Natalie Grant to Host New Green-lit Christian Dating Show 'It Takes a Church'

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Natalie Grant to Host New Green-lit Christian Dating Show ‘It Takes a Church’

By Justin Sarachik, CP Reporter

natalie-grantMultiple Dove Award winner Natalie Grant will be the host of new Christian themed dating show called, “It Takes A Church,” which was just green-lighted for full production by GSN.

“I am absolutely thrilled to join GSN and the great folks I’ll meet as host of ‘It Takes A Church,'” said Grant to CP. “Church has always played such a vital role in my life, and I’m really excited to watch these congregations help their fellow parishioners find love!”

The show will revolve around the members of a church going on a mission to find love for “one lucky, single, parishioner … without his or her knowledge,” the release said.

Every week “It Takes a Church” will visit a new congregation from across the country to inform a single person that they will be getting help in the dating world. The pastor of the church will then inform his congregation of the task at hand, and they will go out and try to find the best possible match for the single.

At the end of the show, the contestant will pick which date they would like to accept, and the winning matchmaker will get a donation to their church.

“IT TAKES A CHURCH is truly a competition show with heart, in every sense of the word,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, GSN’s EVP Programming in a press release. “With the  breakout success of our original series ‘The American Bible Challenge,’ we have learned that audiences are clamoring to see people following their faith and creating positive change in the world-and if there’s a little romance involved, what could be better than that?”

The show is produced by Authentic Entertainment for GSN, with Tom Rogan and Lauren Lexton (“The Best Thing I Ever Ate”) serving as Executive Producers along with Richard Hall (“The Amazing Race”) of Great Blue Productions. Sean Kelly (“Minute to Win It”) is Consulting Producer.

Grant was just nominated for two Grammy Awards, in the categories Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Best Christian Music Song for the album and single of the same name, Hurricane.

“To be nominated is such a huge honor,” said Grant in a statement. “But these two Grammy nominations are especially dear to me, as I wrote the song ‘Hurricane’ out of my own personal storms. To know how this song has connected with people and now this, it’s really special.”

2 Comments on “Natalie Grant to Host New Green-lit Christian Dating Show 'It Takes a Church'”

  1. On the surface, this sounds innocent enough, but I feel that things will turn “Hollywood” once the “lights, camera, action” command is given. The items of concern to me is that the Apostle Paul discusses how it is not a bad thing to be “single”. I will leave that comment there. The larger concern that I have is the Bible discusses when a man “finds” a wife, he “finds” a good thing. It (the Bible) does not say “with the assistance of others” he “finds” a good thing. And then, there is the competition aspect of the show where the selected males/females attempt to “win” the main character. What does this look like where there is a difference from shows like the Bachelor or Bachelorette? I guess the verdict is still out and I will rest my comments here.

  2. Seriously? Words fail me. I honestly would love to write a pertinent and biblical response to this article, but I cannot. My first thought as I read this was, do we no longer seek God when we are looking for a mate? Finding a mate for a CHRISTIAN has been reduced to a competition?????????????? Seriously???? What an insult to our Creator! I’m sure God must sit on His throne and shake his head as His people – daily!

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