Oprah, Osteen, Jakes and Homosexuality

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Oprah, Osteen, Jakes and Homosexuality

By Michael Brown | chrarismanews.com

Osteen-Jakes-OprahI discovered a surprising silver lining to the recent controversy over Bishop T.D. Jakes “evolved and evolving” comments about homosexuality, beginning with his unequivocal reiteration of his view “that marriage is ordained by God as a union between a man and a woman” and “that all sex outside of that sacred union is sin and that would include but is not limited to, homosexuality.”

As one who had asked him publicly and privately for clarification, I want to thank him publicly, just as I thanked his representative who texted me his statement privately.

But that’s not the surprising part of the story.

Instead, what’s of real interest to me is that Oprah Winfrey has actually been criticizedby gay activists for having Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes on her network, since both of them affirmed on her airwaves that homosexual practice is sinful in God’s sight. Yet she continues to welcome them to speak for her and does not consider them homophobic bigots.

Some would say, “But the reasons for that are obvious. They’re both Word of Faith prosperity teachers, they don’t preach repentance when appearing before secular media, and Bishop Jakes enthusiastically supported pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality candidate Barack Obama for president. These men are of the same spirit as the world, therefore the world loves them (John 15:18-23).”

I certainly understand those criticisms, but that is not the focus of this article.

What I want to emphasize is that today, there is no subject more volatile than the subject of same-sex “marriage” and the normalizing of homosexual practice, and the moment you say something as benign as, “I believe God designed a man to be with a woman” or “I believe it’s best for kids to have a mom and a dad” you are labeled a homophobic bigot.

And if you say those things because you are committed to the Word of God, you are reviled in even uglier terms. You are just not a hater, but you are a hypocritical, fundamentalist, extremely dangerous hater, part of the “Christian Taliban.” (This is just a small sampling of what you will be called.)

So I find it fascinating that, with all the criticisms that have come their way, both Pastor Osteen and Bishop Jakes held their ground when asked about homosexuality. Respectively, they told Oprah on her Next Chapter show, “I believe that homosexuality is shown as a sin in the Scripture” and “I think that sex between two people of the same sex is condemned in the Scriptures, and as long as it is condemned in the Scriptures, I don’t get to say what I think. I get to say what the Bible says.”

In spite of this, Oprah continues to welcome them.

Now, to be perfectly clear, I believe my appeal to the Osteens is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it last year, and I do hope that Bishop Jakes will be more careful when speaking to the secular media about these issues.

But I also find it significant that, on this significant moral and cultural issue, neither of these men have changed their viewpoints in order to appease the spirit of the age and neither of them have been rejected by Oprah (and, it appears, most of her audience).

Of course, you could make the case that if they rebuked sin and called for repentance the next time they were on Oprah (just as John the Baptizer, Jesus, Peter and Paul did; see Luke 3:1-14; Luke 13:1-9; Acts 2:36-40; 17:30; 20:21; 24:24-25; 26:20) that would be their last appearance on her network, and that could well be the case.

But for the moment, I’m going to use this all redemptively and, with a wink, tell a non-believing critic, “Hey, if Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes believe that God loves all people but that homosexual practice is sinful and Oprah doesn’t call them homophobes, then you’ve got no right to call other Christians homophobes because they believe the same things.”

So, the next time someone tells you that you’re homophobic for speaking the truth in love, tell them to take it up with Oprah :-).

And in all seriousness, regardless of what you think of Oprah, Bishop Jakes and Pastor Osteen, the lesson here is that if you are a genuinely caring Christian, the better someone knows you, the harder it will be for them to reject you as a homophobe

10 Comments on “Oprah, Osteen, Jakes and Homosexuality”

  1. it is obvious that T D Jakes, Oprah, or Joel are going to be direct in their so-called opinion of homosexuality. These three are of the elite and they know their place. They’re false prophets and they must do and say what their puppet masters tell them to say! For a few sticks of furniture and four tires and an engine these people have sold their souls to Satan, Not Lucifer(which is what his name was while he was in heaven). The elite are delusional they believe lies, because they are liars like their Father the Devil. Jakes told the gay community to seek out churches that share in their faith! What Christian Bishop would tell the lost to stay lost? Joel is not aware of any truth about any Christian subject and Oprah is a lost cause! They can tell you what the bible says, but that doesn’t mean they agree with it! We are the body of Christ not the body of Jakes, Winfrey, and Ostteen. We get it the three fakes are not on God’s side. They hate the true Jesus of the Holy Bible, they have the gods to comfort them while they’re on earth, but when they leave here their gods will disappoint them as they are escorted into hell!

