The Exploitation of 'Christian' Reality TV

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Are Christian Reality TV Shows Evangelism or Exploitation?

By Tetaun Moffett | EX Ministries

In recent years, EX Ministries has been under a lot of scrutiny for not supporting faith-based Reality TV programming. We have received countless negative emails, labeled as being judgmental and too critical of what many now believe is a great opportunity for evangelism. We’ve posted several articles and produced videos documenting this false idea of “Reality TV Evangelism.” Our mission has always been to contend for the faith and equip the Body of Christ. No matter how difficult it gets, EX Ministries will continue to be governed by the word of God and not by the opinions of people.

Today’s modern church has again embraced a false mandate packaged with Dominion theology called the Seven Mountain Mandate. It is believed that Christians must literally reclaim the world from Satan (Kingdom Now) and occupy it until Christ’s return. This twisted theology targets seven “mountains,”  or spheres of influence, that must be taken: Politics & Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, and Religion. The message, “take dominion over the earth” is taught primarily by the New Apostolic Reformation,


seven-mountainsand at its most extreme, they believe Jesus either will not or can not return until Christians complete this task. Why would God instruct anyone to take over these mountains and build a kingdom on Earth of which He intends to destroying at the end-time. This bible says, His Kingdom is not of this world (Roman 14:17). Ironically, has anyone ever considered these mountains (kingdoms of this world) the same mountains that Satan occupied and tried to offer to Jesus (Luke 4:1-13)? These mountains are controlled by Satan for a reason and he will occupy them with his church until HE comes (Rev. 17). Which brings us to why there have been so many Christians going into the secular industry, Hollywood (Reality TV), etc. Trying to occupy it.

While some will say, “I’m called to the Arts & Media Mountains;” subtly, they have been deceived by their own covetousness, selfish ambition, idolatry, and pride of life. In their efforts to “take over” the worlds system, this same system is exploiting and using them for gain!

In an article ‘Gospel Reality TV Shows Keeps On Growing’ by Lin Woods for Woods interviewed Alvin Williams, President of Atlanta based A. Williams Entertainment, Consultant, and former Senior Director of Music, Talent and Acquisitions at Uplifting Entertainment (formerly Gospel Music Channel). Williams said the cable networks have joined the gospel reality TV bandwagon because of low production costs and the ratings success of gospel reality shows like Mary Mary (WeTV),  Preachers of L.A.(Oxygen), Thicker Than Water (Bravo TV), It Takes A Church (Game Show Network) and Sunday’s Best (BET). While the gospel stars of “reality TV” and the networks may be celebrating the success of these shows, there are others who view gospel artists cashing in on reality TV as the networks’ exploitation of the stars and their Christian audience.

“Hollywood is in the copycat business. They will try to find the next Tyler Perry or an individual who they think is in the faith based community just to exploit what’s going on so they can make money.”

imagesWilliams said he is all for Gospel artists expanding their brand. However, he also believes that executives at major cable television and movie studios who are producing faith-based entertainment shows and films are not a part of the faith-based community. He said, “Often or not they are not affiliated with any faith, let alone Christianity. They do not have an understanding of Christianity…they are just listening to a consultant that they look to as the faith-based expert. Then they are going to put a faith based show and add “reality TV” in this conversation in the same model that they do a general market show.”

Williams said he is all for Gospel artists expanding their brand. However, he also believes that executives at major cable television and movie studios who are producing faith-based entertainment shows and films are not a part of the faith-based community. He said, “Often or not they are not affiliated with any faith, let alone Christianity. They do not have an understanding of Christianity…they are just listening to a consultant that they look to as the faith-based expert. Then they are going to put a faith based show and add “reality TV” in this conversation in the same model that they do a general market show.”


