing another album.

“Before I start another album or do anything, I’m asking myself ‘am I trying to reach to [the] lost, or just become popular among them …
,'” Franklin questioned on Twitter. “Over the years, motives get grey..Is it for HIM or is it for me? Who’s name do I want to hear? Will God let a brother share in the glory..?”

He seemed to conclude his public thoughts without confirming his decision to record an album.

“If it ain’t pure, it ain’t happening. #thinkingboutrecording,” Franklin tweeted.

The gospel music executive, producer and recording artist previously told The Christian Post that he refuses to rush the process to make an album.

“I am praying through that process right now. [I’m] just praying and asking God to give me what He wants me to do next,” Franklin told CP. “So yes, that is on my radar … not trying to rush it.”

Franklin is a celebrated veteran in the gospel music industry, with seven Grammys, 13 GMA Dove Awards and 15 Stellar Awards. The musician has mastered the art of creating quality gospel music for two decades and insisted that the most important quality in the music is sincerity.

“It should reflect wherever we are and our personal spiritual growth with God. If that’s not our top priority, then our artform is going to be very shallow,” Franklin told CP earlier this year. “It should not be just for the sole purpose of the artform itself … if it’s that, we’ll suffer. We have to make sure people can feel the sincerity of our own testimony and our own journey so they know this is something that is really real for us.”


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31 Comments on “Kirk Franklin Questions His Motives for Recording Music”

  1. Man, Dick, Jane, Spot and Puff need to return for reading and comprehension. But we real ones know 1 JOHN 2:27 and don’t need them, but some do I see. Will HE share glory? The answer is NO Kirk. HE is the KING of GLORY!

  2. I pray that Kirk Franklin is sincere about waiting on God to direct him I know that there is a lot behind the music industry and most of it is pure evil. We need some true people of God to come forth and Establish a true set of artist that can contribute and distribute real gospel music to true believers.

  3. So much “reflection” just to cut an album….but no reflection to stand up for the truth of Scriptures….homosexuality
    is a sin and lovers of the world are haters of God.

  4. My Pastor gave us a handout of the original layout of the King Solomon’s temple. It showed where all the people
    took their places in the courts. The singers were at the most rear of the courts, far away from the temple itself. I say this to make the point, ( and this is just opinion, not scripture) that singing is more important to us than HIM. I know
    we are the temple now, and there is a place for music and song. I’m not saying to remove it from the buildings . But it can’t be the main reason and motivation for a believer. GOD is probably the original singer. HE doesn’t need anyone to entertain HIM, and we shouldn’t either. Again, I like a song and music as much as the next man.
    But our underlying reason for salvation should be to serve HIM and to tell those without about HIM. I once went to
    a church and they sang at least six songs ( about 3 calls for money in between songs) before I ever heard the WORD, I finally left when they began the seventh song, far as I know they could still be singing. And they could sing. But we should come to church to hear the GOOD NEWS over and over again, to refresh it in my mind and apply it to daily situations in our life. Brother Kirk, you could be that first domino, that makes all the others fall and live for GOD and secondly sing for HIM. But you really don’t have too, you could just live for HIM.

  5. Whatever Kirk’s decision, I will never buy his c.d., , This man music has led to other gospel artists to sample secular r&b artists and to put out water down, non anointed, music. Yolanda Adams is a sellout too, singing at a show to honor antichrist pop artist John Lennon and choosing to be label an inspiration artist over gospel. I trashed all my cds by Kirk, Yolanda, Mary Mary and other like minded musicians long ago. . I only listen to a handful of gospel artists who record anointed and Holy Ghost led music. Let pray that God will raised up true recording artists who have the right motives and love for Christ in their music.

