Lords Of Discord – The Cannibal Club Is Real

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 8 – Lords Of Discord, I discussed cannibalism. Cannibalism is an ancient practice, much like tattooing, that brings another life into your life through ingesting the flesh of another. Just as tattooing has become the norm for most Americans, cannibalism is the next step in insuring that a person, or a spirit may continue to live in the body of another. The bible forbids these practices because of the spiritual repercussions involved. Most people try to attribute these as “old laws” of the old testament, and indeed they were, but no one wants to deal with the reasons that God did not allow these practices.

The Cannibal Club website has all the information you need concerning the consumption of human flesh.

The spiritual consequences of tattooing and cannibalism were the issue.  When you mark your flesh with names, objects, and images, you are channeling these things and opening yourself up to spirits associated with them. Your life is then guided by other forces. You are giving them permission to enter your body. Not to mention that the “parlor” where you receive the markings has been dedicated to evil forces prior to you entering. Cannibalism takes this a step further by a person actually ingesting another person to give them life within their life. This is a demonic ritual that leads to spiritual infestations and manifestations in ones life. Only the power of God can break the curse of flesh markings and flesh ingesting. If you have done either of these, please repent and break the effects of these rituals from your life.


Ever wonder why all of the U.S. Presidents from Washington to even Obama are related? What ancient bloodline are secret society members tapping into for money, power, and fame? Better yet, how is the Illuminati using Hip Hop and the music industry to influence the masses for their demonic agenda? In this powerful and most-anticipated release, G. Craige Lewis boldly and clearly reveals, from a biblical perspective, not only the spiritual consequences of Hip Hop and secular music, but also backs up scientifically, deeper than ever, how the devil uses music to addict and “dumb down” a generation. Also, just about everything you wanted to know about the Illuminati and their agenda but were afraid to ask is in this powerful video! In “The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 8: The Lords of Discord,” discover how to break free from Babylon’s demonic agenda through your identity in Christ and God’s creation role for your life. Download your copy now!


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  1. Thank you bro G Craige and the ex team for your Holy Spirit motivated insight. This is really what the bible taught.

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