Ne-Yo Joins Kirk Franklin in Defending Trap Gospel Music

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Ne-Yo Joins Kirk Franklin in Defending Trap Gospel Music Made Popular by Erica Campbell: ‘God Says Make A Joyful Noise

By Christine Thomasos | Christian Post Reporter

NEYO1Shaffer Chimere Smith, known commonly as singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, is a secular music artist who believes in the new “trap gospel” sound hitting airwaves and defended it in a recent interview.

Ne-Yo referenced God saying “make a joyful noise,” which can be found in Psalm 98:4 and Psalm 100:1, when explaining his thoughts on trap gospel to HipHollywood recently.

“God said make a joyful noise,” the singer said. “He didn’t say make a trap noise, make a gospel noise, make a country noise, he said make a noise. So it’s all good.”

Erica Campbell helped usher in the “trap gospel” sound with her single “I Luh God” recently. Trap gospel is a fusion of God centered lyrics over a trap music beat. Trap rap “is defined by the content of its lyrics, but it also comes with a trademark sound: booming 808-style sub-bass kick drums, twitchy sixty-fourth-note hi-hats, dive-­bombing tom fills, and chilly cinematic strings,” according to a Chicago Reader report.

While some may be weary of the new sound fusing gospel and trap music, veteran gospel music artist, writer and producer Kirk Franklin came to Campbell’s defense when appearing on NPR recently.

I just commend her efforts, man. I think that trying to make a message that’s old as many millennia and try to make it culturally relevant, it’s always a tough job,” he said. “I always try to remember the heart of the person doing it and I am very, very good friends with Erica. She has a great heart for God, she has a great heart for ministry and I just believe that the heart always wins.”

Franklin previously told The Christian Post that he believes gospel music should be in tune with the culture of the world instead of focusing solely on the church.

“People don’t live at church, they live in the real world. So music has to reflect that how people live, what they’re doing as they go through their trials in life,” he told CP. “So I just hope and pray that we’re always able to tap into that and be that voice for people.”

Kirk Franklin is questioning his own motives for releasing another album

By Christine Thomasos | Christian Post Reporter | October 25, 2014

Franklin, 44, has no trouble staying in the spotlight with his own Sirius XM radio station, Kirk Franklin’s Praise, television hosting gigs on The Game Show Network’s “The American Bible Challenge” and BET’s “Sunday Best.” With all of his endeavours, it’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Franklin’s last solo album was released. He took to Twitter to reveal some struggles he has been having with thoughts about releasing another album.

” Franklin questioned on Twitter. “

Over the years, motives get grey..Is it for HIM or is it for me? Who’s name do I want to hear? Will God let a brother share in the glory..?”

He seemed to conclude his public thoughts without confirming his decision to record an album.

“If it ain’t pure, it ain’t happening. #thinkingboutrecording,” Franklin tweeted.

Before I start another album or do anything, I’m asking myself ‘am I trying to reach to [the] lost, or just become popular among them …

The gospel music executive, producer and recording artist previously told The Christian Post that he refuses to rush the process to make an album.

“I am praying through that process right now. [I’m] just praying and asking God to give me what He wants me to do next,” Franklin told CP. “So yes, that is on my radar … not trying to rush it.”

Franklin is a celebrated veteran in the gospel music industry, with seven Grammys, 13 GMA Dove Awards and 15 Stellar Awards. The musician has mastered the art of creating quality gospel music for two decades and insisted that the most important quality in the music is sincerity.

“It should reflect wherever we are and our personal spiritual growth with God. If that’s not our top priority, then our artform is going to be very shallow,” Franklin told CP earlier this year. “It should not be just for the sole purpose of the artform itself … if it’s that, we’ll suffer. We have to make sure people can feel the sincerity of our own testimony and our own journey so they know this is something that is really real for us.”

Fred Hammond: “We must ask ourselves what do ppl want and need want from Us, Gospel music ministries? Find out what they want and need and give it 2 them.”

fred_hammond_0In 2010 Fred Hammond (@RealFredHammond) made some very insightful and interesting comments about Gospelmusic artists and the state of the Gospel music industry on Twitter.

