LGBT Month: EX Ministries discuss the effects of the LGBT Agenda

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EXTV Rebroadcast July 2013:  G Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss How LGBT Agenda effects Society, Government, and the Church from a Biblical Perspective.






8 Comments on “LGBT Month: EX Ministries discuss the effects of the LGBT Agenda”

  1. i Dear ,iam amazed with your Ministery ,i also have a huge interets to understand why leaders of churches this days are allowing people using wordly ways to atract people such as puting world music inside the church is it ok?

  2. Talk about gayness as loud and as often as possible. Yahoo runs four or more gay stories a day. This message is as relevant in 2014 as it was in 2013.

  3. wow! God bless your ministry and thank you for keeping believers educated. Let’s keep praying and standing our ground.

  4. I appreciate you both (Bro. Lewis and Bro. Moffett), and your entire staff for that matter… Your zeal to not only know the Truth, but also minister the Truth, encourages me!! Please continue in the faith!

    P.S. – Love the radio broadcasts!

  5. one of the reasons that the LGB community is so prevalent in the African American Church is that we the pastors have stopped preaching that sexual misconduct is sin. another reason is that of as the bible call the love of money. as said in this piece the gay community controls a lot of the wealth even in the church.

  6. My former pastor, who died in 2009, told a few of us years ago, long before he died, that this issue was already making it’s way around the world and that it would be knocking on the door of the United States soon. Back then I just couldn’t believe that he was right. But I never forgot his words and when I started seeing the first signs of it, I recalled that convo. Sadly, he also said that we, the black church in particular, would be silent, because we have “so much to lose”. YES, we may lose out on being that Church that Christ will be returning for.

    I must admit that even I, a preacher of the Gospel, have been in the presence of others who just all but ignore when this topic comes up and don’t even want to talk about it amongst ourselves!!! If the spiritual leaders continue to ignore, then we will be responsible, we will have the blood on our hands, the blood of those who lost salvation or who were led astray because we did not Speak The Truth.

    Time for the Ministers of God to Risk It All for HIS SAKE. After all, it is no more than Christ did for Us.
    Keep speaking the Truth….preach in and out of season. And I keep EXTV in prayer….the enemy is not gonna go down without a fight….Know that there are others who STAND With you in proclaiming The Truth. Peace 🙂

  7. The root of this issue is that we have a bunch cowards in the pulipits all across America. They are afraid of OFFENDING people more than they are of God. Their god is their BELLY and they GLORY in their SHAME. The WICKED strut about FREELY when what is VILe is HONORED among men~Psalm 12:8. Our NATION is IMPLODING and folks are DYING and GOING to HELL, and everyone has been SILENT. I cry aloud and speare not. Truth is Truth, and I don’t shy away from the ISSUES that matter. This is having a major impact on our youth as well as adults. Sodomites are every where in the world of entertainment and in the church from the PULPIT to the back PEW. God is not PLEASED!!!

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