Mary Mary Season 4 Trailer



According to another article written by Jonathan Merritt of  He quoted Brett McCracken, a film critic and author of “Hipster Christianity” and “Gray Matters“, who said that, “The genre itself is problematic because it has always been about exploitation, stereotypes, caricatures, and vanity for the sake of laughs and ratings. Christians who sign up to be on a reality show may do it in the name of ‘expanding their platform to share about Jesus, but I doubt that’s what the producers–who ultimately control the narrative through the power of editing–have in mind,” McCracken also said, “And a desire for a bigger ‘platform,’ I fear, is sometimes code for self-serving hubris.”

Episode 1 Preachers of Atlanta Airing Feb 3, 2016


Merritt also utilized comments from  Phil Cooke, a Los Angeles-based producer who is a Christian and author of “Branding Faith“, says he’s had more than 100 Christian reality show ideas pitched to him. He says it is challenging to make a Christian topic work within the genre for at least three reasons.

  • Reality programming is based on conflict. “Network producers and executives aren’t really interested in the ‘hilarious antics’ of your pastor and his family,” Cooke said. “They’re more interested in seeing the pastor lose his temper in a staff meeting, toss his mobile phone against the wall, and storm out of the room. Like it or not, it’s conflict that drives most reality programming.”
  • Reality programming is about distortion. “Do you really think the Kardashian family is normal? Even though the Duck Dynasty family may be wonderful people and Christians, they’re popular on TV because of the “hick factor,” Cooke said. “Invite a reality production into your church and trust me you won’t recognize the church you end up seeing on the screen.”
  • Reality programming is not about reality. Cooke said, “Reality programming is scheduled, planned, and manipulated, and is about as far from reality as you can get.”

Can a great show about Christians work in a reality television format? “I never say never,” he continued , “but when it comes to engaging today’s secular culture with a message of hope, the stakes are high.”

preachers-of-laOxygen is a social media trendsetter and leader in engaging modern young women– anywhere, anytime and on any device. Available in 80 million homes, Oxygen Media is a program service of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.

Since the first season of Preachers of LA, the reality show was the second strongest premiere in network history among F25-54. The series grew five weeks in a row in F19-49, averaging 1.03 million total viewers, 574,000 P18-49, and 403,000 P18-49, marketing the network’s third highest freshman series in Oxygen history. “Preachers of L.A.,” is Oxygen’s most watched freshman series in network history averaging 644,000 P25-54. The series also delivered tremendous digital success as the #10 most social cable reality program in November and Oxygen’s strongest new series performer in full episode video streams in network history with over three million full episode streams to-date.

10891851_1584729158406220_861385931427773604_nThe acclaimed “Preachers of” series has managed to capture a large following because of its themes which bring to light the faith, family and friendship that exists among seven men and women of the cloth, so now, Oxygen has decided to take on Motown. The program features preachers who share their lives, transformations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit. The seven pastors are: Bishop , Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., Charles H. Ellis III, Pastor David Bullock, Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Pastor Tim Alden, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole and Bishop Corletta Vaughn.

On Lee DeVito wrote, “One topic that will be featured in the series is the challenge women bishops face in an industry that is overwhelmingly dominated by men. Other topics will touch on subjects that many people living a post-recession life will identify with – like how difficult it is to keep one’s faith while living in a city that has been hit hard by a failing economy. According to the Free Press, the Michigan Film Office in Lansing awarded the show’s producers a $405,811 incentive to film here.

But we have to ask … where else were they going to make a show about preachers of Detroit? Previously, the show’s exec Rod Aissa described it as “an offshoot of Preachers of L.A., but I think the bigger story is Detroit is a city of resurgence” — which we found to be a bit of a cliché elevator pitch.”

Oxygen has unveiled a new website where fans can go to watch exclusive videos, news, interviews, bios and behind-the-scenes photos. As each episode is premiered, fans can visit the site to see and respond to real-time content that is updated while the show airs. Viewers can chat, share photos and watch bonus videos, as well as ‘like’ and ‘follow’ their favorite preachers.

