LGBT Month: EX Ministries discuss the LGBT agenda's impact on the Church

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 EXTV Rebroadcast July 2013: G Craige Lewis and Tetaun Moffett discuss the LGBT agenda’s impact on the Church

8 Comments on “LGBT Month: EX Ministries discuss the LGBT agenda's impact on the Church”

  1. I am truly grateful for this video. When you said that homosexuality/homosexual sin deleted God and His authority in their life, that was such a powerful statement. I have at least four relatives that are gay, two being siblings, and I am floored by the fact that they were raised Christian but no one says anything to them. I’ve often wondered how it is that parents could sit back and allow that spirit to run rampant in their home when they’re well aware of their authority in Christ to cover their kids in prayer, and even the inclination towards the same sex early in the kids life. It’s a spirit that must be rebuked and cast out in the Name of Jesus as there’s no other way to be delivered!

    So many in the lgbt community claim to love The Lord but they continue doing their own thing so blatantly. I haven’t heard many pastors preach against the lifestyle in recent times and they are probably afraid to do so because of the “power” that the gays claim to have. Kirk Franklin’s non-statement annoyed me because he certainly sidestepped the issue…take a stance for The Lord, repent for your part in perpetuating/participating in this crap, and stop being a punk!

    P.S. I didn’t know about the depends and feminine hygiene product usage by gay men. I think that it’s very gross to be an adult and to have to purchase products not intended for your gender in an effort to prevent pooping your pants!! Stop doing what your doing and you won’t have to worry about those things!!

  2. I think it’s so said that the church doesn’t see this as being an issue. They’ll have meetings on how to treat those who are in this type of lifestyle, but mistreat others with disrespect because they don’t meet a certain standard of the church. I read the scripture about having a reprobate mind and following after their own lust and another factor of that was because they were unthankful. Unthankful for what God has set things up for us to be in right standing with Him when it comes to sexuality and and unthankful for who God has created them to be and that they don’t have to move in a place of affectation, but know that God loves them and that man’s approval should not be their goal. God bless you and your message and ministry Pastor.

  3. That was the worst non-answer I’ve ever witnessed from Kirk. If he was going to disrespect scripture in that way he should have just said “no comment.”

  4. In talking about the power the antichrist, Daniel says:

    Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

    If he (the antichrist) has no regard for women, does that not mean he will be homosexual?

  5. I thank God for Elder G. Craig Lewis and Bro Tetaun Moffett. This video again shows how the church is being mislead and mistaught. This is a sick lifestyle and it needs to be addressed properly

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