New TLC Reality Show to Feature False Teachers Preaching ‘Unconditional Love, Tolerance’

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New TLC Reality Show to Feature False Teachers Preaching ‘Unconditional Love, Tolerance’

By Heather Clark |

Preaching-Alabama-300x300-1A new reality show set to air on TLC this month will feature the lives of a family who move from Florida to launch a new congregation in the Bible Belt that preaches “unconditional love and tolerance.”

“Preaching Alabama,” produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, will launch next Tuesday, October 7th at 10 p.m. following the Duggar family broadcast “19 Kids and Counting.” The program will follow the lives of retired 20-year “unconventional preachers” Allen and Janice Speegle and their adult children, who move to Alabama to plant a new congregation called Movement Church that seeks to “spread love and acceptance no matter your background.”

“But with some family members sporting piercings and tattoos, these aren’t your everyday preachers,” TLC states in its announcement of the show.

However, men wearing earrings isn’t the only aspect that makes this “preaching” family out of the norm.

“Even in church, sex entices,” Janice Speegle explains in a preview trailer for the reality show.

“They created a Viagra pill just for that, for crying out loud!” a brief clip shows her exclaiming from the pulpit, while others show embarrassment yet begin laughing. “Praise the Lord!”

The Speegles were featured on “Family Feud” with Steve Harvey a few years ago, and in one episode of the game show, won points for being able to name every place that people have sex other than in bed.

“Welcoming any and all members of society—even those that many churches have traditionally turned away—this family is determined to create an open-hearted non-denominational Christian church in the thick of the Bible Belt,” the network explains in its press release. “Called to serve God and others, this fun-loving family is ready to inject a lot of faith and freethinking into Northern Alabama.”

The Speegles told in June that their goal with the program is to demonstrate “a different side of Christianity than what has been portrayed.”

“Jesus didn’t reject people and we don’t, either,” Allen stated. “Anybody can come to church. We want to show God in a different light without being preachy or over the top, and yet sticking to principles.”

“Not every Christian is running around with a sign in their hand telling people they’re going to Hell,” he continued. “We preach a very positive, non-condemning message and it really opens the door toward people who are unchurched or burned out on God and religion.”

Reaction to the broadcast has been mixed.

“Wow! This is gonna be great! Can’t wait to watch it!” one commenter wrote.

“After their Family Feud appearance, I will probably tune into their pilot episode,” another stated.

“I might avoid this show,” a third said, gaining a number of likes in agreement with his comment.

“Preaching Alabama” is among a string of controversial faith-themed reality shows to be released in recent years. As previously reported, “Preachers of LA” was launched on the Oxygen Network last fall, and follows the lives of six Los Angeles area megachurch ministers, many of whom live large as prosperity preachers. “The Sisterhood,” a program featuring five provocative preachers’ wives from Georgia. was not renewed for a second season after its launch in January 2013, as Christians nationwide expressed disgust and ratings fell below what was hoped for the broadcast.

2 Timothy 4:3 warns that in the last days many “will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”

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31 Comments on “New TLC Reality Show to Feature False Teachers Preaching ‘Unconditional Love, Tolerance’”

  1. Sigh…sounds like the other end of Joel and Victoria Osteen. What can we say people? These are the signs of the beginning of the end. This is what the Bible predicted and the true believers must by the grace of the Holy Spirit live lives that are pure and holy before God and allow the light of the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached and establish God’s Kingdom on earth despite the depravity of man. Any one of us can fall into deception. “But by the grace of God I am what I am.”

  2. I understand the meaning of the word “VEXED” as Lot described. I am so tired of all of this. Between the very rich and elite in this world, trying to convert into a New World Order, and the so called Christians trying to get paid from reality TV, you feel disgusted, and just wearied.

    I have come to realize the many reasons why so called christians get duped is because of one simple thing, “They do not read their bibles”. They read their bibles thru these ministries, the show is their bible. Anyone who watches this crapola, is sick.

    For the true believers out there, it is getting very tight in the church world, there are no real churches, where the pastors are truly connected to GOD, and people are going to hell every day. The blood of these souls are on their hands.

    1. Sue, I have to agree with you…folk do not read and study their Bibles!!! And true believers would NOT watch such crapola as you so aptly put it.

    2. Sue, I agree with you to an extent. Like Pastor Craig said in another article though, we need to be careful about church bashing. There ARE still true churches out there. I go to one. And though ours is more on the progressive side, technology wise, we’re sticking to that old rugged cross theologically. Our spiritual campaign is called Guardrails and we’re dealing with idolatry and sexual perversion right now. I say all that to say that Jesus WILL build HIS church and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against her. No matter what temporary advancement the enemy may be making now, don’t be discouraged. None of this surprises God, He’s in control. So you don’t be surprised. Just develop a strong desire to see the lost truly saved. That’s our mission.

    3. Sue God have the true Church in the church.1Tim.4:1-3 Paul told us this time will come.God alway have a remnant who have not serve baal.Be encouraged my sister.

  3. And they shall know the truth and the shall make them free. I live by Gal 5:1. Lord have mercy on this world.

  4. And they shall know the truth and truth shall make them free. I live by Gal 5:1 so I don’t get caught up in this worlds foolishness. Lord have mercy on this world.