Nowhere in the bible were individuals raised to promote, broadcast, or celebrate themselves for the sake of drawing men to Christ (John 12:32). This type of behavior got Lucifer kicked out of heaven – pride and the merchandizing and trafficking of himself (Ezekiel 28). As a matter of fact, the wisdom of selfishly ambitious, people comes from the devil and not from God. Apostle Paul warned us about certain ministers of the gospel that will be self-seeking and full of vainglory (Philippians 1:17). Since “church celebrities” are selfishly ambitious they will always seek platforms for themselves in the name of ministry.


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Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life Documentary

Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life

pride_product_imageThe church of the living God is under attack. A deadly Trojan virus has breached our fortified walls. We’ve been infected. This virus is known as ‘the pride of life’. As it spreads, infected individuals succumb to the ‘lust of the flesh’ and ‘the lust of the eyes’. The symptoms of .. infection are idolatry, covetousness and selfish ambition. But beware these symptoms are masked as virtue, honesty and moral conviction in compromised believers.

Outwardly, infected individuals express a desire to glorify God but inwardly they seek self-glorification and the praise of others. The ‘pride of life’ virus requires a human host that is a professed Christian and has deep rooted personal deficits.

This virus has tragically been implanted into the hearts of believers, families, ministries and churches through the primary carrier, Gospel celebrities. Satan has unleashed this calamity among us by deceptively using the material world and men of the world to advance his kingdom. The only way for the church to be restored unto God is to unplug from the world’s system. Join Tetaun Moffett of EX Ministries on an unparalleled journey to explore the plight of the modern church. Be challenged to overcome personal deficits, reject the ‘pride of life’ and experience an uncompromised relationship with God.

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18 Comments on “The Exploitation of 'Christian' Reality TV”

  1. I know for sure the one talking about miracles is a bonified cult leader and anybody with a real relationship with the LORD can go and see it for yourself. The woman bishop is a hustler for charging a local ministry over 3500.00 to show up and they all in the same city. She didn’t have to fly or be lodged and you charge folks that gotta beg the congregation to give so they can cover her fee. JESUS RIGHT NOW!!!! These things I know so I have lost a great deal of respect for these lime light chasers…smh. Donna is in the D

  2. As one that don’t watch TV much-I was appalled at the Preacher’s Of LA show. I even unfriended Bishop Noel Jones. Today, I have a different perspective of the show and my perspective will not change with the Preachers of Detroit. And that is; God is in control! He knows our beginning to our end, We all have a purpose in life, don’t judge me and I won’t judge you, Heaven and Hell is in God’s hand, We all will be held accountable for our decisions/actions, Who am I to tell you what God has to say about you?, You don’t work you don’t eat!

    1. This is discernment of how a believer should behave. The person that is suppose to tell you what GOD has to say are preachers. This is what these men are that gave us this article. There are a lot more honorable ways to eat.

  3. Thanks EX and Min. Moffett for another excellent article that lines up with the WORD. ” no reason to pray now ”
    How can anyone say this?

  4. Surprising words from Carlton Pearson. This stuff is getting too much man! Ehhh when it reaches Alanta it’s going to be a MESS!

  5. I am disappointed at those who have made the GOSPEL a tool of entertainment. I have changed my mind about those once held in high esteem. There are some ministers who refuse tv as a mean to reach the masses. PRAISE JESUS CHRIST, for those of the sheepfold remaining true to our SAVIOR AND LORD. The great falling away is readily seen on Tv.

  6. I praise God for your stance. Standing for righteousness is not popular. We are not of the world. Religous Reality TV so far does not promote a relationship with Christ. It promotes entertainment and a mockery of the real Christ followers.

  7. This is ridiculous ! its nothing but the god of this world using these poor greedy covetous people. God’s going to deal with all of them. Jezebel spoke and told you not to pray because the ball is rolling and (god is in it). The God of Abraham Isaac and Israel the One who Created all things for His own pleasure and wholes it all together by His awesome wisdom is not in any of this ungodly mess.Stay on the straight and narrow way Remnant!

