Pastor Who Asked ‘Gay’ Bakery for a Christian Cake Being Charged With a Crime

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Pastor Who Asked ‘Gay’ Bakery for a Christian Cake Being Charged With a Crime

By Warner Todd Huston |

gay_rainbow_cakeThe cake controversies are continuing but this time in reverse as a Christian pastor who asked a “gay” bakery to bake a cake with a Christian message on it was refused service. But instead of the bakery being charged, it seems that it is the pastor who faces threatened criminal action.

Last week we discussed the case of Arizona-based pastor Joshua Feuerstein who runs a popular Youtube channel. Feuerstein warned that Christians are coming under increasing attack by the state and that they should be very careful in this heightened anti-Christian climate.

Feuerstein also made a video where he called Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake in Longwood, Fla. and asked her to make a cake that said “We Don’T Support Gay Marriage” on it.

She refused and Feuerstein posted the video of her refusal on his Youtube channel. Haller then demanded that Feuerstein take the video down and he did as asked. But then she reposted the video herself and used it to attack Feuerstein.

Then the shop owner called the FBI to demand that they charge Feuerstein with a hate crime.

Haller complained of “nasty” phone calls and “negative gestures.” She said she lost money and was investigating her legal options, noting that the recorded phone call is illegal in Florida. According to Lifesite, Haller said she had reached out to the FBI regarding a possible criminal case.

“I’m just afraid because of the type of calls that we were getting that someone is going to attack me in my home,” Haller told News 13. Online, the bakery asked for help, “Please help put a stop to people like Joshua Feuerstein.”

So, let’s review: gays can get Christians arrested and their businesses shut down for not baking them a cake. But Christians can be denied service at any time by any bakery with no consequences.

It seems more clear every day that the only group not protected under our law as it is currently practiced is Christians.

29 Comments on “Pastor Who Asked ‘Gay’ Bakery for a Christian Cake Being Charged With a Crime”

  1. They have already won in this country. But that’s not good enough. They want our minds. That’s like leading 49 to 0 in football, with the ball, 2 mins left in the game, and you got your starters playing, and running 4 wide-out sets. They love to compare it to the civil rights movement, and if they do they should know this. That no matter how many laws you have, you can not change the heart. Our hearts are with God on this. Wish I could stand with the pastor on this one, but looks like he went looking for trouble. You tend to find it when you do.

  2. the American race is becoming disgusting. aparently gas have rights whilst everyone else is treated as dirt. oh hail the digesting America.

  3. Christians will catch hell. That’s the way it’s going to be. The bible said this would happen. Let’s turn the the tables on these gays.

  4. Christians have law that protects them from attack. It is common law. Statutes are not common law. Sine these united states are all republics, not one single people has to consent to government jurisdiction. People just need to educate themselves to learn how they are consenting even when they don’t know they are consenting.

    Protecting ones rights is far easier than most of us have been taught in government run schools. When government took over education it did not anticipate something like the Internet that would provide a means of undoing the conditioning. You have not lost your freedom until upon learning what to do to protect it, you do nothing. com

  5. I wonder if the pastor would have asked them to bake a cake that said something more loving and less controversial if they would have baked the cake. We are to be salt & light in the world not conform to the world and there methods. He should have asked them to write the cake. WANT LOVE? SEEK JESUS

    We are in a time that our light must shine bright in a world of darkness that has been fed a lie from the father of all lies. Share the GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL’S REDEMPTIVE POWER & FORGIVENESS.


  6. Oh, so it’s a crime to deny them our services as Christians, and now it’s a crime to ask them for their services to a Christian event.

    But it’s all about the love!!!!

    This is the beginning of the truth being unveiled. For those who stood by the LGBT thinking it was all about their “rights”, this is just the first taste of proof that you will see, to indicate their motives were ulterior this whole time.

    The next sign, 50% of marriages end in divorce in today’s society. That’s for the normal marriage, you, me, our grandparents. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community will dwarf that rate by 2017.

    This was never about marriage, or equality, this was always about removing rights for the common person.

  7. The more I hear of these stories, the more I am thoroughly convinced that we Christians are not wise as serpents. We fight with failing strategies and with no effective united purpose as the homosexuals did over the course of decades. I think it is time that we stop majoring in the splashes of each incident and unite and set our decade plus goals to reverse all of the evil that is in this world. Just like Martin Luther and the protestant movement. Just like the LGBT agenda did to get this far. We need to Unite as a body and collectively revolt righteously to bring about civil change for the benefit of our Christian faith that is being violated. I can’t stand to hear, hear, hear of evil splash reports without doing something about it. If no one will, then I will go by myself for the sake of Christ. Let’s not stand by idle and bring every report of evil to the Christian community without do something about it. I mean, collective prayer, collective voting, pressure on our politicians as Jesus mentioned, Collecting funds for those that are fired due to this, and etc… But enough is enough.

  8. That’s so crazy. Where’s the so called equality. I seem like this whole lgbt issue is just away to make it harder to be Christian

  9. Unless the bakery makes cakes saying “we don’t support interracial marriages” or “interfaith, second” or whatever, they are not required to make hate cakes for Christians. If they make wedding cakes, they have to make them everyone. A cake for a wedding is not the equivalent of a cake condemning a class of weddings. This is not rocket science.

  10. Agreeing or not agreeing with homosexuality or gay marrage dosen’t change the facts. Any true Christian can’t deny these words from the bible. the greatest commandment of all is to love others. (Even people you see as sinners). After all who did Jesus associate with. We are in the world but not of it. Turn the other cheek and love others!

