Lucifer' Fox TV Series 'Mocks the Bible,' Says One Million Moms' Petition to Cancel the Show

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Lucifer’ Fox TV Series ‘Mocks the Bible,’ Says One Million Moms’ Petition to Cancel the Show

By Samuel Smith | christianpost reporter

luciferThe American Family Association’s One Million Moms website has launched a petition calling for Fox to halt its plans to air a new television series called “Lucifer” in 2016, saying the program “mischaracterizes” Satan and “mocks the Bible.”

“The series will focus on Lucifer portrayed as a good guy, ‘who is bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell,’ the petition states.

The premise of the series, which is based on the DC Comics Series of the same name, is that the protagonist, Lucifer Morningstar, decides to leave Hell and move to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, to open up an upscale nightclub called “Lux.”

“People like to tell me things, those deep, dark naughty little desires that are on their mind,” Lucifer, played by actor Tom Ellis, says in the official trailer.

But God is upset with the fact that Satan has left hell and sends an angel named Amenadiel to help convince Lucifer to return to Hell.

“What exactly do you think happens when the devil leaves hell?” asks Amenadiel, played by actor D.B. Woodside, in the trailer. “All of those demons, all of those tormented and tortured souls, where do you think they go?”

One Million Moms posted the petition on Thursday and thus far, 9,344 “concerned mothers” have have asked Fox to cancel the program by signing the petition. The petition on the AFA website, which was also posted Thursday, has garnered the support of over 51,000 “concerned viewers.”


22 Comments on “Lucifer' Fox TV Series 'Mocks the Bible,' Says One Million Moms' Petition to Cancel the Show”

  1. Looks like to me more Gnosticism is being promoted. Thank you Pastor Craige and EX Ministries for the truth that you preach. I haven’t gotten passed Video 6 and 7. Every time I watch it I learn something new that I didn’t catch the first time and it has enabled me to identify things like this that I probably would have otherwise accepted. God Bless You

    1. Amen!!! Truth!! The Truth Behind Hip Hop series
      is so helpful in times like this.
      I give God all the honor and Glory.
      God Bless

  2. BRAVO MOMS! I’ve had it with Fox tv. Im watching UP TV now Comcast/ Xfinity station 887 (Wash DC area). Join me and other God loving people, who love godly clean tv.

  3. If you agree to launch this series, it means you agree with it and you will be held accountable in Judgement Day.

  4. If Fox shows Lucifer, I will be canceling Fox. My late husband always watched Fox, and we considered we had more truth than fiction with them, but this will be my chance to save a little money and cancel Fox. If Doug was alive, he would agree, I’m sure.

    Bettye Moore

  5. The Bible said this mess was coming, and it’s doing so so very quickly, and sadly our mixed and messed up society is eating it up. They don’t want God or Jesus but seem to be hypnotized by awful things like this.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me….satan doing what he does….mocking The Word of God. No need for a tv series! Read the last chapter of The Bible – Christ wins and Satan loses.

  7. First of all Almighty God is awesome words can’t describe His wisdom
    All these events ;shows has to take place for the Gospel of Christ Jesus appearance! I saw the trailer its absolute nonsense. I congratulate the moms for taking action against Fox.

  8. You know, while this show is blasphemous and foolish and wrong, I really think that the body of Christ needs to get real about what Hollywood is, what it’s about, and who it’s for. While I think we should stand against it and not watch, telling the tv networks to cancel is like going to a nightclub and saying stop playing this bad, secular, booty shaking music. We abstain. That’s how we protest. We live holy. That’s how we show our opposition. And if we all need to cancel our cable subscriptions because the only thing on the sinner tube glorifies sin, then we do that. We boycott, but not for boycott’s sake, but because Hollywierd has nothing for us anyways. Even the “Christian” shows like AD aren’t biblically correct. It’s lukewarm at best. It’s comingling… mixing the truth with a lie… which leaves a lie, but it will captivate those with itching ears, those that want God to serve them but don’t truly want to serve and lay down their lives for God.

  9. on the air off the air.. we have a choice to watch or not watch.. so much garbage on tv and everyone is on fox about a show that will sink.. if people protested tv on all the garbage out here, we would not have tv.. so on that note….

  10. Goes to prove who is behind a huge portion of programing, and why each year it becones more vile and abominable according to the holy writ.

  11. that’s why we must guard hearts guard our eyes and our minds on things we shouldn’t be looking at

  12. I am So Glad I don’t waste Money on Cable, This show is full of lies just like that 666 show that was out a year ago. Fox and the Media are under Satan’s control. The TV and media will say and do Anything to Discreated the bible. This world is Under Satan’s control. We now have it where Animal Rights are More important that the Rights of the Unborn. The Gay Agenda is now being Forced on Churches.

    Preachers of L.A. is another show that should be taken off the Air As well

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