  8. Deeply saddened by this, it’s not a good look for the body of Christ nor my city. I knew we would be next since the producer of Preachers of all L.A. is from the D. Just sad that these pastors think this is of God

  9. Please continue to stay steadfast in preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are in the last days and shall not be moved by what we see. 2 Tim. 3:1-9. Be encouraged.

  10. This is the same thing every time . Preacher’s being in the flesh. Preacher’s looking like fools. When I study the word of God I go in there to find myself , cause if I don’t see myself in the Word how can I help someone else. When you study God’s Word , you will see yourself either in right standards with Him or out of standards . What do you mean. Its simple. God’s Word is powerful (amen). Sharper than a two edge sword that’s what the Bible says. It’s going to cut you as well. If you’re not being cut, then how can you help someone else. These shows show me that it’s a lot of people that needs to be cut, but nobody’s changing. Why you say that. They look like the World. How can they help someone when they acting just as dumb and stupid and not knowing as the world. Keep preaching ExTv. Real Truth.

  11. All if this is foolishness and selfish ambition disguised as coming from God. Angels of light/ministers of righteousness, inspired by their father, the devil. Clouds without water, twice dead. The only ‘show’ I’ve seen that remotely edifies and lifts up the name of the Lord is 19 kids and counting. All of the rest of these shows are done for the appeal of man and stirring up of the flesh. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouths speaks and all these ‘preachers’ are talking about is themselves…in Jesus’ name. To tell the plain truth, Christians need to throw out the idiot box and stop financing Hellywood altogether. The industry would lose billions of dollars overnight if OUR people stopped finances their satanic agenda. Christians are fitting the bill for Satan to continue corrupting the world, our homes, our churches, our children. Can’t even go to church now without Disney’s witchcraft/gay agenda playing for our kids. It’s sad cause we lack no discernment. God help us and me to get a real backbone and shut this stuff down. Out with the satanic portals, out with Satan.

  12. It’s not enough that we’ve been undermined with false doctrines and teachings but now to be laden down with blasphemous images of wolves imitating Pastors and Christians is evidence of the strong delusion Christ warned us about. Sad to say many so-called saints will be swept away under this seduction because of the fake oil that is being poured into their souls. So when the Bride Groom comes they won’t be able to enter in. Pray!!!

  13. This is stupid and dum.I’m surprised they don’t start making cartoons of these preachers. They are cartoon characters. Pathetic and dum. Insane. God bless ex ministries and brother G.Craig lewis and brother tetaun moffet.

  14. I think I have gone past being shocked at the things that emerge from the church simply because of what the Word says about the character of men in the last days. All that we see happening on our planet is a lead up to the great apostasy that is about to take place and the emergence of the Antichrist. It is our responsibility to pray that our pastors do not fall prey to the spirit of deception and if they have, then we who know the truth have a responsibility to speak the truth to them in love. We must daily ask God to keep us from the spirit of deception for people who are deceived do not know it. I believe God is raising up a remnant in His church who will be bold just like Bros. Lewis and Moffet who will speak out against the deception that is so prevalent in our churches. Isaiah 59:15 says truth is lacking. The verse before says truth has fallen in the streets. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth and give us the boldness to speak God’s truth.

  15. Ex ministries, I sincerely thank the Lord for your ministry! Please dont water down the Gospel. The Gospel is STILL and will always be centered around the Cross, it is in fact the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When will we get the spotlight off of our flesh and put it back on the Master? Keep preaching holiness!!! You have millions of unknown saints of God who are praying for the ministry that the Lord God blesses you spiritually and financially!! These are perilous times of deep, dark deception and if it were possible, it would fool the VERY elect. Keep praying for me as I pray for you.

  16. Only a matter of time before this tomfoolery on the tube made it’s way to the D. Oh well, at least we know who the sellouts are when they appear on this show! SMH!

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