Man who fathered 98 kids offers free sex service

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Man who fathered 98 kids offers free sex service

By Matt Young |


Ed Houben, who started out as a sperm donor, has since switched to “natural” methods of helping women conceive, fathering almost 100 children. Photo: Facebook

Ed Houben isn’t your typical father — he’s anything but. In fact the Dutchman, 44, is known for being the most fertile man in Europe, and quite possibly, the world.

Why? Houben has fathered a whopping 98 children in the span of 12 years.

It all started in 2002 when he donated his sperm through a local fertility clinic in the Netherlands. Fast forward 12 years, where he now spreads his seed in a more traditional sense, by offering a free service to have sex with women and couples who want to have a baby.

“What motivates me is meeting new people who turn out to be great, normal people and there’s some beautiful hope of creating a new life which will be loved and look after,” he told the BBC.

Through his website, Houben connects with couples — lesbians and heterosexuals — who have problems with fertility, or who lack the necessary organs needed to make a baby.

“I’m not saying the traditional family is a bad form, absolutely not, I’m just saying if they want to keep existing … we might have to reconsider what a qualified family is,” he said. But unlike other donors, Houben prefers to be a part of the process … in more ways than one.  Houben says he tries to keep his emotions out of the process as much as possible.

“I have met many children from right after birth and I’ve been present at two births, it was fantastic,” Houben said.

“As [the] children grow up they’ll develop their own relationship with me, or not, but they’ll know where they come from. For now it’s mostly the initiative of the parents to visit me twice a year, for example.”

And with a success rate of 80 percent, Houben’s little swimmers are hot property. A semen analysis, otherwise known as a spermiogram, reveals he’s sitting comfortably with 100 million per count. Anything under 20 million means the carrier is “not a good prospect.”

“I don’t fire blanks!” he joked.

“A married couple came over here for one week after many years of visiting clinics in the USA and the UK. They had tried everything, then they read about me, wrote me and we had a very nice contact.

“Half a year later they managed to come, stayed for eight days, she and I slept together four times. After 10 years of trying they had their first pregnancy. Last year they came a second time for their second child and it worked almost immediately.”

But how does Houben disconnect from the emotions of fatherhood?

“I try to keep my emotions out of it as much as possible. You have to find a balance between having these feelings of being so many times a father but also that it’s no use clamoring for that because that’s not what you promised the parents.”

9 Comments on “Man who fathered 98 kids offers free sex service”

  1. This is a joke right???… ugh, that’s messed up. Married couples allowing their wives to conceive in adultery. Did they ever think may God had other plans than children at that moment. There is a reason! I’m MORE than sure God had a plan for not allowing them to have children. I mean that’s desperate it’s out of order and irresponsible. This has opened doors for the enemy to come and go as he pleases. It’s all wrong! Even fertility clinics. Come on now God doesn’t approve of all the “man made” way. Yes it probably sucks to not have a home full of kids, but you can adopt. So many children with out a home. Pray God will allow you to love them as your own. But sex in a marriage with another man is sooooo wrong. Oh I’m so sad. Ugh.

  2. Absurd! This man is essentially getting free sex. And what of the husbands who allow this man to have sex with their wives? Absurd. How do you “keep” your feelings out of fathering a child, a life, a human being.


  3. This is ridiculous….he actually sleeps with the women? How convenient. This is a hot mess. How can their spouse allow this? You see sometimes , it is just not for them to have children of their own, maybe just maybe, it is for them to adopt other kids who are in desperate situations now. But to allow your spouse to sleep with this fool? He is just “helping” himself while “helping” them. This is not Of God, bc if it is defiling your marriage bed, it is an abomination to the Almighty. This is ridiculous.

  4. What ?!!!!!!! That’s prostitution !!! This man is crazy!!! What is going on in this world ???!!! Some people are just sick like ….hell !!!

  5. 1 Co 6:13 Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

  6. Those are Ishmael’s they arw bot waitingon the Lord and He is.just trifling for that … Lilord have mercy in the name of Jesus! I know God is repulsed by this, smh

  7. It is a sad state of affairs for married couples escpecially! My friend is single and been praying for a marriage for over 14 years now. She has decided to go down this route of fertility clinics/one night stands to have her much desired baby. I feel sad for her I think these people need mercy and understanding when one has done all they can take my friend beautiful God fearing what is there one can do. As for the married couple there is no excuse for this

  8. If this sick, twisted man doesn’t convince people we are in the last hour…..I don’t know what will! Sick! Let’s all pray against this debauchery.

    God Bless,

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