LL Cool J says tithing is the key to his successful Hiphop career

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LL Cool J Talks the Importance of Tithing; Credits God’s Favor for His Longevity in the Hip-Hop World

By Vincent Funaro | christianpost.com
ll-cool-jRapper and actor LL Cool J appeared on Hot 97 in New York City for an interview last week where he discussed elements of his personal faith including his tithing.

When asked about his over 20 years career in the world of hip-hop and how he’s been able to maintain relevance all these years with his music and acting in shows such as NCIS, he credited God and also discussed the importance of giving, more specifically tithing.

“I mentioned earlier longevity, versatility and originality,” LL Cool J said. “What I didn’t mention was spirituality and believing in God.

He continued: “Every dime I get, no matter what it is, I give 10 percent to the church. I’m a life-long tither. I believe strongly in giving. I believe you got to have that faith. And I’ve seen it work in my life, because as much as people in the world like to take credit and claim to be geniuses, at the end of the day there’s a higher power than you, and you got to answer to that power.”

The interview also revealed that the hip-hop pioneer and legend attends Greater Allen African Methodist Episcopal Cathedral in Jamaica, Queen, New York, which is pastored by former Democratic congressman Floyd Flake.

LL Cool J further commented that he’s “unique” and “an anomaly” in the hip-hop industry because he’s been able to maintain his career while others are no longer in the business.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to transcend eras,” he said. “That’s like a blessing. I’m kind of an anomaly. I’m unique in that way. Sometimes the stars line-up. God gives people favor in different areas, and in that particular area he’s just blessed me to be able to relate consistently to all different generations.”

LL Cool J will be joining another self-proclaimed anomaly as he will be performing alongside Lecrae at this year’s Christmas in Brooklyn event in Brooklyn, New York, on Dec. 19. The show will feature other hip-hop legends, including LL Cool J’s former Def Jam label mates Run DMC.


LL Cool J and Mary Mary performed during the 2011 Celebration of Gospel

at 2:05…in the video “Take 10 percent of that doe you trying to sack, send up to God, guarantee he send it back..” (as dollar bills fall from the ceiling on stage).

24 Comments on “LL Cool J says tithing is the key to his successful Hiphop career”

  1. Sowing and reaping is a principle. If the vilest of sinners gives, whether he understands or knows the principle or not, he will receive because of the principle. Anyone who lives by this principle will receive more than they give. It is as simple as that.

  2. I dont know if I like this view of tithing. I understand what he is saying and it is what most of us have been taught to believe about tithing but what about the principal of salvation and being filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s word does work and even he understands that but this article seems to leave much to be desired when it comes to the fullness of God. Im glad that he goes to church and acknowledges God but service to God is so much deeper when it comes to your heart. Maybe a statement like this would bring more money into churches as far as tithing and God can use anybody but again what about all of what God requires of a Christian.

  3. Key words, his personal faith. Eternal life beats money. JESUS already paid your tithes, if you believe. Not saying not to support your church, please do! Stuff ain’t free. But don’t expect GOD to send money from above, HE sends rain to grow the trees and plants that create the air that we and the animals we need to live. Always ( even as a child) knew that 10% was shaky. If you give anybody that % of your pay, eventually you will be by the side of the road with a sign. HE doesn’t want that for anybody saved or not. Sometimes I know it seem as if I know it all but,
    really I woke up this morning a sinner saved by GRACE, I will go to sleep tonight a sinner saved by Grace ( HIS WILL on both), I just always loved reading, and JESUS nor the APOSTLES put tithes in the big picture like these
    jokers today. It’s the FAITH that’s the big thing! If you want money, you got to work. Ain’t nothing coming out the sky from GOD but rain, snow, hail and leafs. You can make money removing two of them.

    1. Considering you believe God’s idea of tithing is not a good one and you imply we should not expect any financial provision from God. You must yourself have no faith in God to provide for you? I myself along with every leader of my church along with every great man of God tithe 10% and we survive. It allows God to bless me. Seed time and harvest. Where is your seed coming from if your not tithing into the kingdom? It sounds like you are encouraging people to believe in their own abilities over God’s provision. If you do not trust in God.. He can not and will not come through for you, therefore you will always believe your current stance. Believe it then you’ll see it .. is the way of God. Not I will believe it when i see it. P.S. Warren Buffet gives 99% of his money and he’s not on the side of the road. Study seed time and harvest.

