Religious Freedom Is Under Attack — But Not How You Think

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Disclaimer: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE POSTED FROM HUFFINGTON POST is not an endorsement from EX Ministries or Pastor G. Craige Lewis. We don’t affirm The United Church of Christ. This specific article was shared for discussion and critical thinking. Everyday we share information that not only confirms what we’ve preached for or against, but to keep readers informed with current events. We at EX Ministries will always believe, preach and teach what only the bible says.

Religious Freedom Is Under Attack — But Not How You Think

By Rev. Chuck Currie |

As a minister in the United Church of Christ, I have committed myself to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus. For me, following Jesus begins with the Greatest Commandment: to love God and love neighbor. Too often our Holy Scriptures have been wielded as a tool for discrimination and division. Women and African-Americans are among those who have felt that over the course of American history.

This week, with the Supreme Court’s Holly Lobby decision, and appeals from some evangelical Christian leaders that President Obama allow them to discriminate against gays and lesbians in hiring even when they receive federal funding for social service programs, an ugly piece of history is being repeated. Religion is being used as a tool to take away freedom. Discrimination is not Christian. Discrimination is sin. This week, I wrote the White House to voice my support for a letter sent by over 100 religious leaders opposing a religious exemption that would allow the firing of gays and lesbians in President Obama’s expected executive order banning such discrimination among federal contractors. The letter read, in part:

In a nation as diverse as the United States of America, it is critical that the federal government be trusted to follow — and indeed, to role-model — equitable employment practices. We believe that our mutual commitment to the common good is best served by policies that prohibit discrimination based on factors that have no relationship whatsoever to job performance. We are better and stronger as a nation when hiring decisions are made based on professional merit rather than personal identity.

Last week, a smaller group of evangelicals sent a letter saying the opposite — they defended discrimination as a religious right. That letter had support from one former Obama Administration official who was quoted in The New York Times as saying it came from “friends of the administration.”

Among the signers of the evangelical letter was mega-church pastor Rick Warren. Warren did give the invocation at President Obama’s first inaugural, but since then has claimed that the president is unfriendly to religion and has “intentionally infringed upon religious liberties.” He is no friend of the administration. Warren’s rhetoric has been meant to split the nation along religious lines and to promote a conservative theological and political agenda that places the rights of women and most people who are not white men in jeopardy.

President Obama is a champion of equality. Despite many obstacles put in his way by political opponents he has fought hard battles to make America a place where religious freedom is rightfully protected. That freedom includes freedom from being forced by government or corporations or even individuals to practice religion one way or another — or even to practice a religion. Warren and his allies are intent on abusing perhaps America’s most cherished freedom — the freedom of religion — by twisting the law to force their understanding of the Christian faith on all of us.

And I think they fundamentally misunderstand what Jesus stood for.

I recently preached that the true test of a church or an individual Christian should not be an adherence to creeds to or denominational institutions but to the ideal of love. How we love one another and our God should be how we judge the worthiness of our churches and our own faithfulness.

In the end, however, this is not a battle over theology. It is a battle over the Constitution.

Don’t let Rick Warren and his friends take your religious liberty away. People of faith have a special responsibility to speak out now and be heard so that religion is not misused to justify discrimination. We should be about the work of setting the captives free.


11 Comments on “Religious Freedom Is Under Attack — But Not How You Think”

  1. While it is very true that love is at the heart of the Gospel, there are those who have distorted the meaning of love so far as to forget that the Sacred Scriptures also talk about “sin” and “hell.” Rev. Chuck appears to be one of these. The message of God’s love is always tempered by the message of His justice. The two go hand in hand. I’m certain that Rev. Chuck would probably think it fair dinkum that God send child molesters and those who started the illegal and immoral War in Iraq (with the associated 500,000 deaths of innocent civilians) straight to hell. He has, however, like so many in our modern society, decided that homosexual activity is not hell-worthy and should be defended.

    I am appalled that anyone would recommend firing a person for their sin. What difference does it make to the quality of a person’s work if that person has the sin of homosexuality? As long as that person keeps it to him/herself and does not parade this sin around the workplace, they should not be fired. Would you also fire the man who is a weekend alcoholic (another sin)? How about the atheist? Shall we fire atheists because they are defying God? Where does this stop?

    No one is forcing the Christian faith upon anyone, Rev. Chuck. Forcing the Christian faith upon those who hate it would be to enact a complete government ban on all forms of birth control. You whine and cry about “forcing Christianity upon others” and yet have no problem supporting the wicked in their desire to force their behaviors upon Christians. Just who’s side are you one, anyway?

    Pope Paul VI, in his encyclical Humanae Vitae , predicted four results of allowing for contraception. Perhaps you should go back and read them. They have all come true, and they are all detrimental to the well-being of women. Women are now regarded, for the most part, as sex toys for men, rather than having the dignity of the humanity and femininity with which they were created.

    And, as a final note, no Christian who believes in the moral teachings of the Bible — ALL OF THEM, SIR, not just the ones you like — is any kind of friend of this administration which has made it clear by its actions that it would happily throw us all to the lions if given half a chance.