“The Gospel Music industry Lables. Artist, and Radio, have to raise the Bar for the fans.. The investment must be made.”

“The Gospel industry is the 90′s and we’re in 2010. The ppl who are fans of Gospel Music and Support it need it to be more exciting and Hot.”

“Or they’ll walk away.”

“There are some artist that believe it’s the message or the philosophy that has to change, I dissagree. Our change is Business.”

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I see the issue.. I was thinking about doing a Gospel music Summit for the industry but I realized”

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I see the issue.. I was thinking about doing a Gospel music Summit for the industry but I realized”

“After talking to my Counter parts it would be a waist of Time. I’m praying about doing something with and for the next Generation of”

“Artist but it will be hard without the leadership of the Vets or Generals.”

“Gospel artist.. We must give the people more then a good Hokamshe / telamoshonda for them to keep supporting, they want more.”

“GOSPEL ARTIST TALK LESS AND SING MORE!!! if you say GOD gave you those songs then they will do what they were Birthed to do.. U don’t have”

“To Preach between every lyric. Trust the music.. The industry has not given us all the tool we need BLACK GOSPEL MUSiC, we have to do more.”

“There’s so much more to this. We must be effective in the the earth .. Marvin Sapps joint was a perfect example that if u give the ppl”

“What they need they will support it.”

“People are Crying well it’s a recession,, a recession means that people spend money carefully, and on what they want.”

“The things that are affective in there life. Things that give them statisfaction. What ever gets them through the times in they’re life.”

“I’m not Claiming to be The Savior of the industry , I’m just trying to tell what I see. .. We must be more effective.”

“If Anyones Words were effective on this earth it was Christ Jesus, but He knew that He must meet Ppls needs in order for them to hear Him.”

“His Miracles paved the way for him to be able to Say ” The kingdom of God is like”. It was the WOW of that day.”

“He didn’t just Preach He was Effective.”

“I mean if He could’ve just taught from the Synagog and wouldn’t that been ok? But it was His WOW that made ppl listen. HIS WOW !!!”

“WHAT IS THE GOSPEL MUSIC INDUSTRY’s WOW!! and please don’t say the CD. even though it still sells.”



“When I left commissioned I thought it was over for me. I love cool music and we were cool. But GOD!! told me to let ppl song with me.”

“When they sing they believe when they believe the Praise when they Praise HE COMES DOWN AND HANGS WITH US.”


“But those songs were born in 1994 I better not try and leave without doing them.”

“Or songs that have great messages and Melodies like Back to Eden, or I trust, or like I said Never woulda made it.”

“New artist !! Simplify your Melodies.. Make your Hooks Singable, if an 8 year old or A 72 year old mother can sing it while she’s cook’n”

“You got a hit”

“If A single mother who’s been up against stress and strife or brother going through can sing with you u got a hit.”

“I know the Words I wrote today won’t be for everyone.. But He that has the ear, Will hear and the seed will Grow”

“The one who rejects it the seed will Die and you can’t say you don’t know”

“Don’t Get me wrong it’s not just Artist fault but no one is gonna give us a shot then we must find away to make it work.”

“When I listen to the quality of production of Gospel music Be it contemp, hip hop or traditional I here Music that is 2nd to none.”

“But it’s more then that.”

“Like I said your trying to sell something to ppl that will only buy what they want. It’s a recession. But watch Philly and Dallas tomorrow”

“It will be sold out.”

Ppl buy what they want to buy.”

“Here’s the Deal . We as a industry must be STRATEGIC…”

“New artist you must think this way, Business as well as Spiritual, why should someone give you $10 to $15 of there hard earned money?”

“With everyday expences kids food cost of living mortgages and housing market in the toilet car notes cut in pay cell phone competition”

“Cell bills, touition, insurances, hair and personal upkeep, gas, car upkeep, clothing , vacations, going out , dating , weddings,”

“Jewlery, shoes, movies, DVD rental, Bootleg stuff, and the list goes on, why should they give us $15, cause we talented?”

“Gospel is about serving ppl, not about watching us show how great we can riff. They need something from us.”