  6. What a coincidence, I was just looking at the dvd again, “Trojan horse 2 Pride of Life” just yesterday. The dvds are extremely informative but are spiritually derived because every time I examine the content set forth, something else is revealed I did not get from the previous viewings. The dvd sheds light to the spirit of deception and how it operates IN THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO ARE IN COVENANT WITH THE SECULAR ENTERTAINMENT AND MUSIC INDUSTRY. Kirk Franklin’s God given talent is under the control of a system that is “anti Christ” in my opinion, and I hope that Kirk Franklin will choose to no longer resist the truth …or resist the Holy Spirit’s conviction , So he quotes… ” “I am praying through that process right now. [I’m] just praying and asking God to give me what He wants me to do next.” He already has the answer .One thing that I pray that I will continue to learn from all of this, is that God is not ever going to violate His Word for any of us no matter how sincere we may be.

  7. God is moving his life. I think the Holy Spirit is tugging at his heart. God is letting him know it is about Him and that He should ALWAYS get the glory. He has let him get the fame and notority and I believe He has let Kirk see all the really bad stuff that comes along with the music industry and Kirk wants a way out. Let’s continue to pray for Kirk and that he totally surrenders himself and his artistry to God and allows Him to move in him in a huge way. Be blessed saints!

    Pamela Stephenson

  8. Kirk knows better, but refuses to do better. He’s set a platform for himself that he has to maintain. (If he wants to continue living a lavish lifestyle). At one point, he was repenting for mixing secular with the gospel music and all of a sudden, he reverted right back to his old ways. Him ‘claiming’ to wait on God for guidance, is just his process for himself. He knows better than to continue in his self righteous path, but he now has a reprobate mind. He sickens me; why even take that to twitter? If you’re truly a man after Gods own heart, why is it necessary to make public what you’re currently in prayer about? He needs the attention to validate his actions and desires. He’s always been very insecure, so any attention, praise and recognition he can get he seeks. Regardless, of the consequences.

    1. Couldn’t of worded it better. Trickery. I don’t like it. Nice try. Still not buying any of his music. Nope

    2. Yes sister that lavish lifestyle is the anchor for most of them, and the attention and praise. Great ponits

    3. you made some very good points:) I also see Kirk as very insecure and needing the public’s validation. It is really sad.

  9. First I think he would have to repent and ask for forgiveness then seek the face of God would he be willing to turn his back on the record company if the Lord required it

  10. Amen saints we need to pray that God break kirk franklins heart. And soul to see the error of their many people in church are in Love with the world. Or feel they need to befriend the win the world.Its not by might or by power but by Gods spirit. Sayeth the Lord. ZECH 4:6

  11. Misic should only be for praising the Lord. It was never meant to be a ministry. I had Kirk franklin in my car cd and the song stomp was on and I would blast it and one day God shows that, that song melody and some words came from tears for fear, I was s rocker and listen to them all the time. I took it out off cd changer broke it into tiny piece, went through the house looking for every cd like his that excluded Yolanda Adams. Best thing I ever did. His confusion on TV that he was addicted
    To porn did it for me for good.

    1. Hello Kerry, I used to be big into rock and Tears for Fears made one of my favorite songs at the time. Which song does stomp sample? I’m just curious. Your statement made me think about when Pastor Lewis revealed that there are messages hidden in not just the lyrics but the tone of music so putting christian lyrics on top of a secular beat still sends the original secular message. I just wanted to compare and see what the song “stomp” is playing into our hearts.

      1. Courtney,

        The Song “Stomp” featured a sample from the George Clinton funk classic ‘One Nation Under A Groove’. There is also a song which the Tears for Fears song “Shout” was also sampled by Kirk Franklin titled “Let it Go (Shout)”.

  12. I have never ever been a fan of Kirk Franklin himself for all the reason everyone knows. As long as I have known about him, he has been self-serving at the least. However, for Kirk to to come forth publicly and question his own motives, (to me) he is asking for help and being transparent. He doesn’t have to do this. How many of us that may be wrestling with something go public, open up one’s self for public scrutiny like this? I have never applauded him for anything but I do so now. You server God long enough, God will correct your behavior, as we know He is longsuffering, when we are not. Rather than to criticize this brother, can we gather together and pray for him? Wouldn’t that be what you wanted saints to do for you in your problem? Love is the true attitude and behavior of God. Can we please act like our Father in this matter as His children.

