Macedonia Castration Bill Adopted for Pedophiles

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Macedonia Castration Bill Adopted For Pedophiles

By Konstantin Testorides |

92607444SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonia’s parliament has adopted a bill imposing chemical castration on repeat offenders convicted of sexually abusing children — but the country’s leading child protection group said Wednesday that the law is still too lenient.

The Megjasi child protection group, which had campaigned for the procedure to be imposed on pedophiles, said the penalty should be mandatory even for first-time offenders.

Lawmakers voted Monday to make penalties harsher for convicted pedophiles, increasing the maximum sentence from 15 years to life imprisonment and imposing chemical castration on second-time offenders, with the procedure to be imposed on their release from prison. It introduces a minimum 15-year prison term for severe sexual offenses against minors, while other sexual-related crimes against children are punishable by between three and 10 years in prison.

The legislation also offers reduced prison sentences to first-time offenders agreeing to undergo the procedure voluntarily.

The procedure involves regular injections that decrease the production of testosterone. The bill doesn’t specify a length of time for the treatment.

If imposed after an initial conviction, “chemical castration would prevent first time offenders repeating the crime,” said Megjasi head Dragi Zmijanac, adding that the rights group’s proposal for released offenders to be tagged with electronic bracelets was not accepted and didn’t make it into the legislation.

Zmijanac said his organization estimates that about 1,000 children are victims of sexual abuse and harassment in Macedonia each year, but only about a quarter to a third of those cases are reported to the police.

“Many victims do not report because perpetrators are usually their close relatives or friends”, he said.

Police, however, have registered a decreasing number of cases of sexual assault against children in the country of 2.1 million inhabitants, with 90 cases reported in 2010, 53 in 2012 and 43 cases in the first nine months of 2013 — the most recent figures available.

The Macedonian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy said 23 people were convicted of pedophilia in 2013.

Several other European countries also have legislation allowing for the chemical castration of pedophiles.

In June 2012, Macedonia launched an online register of convicted pedophiles who had been released, containing their pictures, names and addresses.

9 Comments on “Macedonia Castration Bill Adopted for Pedophiles”

  1. Agreed, children and their quality of life should be protected, by imposing this type of penalty, seems only justifiable by removing this type of componet from an offender’s quality of life.

  2. As long as people don’t understand the spiritual battle coming against us all, they can’t stop what is happening. This is a spirit of lust and pedophiles are created, usually by having been violated themselves as children. Yes they have a choice to not continue the abuse, but why do you think they have such an overwhelming desire to harm children? A spirit is whispering in their ear, saying: “I have to have this…” or whatever works in conjunction with their shame and self-loathing. People are such easy targets when they wear blindfolds. The cycle goes on and on because people refuse to believe in what they can’t see. There is freedom and power in the TRUTH!! If they turn to Jesus, their Protector, Provider, Creator, their EVERYTHING, He can set them free from ANYTHING!!! There are lots of apostate churches in which to waste time, so go find one that preaches the TRUTH! No matter how bad we are, Jesus will take us in and clean us up, but we have to let Him!

    1. Agreed. This is a spiritual battle. People are trying to fight it physically, and that won’t work. Castration won’t stop the abuse.

  3. The only cure for a pedophile is to except Jesus Christ as there Saviour. To castrate won’t stop the abuse but only enhance the urge to come up with another ways to satisfy his or physical and spiritual lust.

  4. This increase in punitive laws plus a register of known offenders is good.

    Some persons will never accept Christ, sad to say and we must have laws in place with active
    enforcement regardless of a person’s status in society.

    A world without some attempt to control lawlessness would make anarchy easier to achieve.
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring change to those who sincerely accept Him; that is fact.
    But again, sadly most will foolishly refuse Christ’s teachings to solve mankind’s rebelliousness.

    I thank God that the Parliament of Macedonia has set an example of trying to protect one of the most vulnerable in society, our children. These lawgivers may not all be saved but at least they have a conscience which is not seared with a hot iron.

  5. castration won’t stop the abuse but it will deter them from commiting the act when they realize they will not be able to use their penis.we cannot just say we are praying for them to change;they are not we must pass we pray, and the law convicts those who refuse to repent.

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