London company develops "Pushup Bra for Men"

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Pushup Bra for Men Turns Man Boobs into Power Pecs

Another manly addition to achieving a svelte physique

By Courtney Subramanian | 

Good news for males who still enjoy tight-fitted t-shirts. A new “muscle-enhancing” top by U.K.-based gives men who haven’t peaked in the pectorals a chance to fit in with all the other fist-pumping brawny folk.

The padded undershirt effectively serves as the answer to a woman’s padded bra, acting as a “confidence booster” for men everywhere. The shirt, which costs about $48, is available in black, white and grey.  The top is meant to compress unsightly man boobs and reshape them into a more muscular-looking build.

It’s not the first of its kind. Male underwear padded for that extra cushion in the derrière is also a thing that men apparently buy to improve their look.

The shirt may improve the look of muscles, but typically those who are concerned about that are actually at the gym pumping iron and getting ripped. We doubt it’ll make much of a splash among the skinny jeans crowd.

(noted:) According to The Funkybod undershirt is designed to enhance your natural physique.  Because of the way it is designed, there is a marked improvement in the look if the wearer has the typical visual manboob issues when wearing a shirt.  This was not the intended market for the Funkybod muscle top.  Initially, it was designed to enhance the upper body muscle groups of skinny to medium build men.  After initial trials we found that some of the smaller men had manboob issues which were covered well with the Funkybod muscle top.  This led us to experiment with larger men and look into the manboob issue further.

The customer modelling the top on this page is now typical of our customers as we have found that whichever body shape you have, the muscle top offers a visual improvement.  Because the musclegroup targeted has a huge bearing on the way clothes hang, the results are great when worn under a shirt.

The alternative type of tops purchased for hiding manboobs is the compression style undershirt which literally squeezes the body to try to hide the shape.  Our undershirt enhances the natural build and is not restrictive and also allows the skin to breathe.  They have been tested in gyms and by joggers in order to verify the comfort through both long-term wear and strenuous activity.




5 Comments on “London company develops "Pushup Bra for Men"”

  1. I think it would be better just to go to the gym ,that way you can improve your physique and health at the same time. The T-shirt encourages us to be lazy.

    1. THANK YOU EDWIN!!! That’s folks problems anymore these days. Too lazy to get in that gym and move those barbells and dumbbells, let alone eat a clean diet! I’m in the health and fitness industry and I deal with it EVERYDAY!!

  2. This is really sick!!!! Lord have mercy on your people. There has been a drastic deterioration of society. I believe Jesus is soon to return.

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