  11. while the church was sleeping the enemy came and sowed weed. The church reaps what she sowed so stop whining and repent America. The endtime revival has broken out and the voice is calling the church to repent but she says she doesn’t need to repent. Therefore, she shall weep and gnashed her teeth uncontrollable and then devowered by the antichrist.

  12. The bakery should be the one being sued. It was that pastors 1st Amendment human rights…. It’s ok for the gay’s to publicly express their belieft’s but, if a christain expresses his belief’s it wrong. We as real Christain believer’s is going to stand our ground and up hold or belieft’s. Now, that the gay’s got what they want now, now they trying to target the christains….My GOD said no weapon that’s formed against me shall prosper it won’t work. I fear no man. “I serve a higher power” my GOD sits high and looks low. I will speak my beliefts and I will not back down because of what another believes. It’s either HEAVEN or HELL! This is called freedom of speech my First Amendment Right’s. You can’t shut us up…not the real christains! You can shut up the wishey washey henpeck christains. You are allowed to say what you want or believe what you want, the same right you have I have. Respect my belieft’s and I will respect your belieft’s it don’t mean it’s right but, you are intitled to your opinion.

    This is Debbie coming to you live…from t.v. channel “It’s my christain belieft’s” and this message have been approved and certified my GOD my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be. And so it is! Welcome to Sodom and Gommorah 2015, it’s OFFICIAL! We as Christians, Bible believing and living out the Word, cannot allow ourselves to become entangled. 2 Timothy 2:4,&5 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him that hath chosen him to be a soldier. And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully. So Brother Fueurstein is getting what he asked for! We can’t engage in this sillyness. Of course, we will not recieve equal treatment, nor consideration, We are resident aliens in this world. They are the true citizens. Why seek what frivolous liberties they have, We have Jesus Christ.
    We have to be wise, mature, careful, prayful. Yes, we are to speak the Truth boldly! Not necessary to attack those that already oppose themselves. Voyeurism is illegal in most states! Recording persons conversations or by videowithout permission. We must also commit ourselves to knowing the laws of this alien land. Know the enemys weapons so you may defend against him.2Tim. 2:12, If we suffer, we shall also reign with him; Being a “Christian” If he actually wanted a cake, he’d never gone to a “gay” bakery, knowingly!?! This is not discernment. Judgement begins in the church! We must remind ourselves and each of our brethren, our fight is not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities in high places. May we all continue to stand by the help of the Spirit of God and not be counted in the numbers if those which will surely fall away, Be blessed , The Power of Truth

  14. Haller is much more likely to be attacked in her home by one of her evil and unGodly deviant friends than anyone else.

  15. What this post left out is the bakery received a lot of death threats. The law suit has more to do with the bakery’s safety than what this article portrayed the situation.

  16. I would not make it either. No shoes, no shirt, no gays no service. My religious right. If your gay that’s fine I don’t have to except it but you can’t force me to either.

    I don’t care if your gay that does not bother me. I don’t go to gay pride parades you don’t need to go to christian bakers. This is America the land of the use to be free.

  17. Freedom of speech? This is foolishness!

    Well as we come near to the end of time I don’t expect any less! The next attack will be on the Sabbath!

  18. Now why don’t the gay ppl go the gay bakery? i don’t think I would want anything a “gay” bakery makes. They couldn’t wash their hands enough, but okkkk! That’s all I can really say.

  19. Very interesting. While I do think that people have a right to their opinion, Joshua asking for the “We don’t support gay marriage” on the cake, the company, Cut The Cake or whatever it’s called, has the right to refuse just as a Christian company should be allowed to refuse something that goes against the Christian values. This does not give either party the right to charge the accusing party of hate or “negative gestures”. I believe Joshua was fair in expressing his opinion on the subject and even took down the video once asked. That should not have given the right of the company to re-upload the same video as a way to avenge themselves against the opinions of Joshua and then to charge him with a hate crime after complying with the company on removing the video.

  20. Okay, yes it’s awful that there’s a double standard for the Christian cake opposition thing. I am a Christian and I do not support gay marriage, but going into a known homosexual owned bakery asking them to make your cake with something they take offense to is asking for trouble no matter what you believe, and it isn’t the Christian thing to do. Stating your beliefs and trying to lead the baker to Christ in a non violent or threatening way is one thing, but adding to the ill will and hostility and making matters worse for all parties involved is another.

  21. Where is the love of Christ that pastor Feuerstein showed? What he asked the bakery to make was offensive. I am a Christ follower and I am offended by his actions. It’s one thing to stand up for your beliefs but don’t attack others in doing so. He knew that the company was run by gays and he asked them to make an anti gay cake? Really? That’s just nasty, not showing love at all.

  22. I’m with Karen, praying and standing with the Pastor especially, as the gay community has NO idea what they really want or think (the spirit of delusion). They NEED Jesus.

  23. I’m not saying that the pastor is right. but thats what the Christian company told the gay couple and end up getting charge. The law can’t go one way on this.

  24. Surely, we are in the end times…only the love of Christ would see us through…didn’t the Bible fortell this? What was once God’s own country is now the sovereign state of the devil and his cohorts… Words can’t express the height of disgust I have for America

  25. Yes Let us rejoice for the coming of our saviour is near. Let us not equally yoke with unbelievers. Did she known she was gay? If yes why did she request a cake with that inscription? If no that was not a proper way of evangelizing our stance on such religious issues. As a christian, we should be careful of what we say and or do. Lets focus on telling the love and soon coming of our saviour JESUS CHRIST.

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