Muslim Woman Sworn in as New York Judge While Taking Oath on Koran

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Muslim Woman Sworn in as New York Judge While Taking Oath on Koran

By Heather Clark |

Diallo-compressed-300x227NEW YORK — A Muslim woman was recently sworn in as a judge in New York City, choosing to take her oath on the Koran instead of the Bible.

After being elected to the position last month, Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in last Thursday as a civil judge for the 7th Municipal District in a borough of Brooklyn. She wore a hijab as she repeated her oath with one hand place on the Koran.

“I, Carolyn Walker-Diallo, do solemnly affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties as judge of the civil court of the city of New York, so help me God,” she repeated.

A video of Walker-Diallo taking the oath was posted to Facebook, with a description stating, “Judge Walker sworn in as a judge holding the Holy Quran at the Brooklyn Borough Hall.”

Walker-Diallo had offered thanks to Allah on her campaign website after winning the seat in November.

“All is praise is indeed due to the Most High!” she wrote. “I am humbled that my community has entrusted me with the immense responsibility of ensuring that EVERYONE has notice and a FAIR opportunity to be heard in the halls of justice.”

Public reaction has been mixed over whether Walker-Diallo should have been allowed to take her oath on the Koran.

7 Comments on “Muslim Woman Sworn in as New York Judge While Taking Oath on Koran”

  1. Someone, please help me to understand. ‘So help me God and she swore on the Koran??? If ever there was a case of syncretism, there it is folks! Clearly this woman does not know who the True and the Living God is.

  2. Another sad day in the annals of US history. The people of NY set aside the Bible for an unholy book.

  3. This swearing in should not be legal! Think about it, she swears to uphold the US Constitution, yet her hand is on a document that is antithetical to everything that the Constitution stands for! I mean she should be forced to be re-sworn in or be taken off the appointment as a judge in a US Court!

  4. when I first read the article on my cell I pictured a woman with this long robe and this hijab. then when i clicked to comment , I see this woman dressed up like she’s fixing to go to a club. with a leopard color head thing. Look, whether she had the actual required clothing that this religion requires woman to wear, or this Americanized version of this “faith”… it is wrong that they allowed her to use Another “religious” book, other than the bible…see all of this may seem cute, until your city starts having new dress code, changing laws in what you are allowed to sell in your own grocery store and restaurants, bc of other people’s believe systems. You think Inn kidding, go search in the internet what has happened in Britain, LOOK what’s happened in Switzrland, this is not good. pray for this nation, many are not prepared for what is coming. I can’t believe this was permitted to happen. GBU

  5. How are you Pastor first of all I love how you preach the word I do it the same way be independently but I’m from Philadelphia PA Born and Raised I have dated two women that were Muslim and I wasn’tplease with their beliefs because when iI was in my early teens I was into racial movements And the teach you things the truth about the Koran and this was a sickening event in the body of Christ because the Koran is very demonic so when the lord saved me I’m a full bodied Christian its hard to hide my past or the music I have done in the past but Illearned from it it and teach others not to do it a lot of Muslims are backing her it show that’s that faith is demonic and using godly words to deceive others because the government any branch of government is satanic so for her to demote the bible to praise a false god and a false gospel I’m very angry and sicken by this I don’t want to make this a hate letter cuz I’m saved and its not worth I pray for all Muslims and anybody who is lost cuz they are lost they allow Satanto twist their hearts and keep them in sins cuz in 1 john clearly says anybody who denies Jesus is the Christ is a liar Philadelphia has a large Muslim population and when I walked down the street with the word in my hand I get stares I had a dog attack me my friends departed from me my love lfe became under attack at first I was angry but iIl realize and started reading the bible more and he was demoting me from me from the world and promoting me in the eyes of god I still have work to do but my heart goes out to her she needs Jesus she need her soul to be saved and the inclusion is the New World Order Religion You me and many more who preach the truth gospel of Jesus are considered hypocrites, haters, bigots,homophobic etc but I rather be those names and love Jesus than be loved by the world and Jesus parts from me so Muslims really need a wake up call praising a god who doesn’t existing cuz they are faithless a carnal mined not only Muslims but all non believers of Jesus need a awaking and stop chasing of the world cuz will praise and beat look a Michael Jackson Whitney Houston R Kelly etc people who sold their souls for fame and paid the unitimate price r Kelly is only still living cuz he didn’t challenge the agenda so this woman believe what she did was a blessing to her god but she’s demeaning the truth god which is the god of the bible also she has a jeezbel in her cuz a judge is a higher honor in court and a woman is not to be over a man but that’s inclusion the devil to delete the bible to Prevert Jesus and totally declare war against christians just like the days of Saul now apostle Paul so that’s my opinion I’m only for Christ and his truth only shalom.

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