Preacher kicked out a stripper club

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By Keith Solis |

467265_GA preacher from the Atlanta area says he was kicked out Saturday night of the renowned Atlanta city night spot, “Magic City,” after attempting to pass out biblical materials to customers. Rev. Miller Kingston, who is originally from Tampa, Florida said, “When I relocated here, I couldn’t believe how many preachers frequently visit strip clubs for pleasure.” Rev. Kingston is known throughout the Tampa, Florida area as the “stripper preacher” because he visits area strip clubs frequently passing out biblical material to whoever is receptive. He claims he wanted to bring his same habits from Tampa to Atlanta because no one else is ministering in the area strip clubs.

However, Saturday night, his reputation as the ‘stripper preacher’ from Tampa didn’t get him far with Atlanta’s popular nightspot, ‘Magic City’. Rev. Kingston claims he paid admission like everyone else and did nothing to draw attention to himself. In fact, he claims he “dressed down” from his usual Sunday service attire to fit-in better with the crowd.

magic-cityHe claims when security heard about his methods of evangelizing in their club, they immediately surrounded him aggressively and demanded he leave immediately. He informed security he did nothing illegal and paid admission to attend until closing. He says security again demanded he leave immediately and would not allow him to go any further into the club. Rev. Kingston claims when he informed security there were 4 other ministers in the club also, he said security laughed and told him if they do not leave immediately they would be charged with trespassing. Rev. Kingston said he left but not before leaving his 1000 Jesus flyers in the men’s room. Rev. Kingston says he will not stop evangelizing in strip clubs and plans to attend 4 this upcoming weekend in Atlanta.


Strip Club Ministry: With Rev. Tony Lee

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41 Comments on “Preacher kicked out a stripper club”

  1. I understand them kicking him out. The strip club is a private business open to the public and he was deliberately trying to harm the business with his propaganda. He could have stood in a nearby public area to pass out his material. Maybe he just wanted a quick sneak peek. I wonder why he was so concerned about preachers who were patrons? Preachers sin too. He had no tact and went too far on this one. He is looking like a PIMP DADDY in this picture.

  2. Huh wow smh! Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

  3. So, he’s actually going inside? Not sure what to think about that… I know lots of guys who preach and pass out tracts OUTSIDE strip clubs, bars, etc. but not inside.

  4. So after watching the video, I have another question. Did the people just come to the church? Or did they actually repent???

  5. Im sorry this doesnt make sense. Why allow your so CALLED good to be evil spoken of. I see no wisdom here and certainly not God’s wisdom.

  6. This man is doing something so powerful. He should make hot prayers before and after going to such places. Biding demons, principalities and powers can help him deal with these dangerous places. May God protect him and touch people through his ministry! It was shocking to hear about ministers who go in such dirty places for fun! People who like running after men like these need to be careful, obviously they need deliverance. Heavenly Father have mercy!

  7. 1. This man looks and sounds creepy.
    2. There is no scripture to back up this type of so-called evangelism…Jesus, the disciples and Paul never did this
    3. This is pure foolishness. Why does he have to patronize these places to reach sinners? There are unbelievers everywhere, not just at the strip club.
    4. What sanctified man of God wants to be known as the stripper preacher?
    5. What does it say about the present state of the church if preachers are seeking relief at the strip clubs?
    6. Has anybody gotten saved and delivered? Did he draw them to Jesus or to his church?

  8. I hve seen street preachers wait out side of these types of facilities but not go inside! This is a first! Now i understand that Jesus came to save but those that heard about him, came to hear him speak because the Spirit of the Lord was sweeping through their areas and compelled them to come. But this i can’t call it. Jesus said if i be lifted up i will draw them unto myself. With so much in society geared toward sex, fornication and adultery i just don’t see how this could go on without some kind of confirmation. In this day and age if pple want Christ they know or hvr an idea of where to look and it isn’t in night clubs!!!! God bless u EX Ministries and keep exposing the devices of the enemy u guys are truly changing lives for the Glory of God…..luv in Jesus Name, amen

  9. Naw bro, that’s off. Wait outside the club and give them tracks or minister. That demonic atmosphere will hinder. It says “pray that the light of the gospel of jesus christ who is the image of God would shine on them”. Jesus or the apostles never went into orgy filled environments but met people while in the streets and not in that atmosphere.

  10. How many lives have these ministers actually impacted thru this technique? How will they hear without a preacher? U need a proper platform to preach. Paying admission, trying to dress down as an undercover christian, amist naked women is just not a appropriate atmosphere conducive to witnessing. Maybe its a waY to kill two birds with one stone his spirtual service and service to his flesh.

  11. If he is paying the same admission as everyone else, doesn’t that make him a client? Why doesn’t he go to a regular club or a bar? Why is the strip club his ONLY venue? Who does he think he’s fooling?

  12. First of all, he shouldn’t go any where unless he is sent by God. I think this is just like saying that you have to hang out with the prostitutes on the corner to reach them. Not saying that you shouldn’t minister to prostitutes…just that you shouldn’t have to hang out with them. He can minister to those same people on the outside. So, why was it necessary to go inside a strip club (where people are taking off their clothes) and witness to them? It is wrong for him to even be looking upon people nakedness.

  13. is he really a preacher??and he actually goes into the strip club??so what about the nudity he sees in there and the impact it has on him??and God approves of that???…

  14. He is not made of steel! His flesh is going to see something it likes and get aroused because that’s the way the human body works, point blank. His mind will not stay focused on Jesus and saving souls when its that kind of atmosphere. Sorry not buying it, there are other places to minister to the lost. keep on and he’s going to end up with a spirit of lust (if he doesn’t already have one, which is highly likely).

