New Orleans City Council Officially Lifts Ban on Preaching After Sundown

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New Orleans City Council Officially Lifts Ban on Preaching After Sundown


800px-Rue_Bourbon_street-300x199The New Orleans City Council voted last week to repeal a controversial ban against street preaching and evangelism on Bourbon Street.

New Orleans, which is notorious for its sexually explicit displays during its annual Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence celebrations, enacted the ”Aggressive Solicitation” ordinance in 2011, which banned all evangelistic activity and free speech from sunset to sunrise on Bourbon Street.

This past week, the New Orleans City Council voted 6-0 to amend the ordinance which had been suspended by U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in September. The council voted to remove language from the ordinance, including a portion which banned any person or group from gathering on Bourbon Street “for the purpose of disseminating any social, political or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise.”

Additionally, the new ordinance no longer contains the term “Bourbon Street,”  and no longer includes a ban on “conduct which reasonably tends to arouse alarm or anger in others.”

The city council revised the ordinance at the request of U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, who is currently weighing the legality of the ban after multiple street preachers were either arrested or threatened with arrest at the Southern Decadence festival in 2012.

Kelsey McCauley-Bohn, who is being represented by the ACLU, was one of the six Christians arrested while ministering on Bourbon Street at the festival in 2012. While not handcuffed and charged, McCauley-Bohn, along with the others, followed officers to the 8th Precinct station as per police directives, where the group was informed, “You are under arrest.”

McCauley-Bohn came to Christ in October of last year because of the outreach of RAVEN Ministries. She was adopted by the group’s pastor, Troy Bohn, and his wife Melanie. McCauley-Bohn had previously been working at a strip club on Bourbon Street.

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