Portland Child Evangelism Fellowship Under Fire for Preaching to Kids About Sin

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Portland Child Evangelism Fellowship Under Fire for Preaching to Kids About Sin

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

PPC-298x300PORTLAND, Ore. –– A chapter of a nationally-recognized Christian group that seeks to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ is under fire for teaching kids the biblical doctrine of sin and eternal judgment, in addition to sharing about the love and mercy of God.

The Portland chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is facing resistance from some area residents as they conduct voluntary summer camps in the area and plan on hosting after-school Bible studies in local public schools. The problem? CEF teaches children that each person is a sinner in need of the Savior.

Those who oppose the group assert that because of this, CEF does not present “Jesus loves you” mainstream Christianity, and claim that the organization is “hardcore evangelical fundamental.”

“They pretend to be a mainstream Christian Bible study when in fact they’re a very old school fundamentalist sect,” resident Kaye Schmitt told local television station KATU.

Robert Aughenbaugh also told reporters this week that preaching to children about sin might give them feelings of fear and shame.

Aughenbaugh, Schmitt and others have organized a group called Protect Portland Children, which seeks to speak out against CEF’s message and influence parents not to allow their children to attend its events. It has set up a Facebook page that has so far generated over 800 likes. It’s profile photograph is of a child holding a sign that reads “I am not a sinner.”

“[The] curriculum teaches young children that they’re born sinners, bound for eternity in hell unless they obey the club’s teachings,” the group asserts.

“Before the Portland public schools allow ‘The Good News Club’ to use school facilities or to promote their activities on campus it would seem appropriate to allow mental health professionals to further investigate the activities of this group,” wrote Chuck Currie of the United Church of Christ in a recent blog post about the matter.

But CEF says that it is not teaching anything outside of the basic and fundamental truths of the gospel—and that mankind must understand the bad news to know why the good news is so good.

“Listen, the message of the gospel the teaching of the core Christian tenets of the Christian faith that have been taught for 2,000 years in the Bible is what we’re teaching,” CEF Vice President of Ministries Moises Esteves told local television station KOIN. “There’s nothing new here.”

The group has partnered with over 30 area churches to present its evangelical outreach to youth in Portland.

“We do teach about sin,” Esteves stated, “[But] we’re not nasty. We’re not high pressure. We’re not negative, but we teach what the Bible teaches that every human being is a sinner in need of a savior.”

Reporters observed the group in action on Wednesday, singing John 3:16 with the children in attendance, which reads, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Child Evangelism Fellowship, founded in 1937, is headquartered in Warrenton, Missouri, and has approximately 400 offices nationwide. It offers several Bible-based clubs for children, which according the ministry website, are “fast-paced, one-hour programs [that] are designed to bring the gospel of Christ to children on their level in their environment.”

12 Comments on “Portland Child Evangelism Fellowship Under Fire for Preaching to Kids About Sin”

  1. Why not just keep the parents with the children in one setting? That way parents would always know what their children are being taught.. I guess

  2. May God continue to be with CEF and His hand be upon each member and their families as they continue to be spread the Word of God.

  3. “They pretend to be a mainstream Christian Bible study when in fact they’re a very old school fundamentalist sect,” resident Kaye Schmitt told local television station KATU.”

    There is only one stream of Christian belief and that is the word of God through the Bible. The Bible says that “all” have fallen short. Old, new, fundamental, evangelical, they all can only tell the truth of the Bible. The truth is we are all sinners. Those in opposition of this group are speaking out of their area of knowledge here. Asserting that what they consider main stream is Christianity doesn’t make it so.

  4. Oh gees I guess we don’t want these poor little kids getting their little feelings hurt by this thing called TRUTH. After all God is love right? Pure FOOLISHNESS! These kids and their parents both need the REAL GOSPEL preached to them.

  5. This is not surprising at all. PERSECUTION is COMING to America, and instead of the Body of Christ being PREPARED, we have so many who are PLAYING. This country is anti-Christ all day everyday. They will accept everything but Jesus. The WORD SIN has always brought OFFENSE. If they acted like this when Jesus walked the Earth why are we shocked??? Smh. Wake Up Church!!!

  6. Sadly MANY churches(especially U.S.A) would be with the oppossers. Sounds to me CEF has the right idea on how not only children but adults as well should be taught in fundamentals. The fact that this opposing organization has a child holding a sign that’s COMPLETELY contrary to what the word of God says, tells me these people don’t know the bible basics. The word speaks of a false jesus being presented to the world and this is EXACTLY the one it talks about. The one that only loves loves loves and would never allow anybody to go to hell because he loves them soooo much. Very few people know and can recognize this demonized doctrine from the REAL Gospel. Parents (YOU) train your children in the way they should go. We better train our children in the “old paths” if we care anything for them, we better tell them the stark reality of what awaits them on the other side of this life, if they have not been redeemed. Failure to do anything less means you’ve failed in your parenting responsibilities and God WILL hold you accountable. Yes God is love and yes Jesus came to save, but how can you accept salvation if you don’t even think you need it. It’s not even logical.

  7. Thats Portland for you. Everyone I have met in Portland is a ‘Christian’ or ‘respect your view until you actually take a stand and call a spade a spade. Good job cef for taking a stand and holding it.

  8. Those who oppose Christ are always the ones killed when calamaties happen. Just look in the bible, the godly remnant are always left alive and elevated while the wicked perish. If the USA is taken over by China or some other foreign power the people who are in opposition to Christ will be killed off. But even if that doesn’t happen these things work themselves out. We’re already having American jihadists operating in the USA that are being trained in the Middle East on their own accord. Only a matter of time before these American Jihadists start blowing up American buildings, shopping malls, mega churches, probably even the white house. These same sinners will be killed. Just look at 9/ll. That’s judgement.

  9. So the parents won’t teach their children about sin? Wow so when someone else does its a issue? Well get ready the Real Christians!! We are going to be persecuted for righteousness sake

  10. My daughter volunteered for 3 years before we moved and I would like to say, “they are regularly under attack.” The region she was in recently won a case not to allow a Wicca member to volunteer, as well as the same situation Portland’s CEF find themselves in. They can be victorious, just pray. Thanks

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