  15. I think this is his way of hiding behind the gospel to fulfill his lust. He is still human and being in that type of environment incites lust on the highest level.

    If these preachers are in the strip clubs “for pleasure” I wonder why. Where are the “first ladies” of Atlanta? Oh yea, they replaced their husbands with cameras and the pursuit of fame on Reality TV – just my on assumption.

    Ex Ministries told us this foolishness was coming TBHH and WE’VE JUST WITNESSED IT SAINTS!. So this shouldn’t be surprising. If they made hip hop holy, then they’ll make everything that is wicked and perverted holy.

    What will hit the scene next, “Pimping Preacher.” This is so maddening I can’t even laugh or find any humor in it at all. Just sadness.

    Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm Ex Ministries.

  16. By this logic I’ll have to saddle-up and pay to enter the Bunny Ranch (house of whoredom) in Nevada just to PASS OUT TRACTS to prostitutes and whoremongers…as they ‘monger’????????

  17. YOU are ultimately responsible in how your sow your seed. There are spiritual ramifications/awards connected with how you spend the money that God has blessed you with… Knowing that revelation alone, how can you justify paying/supporting an establishment like that with God’s money!!??

  18. A perverted man that’s all there is to it! Beside every where else you want to give tract in a place where naked women sales sex…Wow

  19. Personally I do not think its wise, and Knowing myself, I would not do it. However Only God knows the heart of man, This man could have the grace , power and faith to do those things, and God can ask you to go into such a place, Our God is Big, and in that strip club its people that he loves, Not only are we to go to dark areas, God can ask us to do things that some people will deem weired, Like Hosea marrying a Prostitute , If the man said he’s met people in the place and through that they Know Christ, Amen….If he is truly of God, God will keep him and will tell him when its time to stop if he needs to , If he is not, Time will tell. Anyway whether we agree or not, Christ told us the world will know we are his by the way we love each other. I love truth and thats why I love Ex ministry so dont get me wrong, So since most of Us cant go to those places , if we hear someone going, we can pray for them

  20. I do not see anything wrong with what he is doing….one thing he said which was so true, we want to preach light to light or supposed light….If he is leading them to Christ then who are we to say it’s wrong. No one understood why Christ went and ate with the tax collector. I have met a lot of strippers who didn’t think God could love someone like them….so unless we ready to take up this cross which I am not someone has to do it…we hear so many bad stories on this platform so we have skepticism in our hearts toward this video but all I can do is pray God is this you and if it is help him, guide him, protect him and send him forth with power and if it ain’t you then save him and everyone in the process…..

  21. He didn’t have any business in there. I believe he went to fulfill his own lusts. Lust after anything is a dangerous place to be in. I hope this brother gets it right.

  22. The fact that he is calling himself a stripper preacher is drawing attention to himself and that is not of God. He seems to like the attention. I thought in Any establishment you are supposed to ask for permission to leave any material? Dressing down seems like sneaking in to enjoy thr show. Why didn’t he stay dressed like he was in church if he’s preaching the Word. Craig said in another DVD you don’t have to dress like a lady on the street to reach them. He is only fooling himself. He can place flyers on cars. He needs prayer because he seems to be twisted in his thinking. I wonder what else he’s tricked his congregation into believing?

  23. I wonder if he’s sitting in there looking in disapproval….Shaking his head and frowning. Instead of dollars he stuffing tracts in …. I can’t imagine anyone taking him seriously or whatever he has to say. How would that look…Because it sounds crazy. He is actually known as the “stripper preacher”. I wonder does that mean he has an effective ministry?

  24. i’ve never heard of this kind of evangelism i know that that is pushing over the line for me. remember that men are visually stimulated so to keep yourself spiritually in check and not let your thought life wonder after you leave the place would be very challenging to me as a believer. i have a good friend who used to work for a major beer company and had to deliver beer to strip clubs. he had a unique opportunity to witness to some of the strippers but never was exposed to visual nudity since he was working in the back. also the company called xxx church which offers filtering softwear on computors for porn has advertised their product at the annual porn convention in las vegas as a witnessing tool and their wives came to support them. suprisingly they are welcomed there. they have had success in mineresting to some of these actors and other spectators. so in the right context it could work. but strip clubs i dont know.

  25. Something’s wrong here.
    Why pay to go in, contributing to this evil place?
    Why allow oneself to be outnumbered by spirits of darkness in that atmosphere without working with at least one other Christian?
    Why would a man, preacher or not, allow himself to be in the presence of naked women?
    Weird and not wise.

  26. This is weird.
    Why would a preacher go to work without another Christian worker in such a heavily, satanically charged atmosphere?
    Why would a preacher pay money to enter this joint, which is helping to maintain the club?
    Why would a man of God venture into the temptation of a place with naked women?
    Does not make sense. Spirit of dumb or spirit of deceitful lust?

  27. Men with overly styled long hair reveal a peculiar fruit before they even speak.
    When will these guys learn that the bible teaches that men with long hair is a shame.

  28. I, THINK, this is just stupid and do not line- up with the word of, GOD. He could pass out tracts on the out side, just as easy .Something wrong with picture and is not of the, GOD that, I serve. THE WORD SAID BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD BUT, BE TRANSFORMED. Pastor Burwell

  29. Will he ever be able preach against pornography and lust to his congregation? This is a sinful practice. God is wiser than that.

  30. Second from my first question is; Does he minister to the people or just giving out flyers?
    Thirdly; Can flyers minister Jesus to better than a righteous lifestyle and a spoken word of God? Mhuuhhh…!

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