      1. All of GOD”S ideas are great. It’s man’s ideas I am skeptical of. Man changed meat and vegetables ( the 10% that was given when this law was written) to money. The world is GOD”S and everything in it. Everything I use is from this world, So HE provided it. My funds are coming from a man ( that GOD created ) that has employed me for 18 yrs. And I do encourage people to believe in their abilities, that’s the only way to get and keep a job, you must have some kind of ability and believe in it. I trust GOD, and HE has already came through for me with CHRIST, this Sir is the true blessing and it free! As I stated in my first post, I’m NOT saying don’t support your church PLEASE DO!
        To you and the leaders in your church and every great man of GOD, hats off for giving so much. But if you make this a commandment or principle from GOD, you make it a stumbling block for the poor. HE don’t like that. If you are really paying tithes through the law then it must be given to a Levite priest. There are no priests because there is no temple now so this is not possible.What of people that marry? Does the wife keep paying? she shouldn’t in my mind the husband alone should tithe because they are one. What of the property you own? do you give 10% of it’s value land,cars,stocks and bonds. Anyway I’m out of characters now, bottom
        line if you want to pay tithes and believe that u will be blessed for it please do. Just don’t expect everyone to do it. P. S. in the reality of this law you should be tithing around 15% , because you are not tithing livestock and crops but money instead. And if Mr. Buffet is giving away 99% of his money, he will be on the side of the road with a sign. It may take him a while but, he would have the same results. Please let us stop quoting The Prophet Malachi and leave what CHRIST left on the cross there.

        1. Sir I’m kind of passionate about this tithing thing, because of my single-mom background (that means we were poor). So if we are to go by the law of LEV 27,what of the value of a shekel of silver/gold? we would have to go to a real Levite priest for the value, and none but the very rich could afford this. And again there are no Levites practing, what of the third year statue in DEUT14? do we not pay tithes for 3 years? having service in the dark because it’s not time to pay. What of Jubilee? can I go to my cousin and ask for that 74 Montego I sold him and can the Ford Motor Co ask me the same? can I go to the best Angus beef ranch in TX and load up? Can Native Americans come to D.C. and say look it’s Jubilee we want our land back. I could go on and on with this from cigarettes to slaves, all property of someone at some time, all they would have to do is claim CHRIST. So to claim tithing is a formula to be blessed with money is just wrong. People have to work. HE give us the use of our limbs for this. Even if you work in an office setting you are still using your limbs And blessed for it ( with money) . Like I said in the first post, Eternal Life beats money. The tithing formula is a carrot, to raise funds. We can do this (raise funds) in a simply way, just ask. And be content with what you get. If it’s not enough, downsize something,anything but the WORD. When you put tithing before the sacrifice of CHRIST, you downsize HIM.

  4. See people will read this and immediately believe we serve a Scratch Off God or a slot machine Jesus. If we give, we get. What about spiritual blessings??? Do we want that or do we just want fleshly desires pleased??? God help us to just desire more of you. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul??? LL is not a real Christian. Just because he goes to church doesn’t cut it. Satan goes to church too. God help us!!! Just give me Jesus!!!

  5. God blessed him materially but not spiritually ? Despite he promotes immorality and greedy in his songs, just because he pays tithes, God blessed him? God forgot SIN as long as he payed, seriously ?!
    God care 1st about his money than his spiritual state?

    By the way, the devil can also ”bless” you, in fact he’s “generous” as long as you promote darkness;
    If money/fame was a sign of approbation from the God of Israel, let’s say all muslim “oil” countries are approved and all Forbes richest people also.
    May God have mercy on us!

    The Highest blessing is spiritual; it is HOLINESS. Without it, you won’t see God. Don’t be deceived. Note it!

  6. He said “a little Christian HipHop never hurt no body” there is so much wrong with that statement and the whole performance. No wonder so many churches are dying. Blasphemy is running a muck in so called Christian communities. Lord Jesus help us all.

  7. The only thing God ask of us is that we present ourselves a living sacrifice holy and acceptable minister of Christ.
    If you believe in tithing , tithing was a requirement and you would not recieve a blessing on tithes but only on your
    Offerings. Only God can Bless and only will God bless his people that will follow him.

  8. Last time I check, tithing was the one who died for me. Yes, support the church where you get the word from, there are many things to pay for (electricity, gas, water etc) but not what LL Cool J is saying, tithing won’t get you into heaven my friend.