“We must ask ourselves what do ppl want and need want from Us, Gospel music ministries? Find out what they want and need and give it 2 them.”

“Don’t give them what you want them to have.”

“I don’t know who this was all for , but it was for someone, and the Revelation witll be the key to your Destiny.”


Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life

TROJAN HORSE Pride of LIfe 2 order now at… The church of the living God is under attack. A deadly Trojan virus has breached our fortified walls. We’ve been infected. This virus is known as ‘the pride of life’. As it spreads, infected individuals succumb to the ‘lust of the flesh’ and ‘the lust of the eyes’. The symptoms of .. infection are idolatry, covetousness and selfish ambition. But beware these symptoms are masked as virtue, honesty and moral conviction in compromised believers. Outwardly, infected individuals express a desire to glorify God but inwardly they seek self-glorification and the praise of others. The ‘pride of life’ virus requires a human host that is a professed Christian and has deep rooted personal deficits. This virus has tragically been implanted into the hearts of believers, families, ministries and churches through the primary carrier, Gospel celebrities. Satan has unleashed this calamity among us by deceptively using the material world and men of the world to advance his kingdom. The only way for the church to be restored unto God is to unplug from the world’s system. Join Tetaun Moffett of EX Ministries on an unparalleled journey to explore the plight of the modern church. Be challenged to overcome personal deficits, reject the ‘pride of life’ and experience an uncompromised relationship with God.

19 Comments on “Ne-Yo Joins Kirk Franklin in Defending Trap Gospel Music”

  1. I disagree with Fred Hammond; it is God who has the final say on what you sing not us. We may love your songs but at the end of the day if the Lord was not in it then its all for show. Joshua 24: 14-15Choose Whom You Will Serve – “Now therefore fear the LORD and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness. Put away the gods that your fathers. And it also goes to says:- Matthew 18:6 (ASV) But whoso shall cause one of these little ones that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone should be hanged about his neck, and [that] he should be sunk in the depth of the sea.
    If you are called by the Lord to sing then minister in the proper manner do not lead people astray. Let us get one thing straight we who call ourselves the children of God are the light on a hill we are meant to be exactly that with no blemishes or pom poms otherwise what is the world expected to think of us. We are the bible a living epistle do you consider yourself that????????? something for all of us to think about.

  2. Looks like Mr. Hammond waisted his touition, or needs a bigger keyboard. Glory to God may be repetitive, but it
    keeps the sun rising. This is repetitive also, Jesus Christ is the one who draws men. Glory to God times infinity!

  3. These gospel artist care more about making money then talking about God. You can’t make world music and call it God music.

  4. Do these people even know what the “trap” even means?? There have been believers who have been delivered from the “trap” and have a personal testimony of God’s power. Salvation isn’t for personal inspiration it’s life saving. This is all foolishness. They have made their own brand of salvation and it’s a strong delusion as the Bible says.

  5. I guess no one is following scripture anymore? The term Gospel is used so loosely today.

    Proverbs 14:12

    There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.

  6. I had to go to Youtube to listen to I luh God…I was at a lost for words. That song is a bunch of crap and really, brings no glory to God. I have one word for these so called gospel artistes – compromise! Jesus associated with publicans and sinners and all manner of folk, but he NEVER compromised!! ‘Nuff said!

    1. I agree. When I listened to the song the only thing i heard was i love God why don’t you . Huh? well if you sing why a person should love God then maybe they will. However the song has no substance a lot of so called gospel music today has no substance at all. It’s sad

  7. I listened to “i luh ‘God’ just a few moments ago….(sigh)…to me, it has a very dark, sensual undertone, perhaps because its appeals to the senses (i.e. flesh) and it does nothing as far as edification of the spirit (at least not THE Holy Spirit). Perhaps I’m being too deep…When will these Gospel artists get back to asking the LORD God what does He want? 1st Peter 1:14-15 “As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance, but as He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation”. Conversation means ‘communication’ and what better way to communicate the gospel then through music (besides the preached or spoken word). This music is filled with lust (what appeals to the flesh) and is tainted because the music is tainted…That’s like giving me a t-bone steak on a dirty dish.