    1. Brother Ron nobody forced him to tweet what he said. This man said could GOD share glory with him. He should be admonished for that statement alone. This man is in the forefront of so-called Christian music. Anybody in the front people will that a hard look at. Say that you were outside the faith but, you were leaning toward conversion, you say yourself let me go check this brother out. You see this man in lipstick,tight pants and effeminate ways singing secular toned music. The person would probably say, well this is what I am doing already, why should I change? During the civil-right movement a young teenager Claudette Colvin was the first person arrested for resisting bus segregation. The movement did not put her in the forefront because she was pregnant and unmarried. They could not use her given the social norms of that time. We can’t have Kirk in the forefront either, we as believers should have social norms also. He said he was a believer, he should act like one. Especially if he’s up front. None of his CD have brought anyone to GOD, CHRIST ( THE LIVING WORD) is the drawer.

  13. Kirk Franklin is contradicting himself. How can he be so concerned about God getting the glory, yet host a show that produces so called Gospel stars in Sunday Best? Kirk understands hype and marketing, and this false humility will help sell his next project…Don’t be fooled!….He’s on TV too much to be humble…

    1. Mister you are 110% spot on……..when i was reading the article…i heard deception deception deception!

  14. I thank God for the place that Kirk find himself at. It is true that when we compose the lyrics should be for Him and not for us for the purposes of advancing the kingdom of God. As a musician he is bound to affect many peoples lives and it is important how he does it. The Word of God states that the mature in the Word should be careful how they act before the new and growing christians. Somewhere down the line if they divert or walk in a haphazard way, it is bound to confuse the young christian and cause them to believe in something that is unchrist like. It is humbling for him to come out and say he is willing to wait on God for the right kind of muzik not just music to please the people of the word and not impact on their lives. Kindly note that when God comes calling you will be put to task to explain who gave you the assignment? The book of life when it is opened shall reveal what was of you and what was of God the Father. We are in this world to do His will and not our wills. God bless

    1. I agree,lets start praying for this brother.I thank God for this step,because we shouldn’t wont to see anybody lost.Lets hope and pray that this brother repents and allow God to deal with his heart,because we know if he’s truly honest about what he is saying,the devil is going to fight him hard,because he has a large audience.

  15. I did not mean do leave Sally out. And I love music. The music on the Letting Go dvd is beautiful, I would easily buy it. But music just isn’t that big of a deal for me when it comes to going to church and being a believer. I come to be fed the WORD. And he wants our praise. But there are other ways to praise HIM other than song. Most of the songs nowadays are all about I and me, what I went through. And (to me) if you want to be a singer or musician for GOD, you should to it for (gasp !) free. You wouldn’t have to worry about your CD being offered to demons, You might have to get a real job, ( I work in a junkyard) give up that beachfront property, actually buy your own clothes but, you would be happy. I know I am, and I can sing! Turn to HIM, and HE will turn to you.

  16. Make a tree good and the fruit will be good, make the tree bad and the fruit will be so rotten! Men and brethren do not be deceived.

    The industry is behind this interview and talk. If our memories wont fail us Kirk Franklin wets the appetites of his fans in a kind of pre-album launch interview before they are released….money is the game and God is what they use to get the money ofcourse not our God most High but mammon and Baal!

  17. Sorry for my keyboard venom but, in my mind he insulted the LIVING GOD with that share glory remark. Even if he meant GOD sharing song ideas, which I doubt ( my opinion) HE does, not saying HE can’t, HE can do anything. He was out of line. Isn’t eternal life enough to share? Mr. Franklin is still alive, so salvation is still on the table for him and all of us. If I offended anyone about their music it was not my intent, I just couldn’t take that glory statement.(I got to stop drinking coffee before I read these post.) But I still stand by my comments. We just can’t worship man. There is no profit in it but, mainly because HE told us don’t do it.

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