Planned Parenthood Partner Bemoans Efforts to End Abortion: ‘That’s Where We Get Our Tissue’

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Planned Parenthood Partner Bemoans Efforts to End Abortion: ‘That’s Where We Get Our Tissue’

By Heather Clark |

LartonIRVINE, Calif. — The ninth expose’ video released surrounding Planned Parenthood’s alleged harvesting and sale of the organs of aborted babies highlights another business partner with the abortion giant—one who bemoans efforts to end abortion, stating, “that’s where we get our tissue.”

The undercover footage largely centers on Perrin Larton, the procurement manager for Advanced BioScience Resources (ABR), a company that makes as much as $340 per procured organ for babies aborted in the second trimester.

In the video, Katherine Sheehan, the medical director for Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, explains that the abortion giant has had a relationship with ABR for the past decade.

“We’ve been using them for over 10 years, really a long time, just kind of renegotiated the contract,” she states. “They’re doing the big collections for government-level collections and things like that.”

The footage then turns to Larton, who divulges that although the U.S. government banned federal funding for embryonic stem cell research years ago, it never mentioned fetal tissue in the ban, and so the company has had an ongoing business relationship with government entities.

“So we continued to send tissue to people like NIH (National Institutes of Health),” she explains. “Even though the government was paying for it, fetal [organs] weren’t put in that little box of embryonic [prohibitions] because it’s different.”

“Now they’re trying to make abortion illegal, and that’s where we get our tissue,” Larton laments, adding that she finds proposed laws such as personhood protections “crazy.”

During the discussion, which was covertly recorded, the ABR manager describes to a man that she thinks is a potential buyer the condition of the harvested fetal organs—even recalling instances where the baby has been removed completely intact.

“I literally have had women come in and they’ll go to the OR and they’re back out in three minutes, and I’m going, ‘What’s going on?’” Larton says. “Oh yeah, the fetus was already in the [birthing] canal. Whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out.”

“But most of the time, it is not intact,” she notes, explaining that “the abdomen is always ripped open.”

Larton further explains in a nonchalant manner how the organs are crushed during the abortion.

“Everything will just get ripped up, you know,” she outlines. “Whenever we have a smooth portion of liver, we think that’s good, because most of the time, just the instruments they go in to pull and it’s just whatever presents first.”

“A lot of times the abdomen presents first and they go in and just start pulling, so they’re not [caring about the condition of the organ extracted from the baby],” Larton adds.

She says that most of the time, the company is present right at the abortion facility and obtains the remains of the child immediately following his or her death.

“We’re usually standing right outside the door when they’re doing the procedure in the OR,” she explains. “And so we’re just kind of standing around waiting, and then we get the tissue, the doctor makes sure the termination’s complete and then we—I mean we have it (the aborted baby) immediately after.”

While the Center for Medical Progress released a nine-minute edited video highlighting the most disturbing parts of the discussion, it also published the undercover footage in full on YouTube as it has done with its other eight videos.


4 Comments on “Planned Parenthood Partner Bemoans Efforts to End Abortion: ‘That’s Where We Get Our Tissue’”

  1. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It’s just so infuriating! I facilate between asking God to have mercy on this country to hoping he puts his fist down in judgement. It’s so sad, but I know God isn’t going to let this one ride…. This country is going to pay and it is going to be horrendous.?

  2. they value the gift of God, a child, something that’s priceless, at 340 an ounce. This is not caring for people, it’s for profit. As the word says about another gift from God that was trying to be bought and sold, their money perishes with them.

  3. I agree with you Tia, I have a righteous anger with this issue among many others.

    May every baby that is subject to this barbaric practice, THE LORD JESUS take their sprit and soul before they have to suffer any pain at the hands of demonic practicing rituals!

  4. It’s ironic ( from Sanger’s views) that when they’re selling these babies, race doesn’t matter.

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