    1. @M-Thank you so much for pointing out that the church building has to operate the same way that our household does and when we give, not pay our tithes, we assist the man that God has appointed to care for expenses associated with the upkeep of the church and outreach efforts. It’s amaizing how we shell out hulls of cash for all kinds of things without complaining but when it comes to the things of God, we act like all pastors are living off of the backs of the people. There are some that may be guilty of that but it’s up to the people to wake up and stop supporting foolishness. The average credit card percantage rate is around 18% or more (unless you have good credit-and all Christains should at some point in life) And I know there are a lot of Christians happily giving in to that abuse. Ever go out to eat?? How much is left for a tip? At least 15%, correct. Yet when it comes to the only one who died for our sins and who I can say with great pride and joy, has worked miracles in my life, there is always scrutiny. Get under the right teaching and you will become a cheerful giver. I don’t give tithes because of what God is going to give me in return, (although I love it when I get blessings-Thank you Jesus) but I am blessed to be able to contribute to the work that may lead even those who hate Christ to have a change of heart and be saved. Be blessed everyone. I love you all. 🙂

  9. Tithing has nothing to do with faith. I hope people see the deception and falsehood in this. We as true believers don’t get to do what we want or live how we want. God has opened my eyes to the tithe deception. I stopped paying tithes in 2012 and God has never stopped moving and blessing my household.

    1. God doesn’t need your money. Tithing is a response to God’s love for you, not an obligatory act to be performed in hopes of being blessed. It says in the Bible, that He loves a cheerful giver. It doesn’t say He loves a giver, but a cheerful one. As a believer, if you dont tithe, I dont believe you’ll go to Hell or God loves you less. After all, who among us is perfect. However, I believe if someone understands the cross, tithing wouldn’t become obligatory or an issue.
      So I respectfully disagree with your statement. There’s a book by Mike Hayes called God’s Laws of First Things. It’s a great book.

      God bless!

    2. Like you, Dwight, God also opened up my eyes to the deception of tithing and I stopped the moment I realized what was going on. I realized I was under much bondage and pastors have a way of making you feel condemned and they would always preach if you don’t tithe, you won’t be financially blessed. Absolute Poppycock!!!!! We don’t earn blessings. Some promises are conditional; God blesses us because He simply chooses to. I am even more blessed now I give according to the New Testament way and not according to the Law.

  10. True Adrian! A relationship with Jesus and an understanding of his grace is the key to understanding tithing and offering.

  11. Tithing is a form of legalism it is not a substitute for serving HIM. You cannot serve two masters, you must first love and serve the one and only true God and then He will lay on your heart the what, when, and how to give.

  12. Well said paula,and did he say he is a christian ?did he mention Jesus ?some of the most successful people are jews, who tithe and don’t believe that Jesus has come the first time and that the new testament is a lie.

  13. Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. GOd and hop-hop don’t go together. There is à problem here.

  14. We tithe as much as we can. Not because we believe in the doctrine of tithing for new testament believers but because we believe in authority. It’s like this, if our pastor (who is the shepherd of our local assembly) believes that Christians are walking in obedience to God by tithing, then we who are under his authority should give. I know that might sound crazy in a democratic world but God is WAY big on authority, as I am finding out and so we give to respect that authority. Take for example Abraham telling Sarah to tell Pharaoh they were only siblings and her obedience. God straightened out the matter although Abraham was wrong because Sarah honored her husband’s authority.

    We stopped tithing years ago when we left our church and began trying to follow the 2 Cor. 6:9 model of ‘cheerful giving/purposed from heart’ but found that we weren’t giving that much, nor were we making that much, nor were we coming out of debt. I try my best to listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit when it comes to giving an offering and He blesses me when I follow. I will say that in all of my years of tithing, no window of heaven in terms of financial return has happened for us. So I live by faith, don’t ask anybody for anything, just pray and wait patiently for God to make a way, like George Mueller (and He does, every time in His time)

    I really think that at the bottom line, if you’re tithing because you are expecting God to bless you financially, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If you’re tithing because you want to honor God or honor your leadership’s directive then do so with a cheerful heart because God is really not interested in anything that we do when our motive is wrong. That’s my opinion as a former tither/non-tither/tither again. Take care

  15. The WORD tells us not to argue the small points with anyone, my bad. But while we are on the subject, don’t you hate that artwork of CHRIST carrying the sinner on the beach. You’re on the beach of salvation, HE’s bearing the sin of countless of others and yours. And you want HIM to carry you too. Wake up man, it’s the beach!

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