6 Comments on “New EX Ministries DVD "Seasons"”

  1. Quentin S

    These were VERY powerful messages that really helped me get through the summer! I encourage anyone who didn’t get a chance to hear these messages to buy the DVD, it is loaded with wisdom and truth!

  2. Clinique

    I really enjoy EX Ministries Elder G. Craig Lewis is great i get mind blowing info. And what i have learned has changed alot of way that I’ve been taught about church and the way i praise and worship i thank God for y’all my Pastor shows the truth about hip hop and other dvd of ex ministries in are church we go out and invite people for the showing. I ask God to continue to bless u and the ministry love you all with the love of the Lord and there’s nothing u can do about it…

    P.s. I plan to buy more dvd can’t wait to learn more be blessed <3 :-)

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