Preach’ Docuseries Featuring Chest-Bumping, Face-Spitting ‘Prophetesses’ Canceled

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Preach’ Docuseries Featuring Chest-Bumping, Face-Spitting ‘Prophetesses’ Canceled

by Heather Clark |

A "Major Prophet" who counsels both the great and small. Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio)

A “Major Prophet” who counsels both the great and small.
Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio)

A docuseries that debuted on the Lifetime channel this month featuring four self-proclaimed female “prophetesses” who use means such as chest-bumping and spitting in the faces of attendees to bring about deliverance has been canceled for insufficient viewership.

As previously reported, “Preach” premiered nationwide on June 5th and was touted by the network as being a positive program where “prayers are about to be answered.”

“With the religious leadership world primarily dominated by men, the show produced by CORE Media Group follows four powerful female leaders who believe God has given them the ability to heal the sick, see the future and rid people of their addictions,” an outline of the broadcast read on the program website.

“Known as ‘prophetesses,’ these women speak as the interpreter through whom the will of God is expressed,” it continued. “In order for their legacy to continue, they must enlist a ‘protégé’ and teach them how to carry on their gift. These Queens of the Church each have different styles and their own special way of delivering God’s message, but all are united in their love of the Lord.”

Belinda Scott, one of the women featured in the docuseries, is stated to have given counsel to celebrities and politicians across America.

“[Scott] has the ability to predict child birth and specializes in blessing the wombs of barren women,” her bio reads.

Taketa Williams was stated by the network to be the “Beyonce of the preaching world” and is mentoring a single mother of three to carry on her preaching and prophetic work.

Others featured on the broadcast included Linda Roark, also called the “blue-eyed soul sister,” and Kelly Crews, who desires a relationship but “has trouble finding a man who can handle her gift.”

A short promotional video for the docuseries showed the women becoming physical with those who come to their meetings to purportedly bring about deliverance. In addition to laying hands on some, one clip showed Willams chest-bumping a man in the isle, and then later blowing and/or spitting in the face of another woman who then falls backwards.

“Oh my G**, this is real,” Belinda Scott states.

While Lifetime lauded the series, others stated that the broadcast would bring shame to the Body of Christ. Tachina Carter of San Francisco soon decided to start a petition against the docuseries.

“The imagery on this show is a travesty to the Christian community,” she wrote. “The women a.k.a. prophetesses are making a mockery of the church and promoting foolish behavior that is not necessarily a true representation of the real power of God.”

“By airing this show it will cause more harm than good to the Christian community who already has a difficult time in sharing ‘the Good News’ of Jesus Christ to the masses,” Carter continued.

As of press time, the petition has generated nearly 15,000 signatures.

Now, according to reports, Lifetime has decided to cancel “Preach” because of its failure to generate sufficient viewership following its debut this month.

However, some still believe that the petition played a role in the show’s cancellation. Scott lashed out at Carter in a Facebook post on Thursday, calling her a “frog.”

“I watch hateful people who say they love the Lord, type like that frog typing at that machine,” she wrote, putting “frog” in all caps. “Now, do I hear from God? Yes. did He call me to be a prophetess? Yes. Have I and do I hear God’s voice concerning events, people and issues? Yes! Did I see these attacks against us coming? Yes!”


17 Comments on “Preach’ Docuseries Featuring Chest-Bumping, Face-Spitting ‘Prophetesses’ Canceled”

  1. Then she should have seen the cancellation coming too. Utter foolishness and self promotion in Jesus’ name. Glad it didn’t go far. Preachers for hire of LA, your next.

  2. When you read the word of God, the road of the prophet was hard. Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel just to name a few went through some serious warfare. They were hated by many, and their lives were always on the line. It wasn’t nothing glamorous about it. Jonah even ran from his call to go to Nineveh, and paid a heavy price for his disobedience. The Prophets were not calling down houses, cars, a new job, a new wife or husband, money cometh foolishness, they were calling down judgment because of unrepentant sins. They were sent to bring the people back to Sobriety, turn back to God, and live Holy. I am glad God shut this mess down!!!


  4. Sick , sick , just foolish , a bunch of worldly women that trying to say they are prophetess look like rejects of hip hop wives, just a wast of time on the air , devils.

  5. Thank God the slam dancing prophetess, and her cronies have been cancelled. Maybe with the new found time
    on their hands, they can read 1 Timothy. It’s a short book. Clicked on the video link, and watch the preachers of Detroit. Almost finished the whole thing, but closed it about 28 mins. in. Never heard the name of Jesus once.
    Heard I a lot, but not the name of Jesus.

  6. Foolishness. You’ll never see them on a street corner preaching the gospel to the lost. Just going to places where they rip off folk. 2 Peter chapter 2 kind of stuff here.

  7. I’ll admit that I watched on episode of this mess and knew then that it would be my last one. This is an even worse idea than the “Preachers of….” franchise. Make a mockery of those with legitimate God-given gifts. It seemed to me that most of the emphasis was on self-appointment and “branding” one’s self for the purpose of booking venues to generate money. I would even venture to say that the featured female prophets and their proteges came across more like “big sister” so-and-so and their proteges as pledging neophytes. I applaud the sister who began a boycott of the show and that Lifetime consented to pull the show. Unbelievers don’t respect nor give any credibility to believers if we entertain things of this sort. To them it’s like watching foolishness for the purpose of mindless entertainment. What a mockery of the cross!

  8. ““[Scott] has the ability to predict child birth and specializes in blessing the wombs of barren women,” her bio reads.”

    Oh really now? This woman is a farce. She refused to pray for my mother, blew on my face and made some swooshing sound and since that time ive had 4 miscarriages. Bless? Please, more like curse. Maybe it was cause i didnt give the right amount to enter the first heaven let alone third like she asked. Smh. Always be careful who you let pray for you. Ill never forget what. That woman did to my mother, me, and the false prophecy/curse she gave to my Stepfather. She whispered addiction in his ear knowing he was as healthy as he could be at that time, that woman is anything but a prophet.

  9. Maybe if we followed the Scriptures (2 Corinthians 13:5 for example), incidents like this wouldn’t happen. With the world sinking deeper into degradation, the unadulterated Gospel Must stand, as Christ Is on His way back, and judgement Will begin at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). Lord help your people?

  10. On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.
    Matthew 7:22-23

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