Pride of Life: ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Reality Show Returns

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Controversial ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Reality Show Given Second Season

By Garrett Haley |

Preachers-of-L.A.-300x197LOS ANGELES — In spite of widespread controversy, the second season of a reality show spotlighting the lavish lifestyles of six Los Angeles megachurch ministers is scheduled to air later this year.

As previously reportedPreachers of L.A. first aired on the Oxygen Network last fall. The reality show features six megachurch ministers who claim their material wealth—including expensive cars, large mansions, and designer clothing—is a sign of God’s blessing.

“The Bible says that I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers,” Clarence McClendon, one of the show’s ministers, said last year. “I believe that.”

“The Bible says that those of us who sow among us should reap from us, and that’s implying that preachers should be taken care of,” stated Jay Haizlip, a skateboarder who pastors The Sanctuary of Huntington Beach and is also featured on the show.

Although Preachers of L.A. attracted a large viewing audience during the first season’s airing late last year, many Christians have criticized the show’s content and message.

“Any preacher I have ever know lived a humble life,” one commenter wrote on a film review website. “It makes me sick to see men of God flaunt wealth like these do.”

Even a few celebrities have likewise spoken out against Preachers of L.A. Gospel singer Kirk Franklin assured people that he would never appear on the show, telling comedian D.L. Hughley that he was “very disappointed” by the first season. Hughley agreed, saying the show portrays a misrepresentation of Christianity and the gospel.

“I lived in L.A. my whole life, and to me, I thought the purpose of that show was to drag nonbelievers, people who don’t have access to God and don’t have relationship with Him, that it would be so attractive that it would draw them to Him,” Hughley stated, according to the Christian Post. “I think it’s done the opposite.”

In an interview with TV personality Wendy Williams last November, thePreachers of L.A. ministers defended their prosperity teachings and luxurious lifestyles. Ron Gibson, one of the show’s six ministers, suggested that his personal acts of ministry make him deserving of the exuberant wealth.

“You know, [the critics] don’t see the schools I’ve built, the Christian academies, the boys home I have, the 1,200 homes, the work I do in South Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya, the Dominican Republic,” he contended. “The Bible lets us know, ‘The laborer is worthy of his harvest,’ and [critics] just need to be informed before they come in.”

“I’m a Christ-like person,” he later stated.

During the interview Wendy also asked Deitrick Haddon, who will also be featured in the second season, to explain why he got another woman pregnant who was not his wife, and who Haddon likened to his “angel”.

“You filed for separation with the intent on getting a divorce,” Wendy stated. “No, we were divorcing, yeah,” Haddon interrupted. “Oh, you were already divorced?” Wendy asked. “No, divorce process,” Haddon responded. “You were in the process of the divorce? That’s what I mean, you were still married,” Wendy stated as everyone erupted in laughter.

The Oxygen Network announced earlier this year that the second season of Preachers of L.A. is set to air this fall. Rod Aissa, Oxygen Network’s senior vice president of original programming and development, believes TV viewers want to see more of the controversial ministers.

“‘Preachers of L.A.’ touched the heart strings of our Oxygen viewers,” Aissa said in a release. “They were captivated by the triumphs and tribulations of these men of God and the amazing women and families that stood alongside them. We look forward to bringing more of these compelling stories to life both in LA and around the country.”

Despite the upcoming debut of season two, Preachers of L.A. continues to generate criticism from Christians.

“The downside is that people often paint all pastors with a broad brush,” said James Perkins of Greater Baptist Church in Detroit. “After watching this show, they may well begin to associate all pastors with those behaviors. There are many pastors who are out here serving the people and not just serving themselves.”


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19 Comments on “Pride of Life: ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Reality Show Returns”

  1. People are woefully ignorant of Christian history. The true saints of God – those who worked miracles – were men who followed Christ in embracing poverty and rejecting the false allurements of the world. The Bible is filled with admonitions to reject the world (riches) the flesh (hedonism and sexual immorality) and the devil (spiritual pride and false religions). These men are charlatans who have embraced worldliness and then try to justify it by wrapping the name of Jesus around their greed. They are completely unlike true saints of old.

  2. These aren’t real pastors anyway. Jesus was never rich. It shouldn’t be about money. It should be about saving souls.

  3. “You know, [the critics] don’t see the schools I’ve built, the Christian academies, the boys home I have, the 1,200 homes, the work I do in South Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya, the Dominican Republic,” he contended. “The Bible lets us know, ‘The laborer is worthy of his harvest,’ and [critics] just need to be informed before they come in.”

    I? Where’s the worship, honor and gratefulness to God for these accomplishments? I’m just say’n.

    I’ve noticed in certain gospel singers and preachers, this spirit of pride and non-dependence on God. I get the feeling God is allowing these types of false images to go forth, in mainstream media, for the sake of our learning. So we may see who He is and what He stands for when He’s had enough.