  2. I witnessed the Marc Lamont Hill interview with Bishop Jakes and my immediate reaction was he was a clone of the President, with his “evolving” on same sex marriages, as has Hillary Clinton. This seems to be the new cliche of politicians and Presidential hopefuls. Bishop Jakes’ went further and suggested that people find churches that held views inline with their views, which I found odd and inline with Scripture of people seeking teachers who said what they wanted to hear. His comment that America was no longer a Christian nation took the cake as it wreaked of the President’s comment of some time ealier. It seems Bishop Jakes was counciled like so many others in the political correct There surely has to be a memo sent from the White House on answering the Obama way. for his minions. His retraction a day later came about after being called out by fellow clergy and does not sway my first reaction. Bishop Jakes was conceeding that the US was no longer a nation that followed God and once he realized that, he’d come to have a new perspective. I’ve come to expect with the redefining of the definition of marriage and calling equal rights the same as the civil rights movement, that in the mouth of the LGBT, being called a bigot or a homophobe was foolishness by those who had accepted the Lie.

  3. Good for both of them not to have minced words when they used Oprah’s platform to state the gospel. I’m surprised she was not bashed for allowing them to state it and then airing the remarks.

  4. The question that was asked is ” Why does Opera continue have them on her show ? Simple answer : Ratings/money

  5. The world is always so concerned and quick to say that Christians judge them BUT they are the first to accuse and judge us as being homophobic and any other name when we agree with OUR GOD and HIS WORD, and have had more mercy on them than they ever care to know. This is a free country and I’ve learned to do just what Jesus did when questioned with foolish questions from the San Hedrin “Answer their question with a comparible question” about their own beliefs…you believe in freedom of speech? then why are you judging me for speaking freely?, you say live and let live? then why are you trying to keep me from living out my beliefs?…etc., it works and confuses them everytime and they walk away just as the “Sad”ucees and Pharisees did…they are of a world religion and worshipping their Baal gods and I will worship the True and Living God through Jesus Christ “Yeshua”…Selah and Shalom…

  6. I am confused. Is the writer of this article being sarcastic??? Jakes is reported to have said that he ‘believes’ that homosexuality is shown as a sin in the Scripture” and he “thinks” that sex between two people of the same sex is condemned in the Scriptures, and as long as it is condemned in the Scriptures, he doesn’t get to say what he thinks only what the Word says. Seriously Mr. Jakes? I can think I have wings and can fly or I can believe I am President of the USA, but in reality I am not! In both cases I would be either delusional or schizophrenic. So did he not use the words ‘I think” to preface his statement?! These men talk all around their mouths because they know how to manipulate people AND the English Language, instead of emphatically stating that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin and therefore that settles it. Maybe in my simplicity or ignorance I am missing something. If someone called me a homophobe I will NOT ask them to take it up with Oprah…I will point them to the Word of God and tell them take it up with Jesus Christ.

  7. Oprah who has a strong following believes that all roads lead to God so Jakes and Osteen can come on her show and say what they believe because to her that’s all that it is,their own personal belief. Jakes and Osteen do not make you feel any discomfort about sin and they both have said thousands of words with out condemning sinful life styles such as fornication adultery idolatry homosexuality and all other sinful life styles that the Apostles spoke about and rebuked those who participated in and those who condoned these life styles( they are no threat to sin). Hold fast to the truth (True Bride) Church. I heard a coworker say that he loves Joel Osteen because he makes me feel so good and he does not preach about hell , well that’s sad because if you are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ at some point you need to address sin and it’s eternal wage, Jesus did and so did the Apostles that He called and commissioned to take the Gospel to the World. I guess you could look at it in the positive light that Oprah has no problem with these “Famous” Pastors saying what they believe about this hot issue but i bet they won’t go on her show and say Jesus is The Way The Truth and the Life there is no other way to Father God and omit “i believe” or ” I think” and just say what is because Jesus alone IS. now Oprah and her followers will have a big problem with that exclusive unequivocalable statement. SHALOM! Beloved

  8. I believe God designed for a man and woman to be together…..period! Well, I guess that statement puts me in the category of a homophobic huh? Oh well! God word is truth and His Word is final. God is not a dictator, He is our Creator. What He has ordained and set in order is His perfect will. If we chose to believe and live outside of His word and perfect Will for us, then be prepared for the consequences.

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