Mother of all gods | Pope says, "The Christian Who Does Not Feel Mary Is His Mother Is an Orphan"

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Pope Francis Claims: ‘The Christian Who Does Not Feel Mary Is His Mother Is an Orphan’

By Heather Clark |

Pope-Francis-Credit-Agencia-Brasil-300x199ROME – Pope Francis focused on the person of Mary in statements issued both Tuesday and Wednesday, making assertions that some opine are unbiblical and heretical.

“The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan,” heTweeted on Tuesday, a post that generated much criticism from around the world.

“Sorry fella, you lost me on this one,” one follower wrote.

But over 5,600 followers favorited the Tweet and over 3,600 shared it.

Today, the pope gave his weekly address in Rome, speaking about the Roman Catholic Church serving as a “mother” to the world, and exhorting the Church to follow Mary as an example of how to be a mother.

Tweet“In our catecheses, we have often noted that we do not become a Christian on our own, but by being born and nurtured in the faith in the midst of the People of God, that is the Church,” he stated. “She is a true mother who gives us life in Christ, and in the communion of the Holy Spirit, brings us into a common life with our brothers and sisters.”

“The model of motherhood for the Church is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who in the fullness of time conceived through the Holy Spirit and gave birth to the Son of God,” Pope Francis continued. “Her motherhood continues through the Church, who

brings forth sons and daughters through baptism, whom she nourishes through the word of God.”

According to the Catholic News Agency, he also urged the crowds to seek the intercession of Mary, and pray that they can “learn from her that tenderness which allows us to be witnesses of maternity of the Church.”

“The pope continues to display his biblical ignorance,” he said. “Pope Francis does not know that Christians cannot be orphans because they have been adopted into God’s eternal family. No one can be an orphan who has received the Spirit of adoption as sons joyfully cry out ‘Abba! Father!’”Christian News Network asked Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries in Plano, Texas to share his thoughts Wednesday regarding the pope’s latest Tweet asserting that those who reject Mary as mother are orphans. He expressed disagreement, stating that as per Romans 8:15, those who receive the adoption of sons through the blood of Jesus can never be orphans.

Gendron also took issue with the Tweet referring to Christians, stating that Christians and Catholics are two separate entities.

“The pope should stick to Tweeting about Catholics since he does not know how Scripture defines a Christian,” he said. “The Roman Catholic Church not only fabricates heresies concerning Mary, but does the same with her son Jesus by denying that He is the all-sufficient Savior.”

“His religion teaches that a Catholic needs to be justified repeatedly by sacraments and works because he/she loses the grace of justification each time a mortal sin is committed,” Gendron stated. “A Christian is justified once by faith because justification is a permanent declaration of righteousness by God. A Catholic is purified by the fires of Purgatory. A Christian is purified by the blood of Jesus.”


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8 Comments on “Mother of all gods | Pope says, "The Christian Who Does Not Feel Mary Is His Mother Is an Orphan"”

  1. Somehow his tweet ended up on my timeline, it really annoyed me. When will Catholics realise that Mary is like is, a human who died. Yes, she was chosen to give birth to Christ, but she is not our mediator, only Christ is

    1 Timothy 2:5
    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

  2. I’m not familiar with Mike Gendron’s ministry but he was definitely biblically accurate with his response to the false beliefs of the pope and catholic church. If you want to know the real spirit behind roman catholicism then look no further than the Ex Ministries dvd TBHH7 Mother of All Gods! It’s an in depth Bible based expose of their (Catholics) heretical teachings.

  3. According to the WORD all have sin and come short of the glory of GOD . HE did not say except Mary . She had to accept CHRIST also for salvation . And I am quite sure she did . John wrote that if every thing Jesus did was written , that the world could not hold the books . Mary most likely saw a lot of these things . And she was unique
    for the FATHER to choose her. But we all are sinners and we pray to GOD with our advocate being CHRIST .

    Nuff Said going to pull what”s left of my hair out now .

  4. Mary was a mom. She was blessed with her son Jesus, as well as her other children. 😉 and according to scripture in Prov. 31 her children will call her blessed. . . . But she was a momma. . . Not a mediator. There is no scripture to support his statement. Mary didn’t die for our sins. Going to Mary to reach God gives her (only human in one lifetime) dominance over what Jesus does. . . . That’s one of the annoying reasons I left the Catholic Church. They taught us in Catechism that if we want something, “go to his mother” . . . Down the line we had to crown a statue of Semiramis on Mother’s Day at Mass. . I didn’t go. I’m glad I didn’t 🙂

  5. Pope Francis has been telling the world what a Christian is ever since he got into office. Most of what he says is antichrist in spirit. Yet, the world (& the true church) is so infatuated with him that his words are gospel. He talks of unity while pitting everyone against true believers. It unifies the world and especially the religious against Jesus. He’s convincing the world that the true are false and the false are true (Isaiah 5:20). The mother goddess of the Egyptian pantheon is already drinking the blood of the saints in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). How long before the Queen of Heaven demands blood from those who stand in opposition to her Church? The Catholic Church is the oldest and most powerful surviving vestige of the Roman Empire and the largest monarchy in the world. Vatican City is a sovereign state (it’s official name is Vatican City State) within the city of Rome. Even though the population of the actual Vatican City is the smallest in the world, the state is ruled by the Holy See (the Church hierarchy) and the Church’s long international arm makes it like a giant empire. The Pope can give a kingly command and mobilize over a billion people around the world. The number of Catholics rivals the population of China! And many more are joining him and his one world religion agenda. We are wise to pay close attention to what he is teaching. Thank you EX ministries for keeping us informed.

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