    1. Valid point. Isn’t it scary to hear him speak like that. The Scripture that instantly came to my mind when I read that was the responses God will give to those who speak like that on that fateful day………………..”I Never Knew You.”

    2. Amen David and Nathaniel. The other thing that comes to my mind is: Did GOD LEAD you to build these institutions, etc….sounds like he thinks of himself like Paul, the apostle who “built” churches all over the gentile world. Big difference….Not once do we hear Paul say HE BUILT anything or glorifying himself in anything his hands produced. Paul ALWAYS acknowledged his servanthood and only doing what God led him to do, in God’s Name, not his own name.

      When these men, and anyone else like them, stand before God the Judge, He will have a list of things He commanded them to do, and they will produce the list like this example above (building schools and homes for children etc etc etc…) When their list does not match up to God’s list, “I Never Knew You…” is right!

      Pray saints, for we are witnessing exactly what the scriptures have foretold. Are YOU ready??

  4. All the preachers of L.A. can say what they want to justify their wealth and why they have it or how they got it, but at the end of the day, our responsibility as “Spiritual Learders” is to build the body of Yeshua into “Spiritual Maturity” not tell the world that suffering through many different trials…”Hey look at me, I am rich!” They have the same mentality of drug dealers in the community with their flashy cars and clothes etc. People that are not under the arch of Yeshua’s covering need to know He has died to save them from eternal separation. This sends the message that all I have to do is know how to preach and/or sing in the church and I too can become wealthy like the preachers of L.A.? Not everyone of us called to leadership is going to live such a lavish lifestyle for the work of the Kingdom; though all our needs will be met. In closing these Men are weak, than have found their strength in wralth, not Yeshua! Like the rich young ruler who asked by Yeshua to go give all he had away in order to follow Yeshua; and scripture says he walked away sorrowful… In paraphrase a camel will be able to go through the eye of a needle before a rich man with enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Truthfully, as a “Spiritual Leader” what is more important, Wealth or Souls? For the record for the” justifiers” I am not broke in any way, I have chosen to make YHWH my true choice.


  6. “Celebrity preacher” just seems to be an oxymoron to me. I pray the the David & Tamela Mann “reality” show is not pure mess also, but it is airing on BET so….yeah.

    1. Sorry Leon
      It already is…………There is no biblical bases for a reality Christian TV show. If you Find one in the Bible let me know and I will retract what I just said.


  7. Praise the name of the Host High for this this common sense, stand up teaching goin on here. The preachers of L.A… What has L.A. (Los Angeles) – Hollywood ever done for the “Body of Christ”? This is a true message for those that truly want to open their eyes to todays “Church” that is so lost and to the many that are being deceived by such spiritual wickendness in High places.. EX-Ministries is truly a beacon in these LAST days..

  8. We live in a sad time where the youth are being blinded from the differences between the sacred and the profane.

  9. A disgusting mess and I’m ashamed to know that one of these men is my aunt’s bishop.smh.
    Now I don’t think Christians want to see this garbage…that is NOT the reason why it’s being brought back… I think it’s just another in a series of events geared to discourage believers and non-believers alike, the sideliners and fence riders and to finally deter people from coming to God. May God keep our minds.

  10. These preachers are no different from Martin Luther King Jr. who used the position as preacher to advance his standing on the world. Like MLK they frequently cheat on their wives while fusing the Word with secular thinking in order to advance their own plan. The only difference is MLK was the forerunner for these guys to get rich.

  11. What’s the point of getting born again if God wants to make you rich and famous? Anyone can serve the devil to get $$$ and fame. Just sell your soul to the devil which is what these preachers have already done

  12. If all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and have been called according to HIS purpose, then we are to believe God’s purpose is to showcase a flashy lifestyle? I pray that one of these pastors will really look at the past shows they have participated in and ask themselves, has God truly called me to the ministry?If the answer is yes, they will remove themselves from the show and live their lives accordingly.

    Thank you pastor Craig for continuing to stand for the truth! May God continue to bless you, your family and your congregation.

  13. In the Bible some men and women of God were financially rich(Job,Abraham, David, Solomon, Joseph) and some were not, and had modest lifestyles.(Moses, Elijah, Paul, Jesus and his Disciples). Some people sinned for example King David and Bathsheba, so people of God have flaws or not perfect. I feel this show is not right because it centers on these men and make them look like rock star-celebrity preachers. The problem with riches is idolatry and serving money over God, so in question is the motive of these preachers and their money.
    The right way of this show would center on our Lord Jesus in the lives of people and how Christ changes and make people whole and a new creature. The trap is that secular t.v. wants to portray their image and point of view of preachers and the church, otherwise they would not invested into this show. These men of God should have demanded some rules for this show or rejected it, so in question is the motive of these preachers for the lives they are portraying on and off camera. God knows their heart and will render whats due to them.

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