  8. Just because you say Jesus does not make it gospel. This is pathetic. However it really does expose what is really going on in Christiandom today. This music is a result of what is NOT being preached in churches…. the WORD of God. Musicians, singers and many who have anything to do with music ministry in church are no longer being pastored. No one is discipling them. And it shows. They have all prostituted their gifts and it is sad. Its like when a mom dog has a pup. Once human hands touch it… she will not. She will no longer feed the pup and will ultimately leave it to die. Why? Because the pup now has the stench of human flesh on it. That is what we are dealing with in the “gospel” music industry. God is no longer in it because it reeks of human flesh. His Spirit has been removed. The saddest part is, they dont even know it. Lord, Help us all!

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that about puppies!

      For a long time, I’ve been trying to “like” today’s Gospel music, but I just don’t really “feel” it anymore. I’ve been asking God “why”, as I have been a “staunch” Gospel music listener and buyer for many, many years. I’m seeing that I’m not the only one who’s feeling like this. After a couple of songs, I’m ready to tune the dial somewhere else more edifying or turn it off–usually the latter. Lord, bring us back to YOU!

  9. Fred Hammond needs to sing “Give me a clean heart a better one I pray to stay on the path you’ve chosen an stick with it all the way” listen to those words Fred that you sang out of your mouth and now your saying give the people what they want well what happen to the path or what God has chosen for us, what He has is better than anything you or Kirk or Erica could ever conjure up to satisfy the people. The praise and the music is for God by God thru the worshiper To God Be All The Glory!

  10. conversation with my daughter who posted the video “I Luh God” to my facebook page, after listened to it.

    (Daughter) “Ma i been busting this in my car”
    (Me) ” whose God is she singing about?”
    (Daughter) “your God”
    (me) “not my God ”
    (Me) “That is some strange fire”

    I then proceeded to call my daughter by phone and dicussed this passage of scripture with her. ” Leviticus 10:1)”

    “Now Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took their respective firepans, and after putting fire in them, placed incense on it and offered strange fire before the LORD, which He had not commanded them.”

    Many years ago, I was awakened out of my sleep, and could hear a very popular Christian Artist singing one of her songs., from what was one of my favorite albums. All I could tell you is that the song did not sound the same in the realm of the spirit. After that I shunned away from it but I was judged and was even ridiculed when I tried to share that experience with others.

    I thank God for that experience because it basically taught me that what we think sounds good down here don’t sound the same in heaven. We got to quit thinking that everything gets a pass because of whose singing it, and whose creating it. and whose defending Either we can pray for God to give us just a glimpse of what some of this sounds like for real or we can just be content with what we are being told by the undiscerning,. It’s our choice.

    EX ministries has a video that deals with music, even down to the tone and pitch and I would advise anyone on this website to get it if they don’t have it or at the very least look at it again.

    Thanks for sharing this post Ex ministries it is another manifestation of what is being taught. Gpd bless and be encouraged, you are doing God’s work.

  11. To the “Gospel Artist & To all Servant’s of GOD who are called by his name & to all of “GOD’S creation just read, live, do, & speak-or-sing the word of “GOD only and then “GOD will be pleased, try to remember what “GOD has said-spoken-&- written concerning music and its purpose.

  12. A quote from Mr. Hammond from IMDb: In 1993, I had a vision, I saw the Lord seated on the throne and at his left
    hand was a vault. He open the vault and inside were songs. And the Lord said to me, ” These are my favorite songs. These are songs that minister to Me and bless my people. And I will pour them out into the earth…Some to you and some to others. Watch what I will do. ( they didn’t close quotation, very smart in doing so.)

    I just would like to know what happened in the time between this quote and the 2010 tweet. The word of God does not come back unfulfilled, or carried out. Is someone playing with our emotions, for fortune and fame?

  13. Finally, Mr. Smith could be, with that picture, a poster-child for the Pride Of Life. Not to mentioned that mark of the beast salute. You see the symbol before you see him.

  14. I just listened to this song and this is not music that glorifies God or bring edification to the body of Christ. There is a major problem in what is supposed to be gospel music. I have always thought of Mary Mary as secular artist doing what is supposed to be gospel music. This is ridiculous!

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