  5. What I do understand is because of the bible we know society’s complete disregard for its teachings is escalating and really shouldn’t be a surprise. Yet I’m always seeing in the comments a very condemning us against them attitude. The last I checked only God has the ability to separate the wheat from the tares. Since that is the case then a true love for our neighbor should prompt our hearts and our words to prayer. Because just like one person said; if it wasn’t for the holy spirit it would be us walking into these deceptions. We are only free by Grace and that does not give us the right to have an attitude of let em burn. Is it terrible to see? Definitely, but we know we serve a God than can bring back the dead to life. So I’m just hoping we guard our hearts.

  6. The church is in love with the world. The church is in trouble, having lost its first love. There is no where to go now but down that down that broad path straight to Hell.

  7. Good Grief! These folks have it confused and so does the rest of the world. Correction and judgement are two terms that are utterly confused. The Lord does and has condemned many acts people make apart of their lifestyle. Why are so many afraid to correct people in their congregation?. There is right and wrong as defined by the Lord. They are false because they do not preach the entire message and false because they don’t truly live by the Word of foot in the Church and another in the World. How bipolar can you be?

  8. There is a great falling away from God in this country. People are making their own rules up and not following God as they should the pleasures of this life is causing people to lust for the things of the world. No one wants to hear the truth any more. This is why these kind of shows are making it on TV. These people need to be careful cause many people blood will be on their hands! Everything really boils down to Money!!! We got enough mess on TV as it is. The church is suppose to be where people can look to for real hope. With all these fake christian shows on they are making a mockery of God’s Holy Word!!

  9. I do understand these preachers desire to preach unconditional love and acceptance, but God said be Holy for He is Holy. That means to be separated unto Him and His ways.He cautions us from associating with those who do things the worldly way and do those things that not right in His sight. While inclusion and cceptance of all sounds nice, it isn;t Scriptural and the Bible warns the believer to be wary of those who come preaching a different message than what was once learned. It seems as if many preachers fall into the notion it is their mission to build the Church when in fact, that is the function of the Holy Spirit who adds to the Church.
    My .02

  10. Jesus’s love was unconditional but he was not “tolerating” like people say (tolerance is a word, I’m beginning to dislike). He scolded, berated, preached against as well as judged and condemned. This type of church preaching is not any different from the world’s way of thinking: With an apathy to immorality. Whether that be sexual immorality or lawlessness, it is an attempt for people to soften up a tough love message of repentance that Jesus had.

  11. Thanks Mccants & Cynthia, not trying to bash the church perse, but I have so many friends fleeing their once beloved church, because their pastors has lost their minds. Alot of this is not rocket science. Do what the word says, point blank, and if I am a sheep and can understand that, why can’t these pastors? It is aggravating to see, but I know it must come to pass, I just have a righteous anger, because we as body of believers can do so much together, if we didn’t have so many schisms with the leaders. Then you have your once christians friends, saying they can live together as long as they are not sleeping together, they can look and watch secular TV and go to shows, because it is okay, and why not, etc…..

    Do you know why that is? Because of all of the nonsense they fill their eyes and bellies with on TV, these so call Christian shows….

    So I do not argue with anyone anymore, sometimes I will share Pastor Craig DVD, or point them to the right direction, if they don’t listen I just simply say “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling’.

    The biggest promblem with all of this, these people do not fear GOD!! There is NO fear of the wrath that will come from disobedience, and while I know GOD loves us, the scriptures states the fear of GOD will prevent us from sinning. A true fear. I thank Pastor Craig for this forum, because at least I know some people have a grip on what is going on, and are trying to stay in the truth!!!

  12. “Non-condemning” form of Christianity, here we go, very sadly appealing to the “itching ears” audiences, who want NOTHING to do with the True and Living God. The Book of Revelation is coming together so very quickly, help us Lord to continue to spread your True, life saving Word, no matter what? Continue in prayer y’all, America is letting go of God/Jesus more and more every day.

  13. Salvation is already inclusive ( John 3 : 16 ) , you just have to check your hat ( evil deeds ) at the door . HE wishes that none should perish . You can’t get more inclusive than the the words world or none . I’m so proud of
    my brothers and sisters on this forum . Highly intelligent , passionate about the WORD , and compassionate
    ( I need work on that one ) to those without . GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

  14. The lord did not reject anyone. Yet he did tell those he talk to, to SIN NO MORE. he also told nicodemus to rid of all he cherished possessions and follow him and because he could not separate himself from his possessions he walked away. The lord always leaves a revolving door available for all. The Lord does not hold anyone aginst their free will. Either you will recieve the WORD or not. Hot or cold. Saint or sinner. Heaven or hell. All have been given free will to choose. Yet it does not guard you from the out come of your choice. You having free choice makes you responsible for how you choose to live you life. No one else can take the blame for your actions even if your actions were a responce to others actions or words. The word will alway remain un moveable. And Un changeable.

  15. Jesus said “love your enemies” that means love them warts and all – unconditionally. THAT is our responsibility. Nowhere in the Bible is God’s love described as unconditional. Jesus is talking to Peter,John 21 verses 15 to 19, He says to Peter “do you love me”. The Greek translation for the word Jesus used was “agapao”, The word Peter used in reply was “phileo” meaning brotherly love. It can be seen agapao has a greater quality than phileo. Check this out in the New American Standard Bible. There are less than thirtyfive references in the Bible recording God saying” I love you”. Acts the book the modern day church is based on does not mention the word “love” at all! So how were the 3000 added to the church in one day? Neither Jesus nor His disciples ever preached about unconditional love. Look up “agapao” on Google, see what The Barnabas Ministry has to say on the subject.!

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