  2. an ugly piece of history is being repeated? Really? I wonder how much time, Rev Chuck Currie you personally really spend researching the history of Slavery , Terror, and by the way Discrimmination that was committed against my ancestors living in the United states of America. A battle over the Constitution? I read a couple of days ago about a same sex couple now suing a bakery because the bakery declined their request for a same sex wedding cake with the “Sesame Street” characters “Ernie and Bert” displayed as a “same sex couple”. So tell me, Rev Currie, whose religious Liberty is being attacked in that scenario? What if the “KKK” comes into a bakery owned by a ” Christian woman, who happens to be African-American” requesting she prepare a cake with a noose and firey cross embedded in it’s design? whose religious Liberty would be under attack in that scenario Rev Currie? So I guess that is why we would need to fight for a “so called ” anti- discrimmination law that could potentionaly put her out of business as well if she challenged being legally forced her to comply? Will you please stop using the race card to push someone’s else’s agenda who clearly is against the Truth of Jesus Christ and is attempting to prostitute and utilize the African American race history in this country as a of the means to accomplish the real agenda of trying to usurp of sovreignty of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. This “Rev Currie” writes like a covert operator, trying to undermine the Body of Christ from the inside with false assumptions and anti-Christ statements. First to associate discrimination against Africian Americansand women with the Bible is spiritually criminal and an insult. People who misue the Bible will be responsible for their actions and has no bearing on the truth and authenticity of the Word of God. You can be delivered from LGBT behavior by accepting Christ but you will always be Africian American!

    This issue is NOT about discrimination because there is already laws that prohibit this type in employment. Real Christians are not about discrimination. This is about promoting the LGBT agenda which President Obama is the chief promoter. The big picture is that Satan wants the church! They want us to stop practicing holiness and righteousness and our unerring stand against sin. Soon they will demand that we accept the LGBT in all levels of leadership and marry them otherwise we the church will be taken to court. It’s time more in the real church cancel their 501 c 3 account and stand up for Christian values even to jail or the cost of our lives. Enough is enough!

    Finally “Rev Currie” stop cherry picking scripture that seem to suit your propaganda. The Bible did not only say to love God and our neighbor, it also says to hate and be separate from the practice of sin (Romans 1:28-32; 2 Cor 6:14-18).

    Thanks ExMinisteries for always providing relevant information for the fight against the kingdom of darkness. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    1. Amen! Couldn’t have said it better. As believers, we do all love our fellow human beings but we hate sin.

  4. 10 But whatever city you enter, and they do not receive you, go out into its streets and say, 11 ‘The very dust of your city which clings to us we wipe off against you. Nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near you.’ 12 But I say to you that it will be more tolerable in that Day for Sodom than for that city.

    Preaching the Good News also entails telling the Truth and the Doctrines recorded in the Word. Love also corrects. By voicing the Truth, it is Not discrimination but giving a clear picture.Most ministers should know this and not fall for the okie doke and just cater to what the homosexuals want to hear.

  5. Such a shame that Rick Warren is a false preacher. He is promoting Chrislam; he calls the Pope “Our Pope”; and he is now speaking to new age proponents of new age meditation and not calling them out on these practises.
    He is a liar and is not to be trusted.

    And shame on this other so called man of God. These people will have much to answer for on judgment day.

  6. Let the truth be told. Just because a title is attached doesn’t mean they are real. I think it is interesting that the LGBT gang is riding on the backs of African Americans and women.
    It’s time for us to stand up and let them and the devil drop off.
    For such men are false apostles [spurious, counterfeits], deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles (special messengers) of Christ (the Messiah). And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light; So it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. [But] their end will correspond with their deeds. (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭11‬:‭13-15‬ AMP)

  7. Well said to edmon A. Hara and Sam J.
    Many Christians are using love in the wrong way, they are allowing all evil and promoting all evil because they fear public opinion or persecution. And you know how they can sooth their conscience? They “tell themselves that god wants us to love”.

    Don’t you know mr currie and those like him, that love is what caused John the Baptist to call PhariseeS “brood of vipers!”, love is whar caused him to “rebuke ceased for adultery” which landed him in jail, love is what made Jesus call the people in john 8 “you are of your father the Devil”.

    Plainly, they misunderstand the whole revelation of love. Love makes you hate evil, love shuns evil, love contends for the faith, love and wisdom begins with the fear of God. Love always warns sinners of the consequences of living ungodly lives, and encourages the humble of gods love. Use love correctly!

    We being passive and accepting all things is what has lead to the removal of Christ from public schools, libraries and all public arenas. Obama is not against religion in General, Obama has shown by his actions that he is for Muslims and against Christians. Do you still wanna support his LGTB movement?

  8. The bible is very discriminatory concerning nationality. Like Israel of the bible ( not the man made Israel of today) the church is a nation solely created for God so just like any nation our practices and ways of thinking are different from any other nation in the world. Unlike Israel whose purpose was to conquer physical nations and rule them our purpose is to conquer celestial nations and rule them. We do this by memorizing scripture, researching the word, doing the word, praying, fasting, and loving others.

    Like always celestial nations have double agents within the the born again community in order to turn it away from God from the inside out in order to destroy it. This Rev. Currie is one of the many modern day anti christ Judas types that profess they’re on the side of Jesus when they’re actually on the side of Lucifer.

    Personally I don’t see anything wrong with Christians firing / refusing to hire homosexuals because it’s totally abhorrent to Christianity and it will spread like a disease within the business or church. Just look at the modern day church now it’s full of fags and lesbians and their heterosexual sympathizers who support and befriend them.

    Plus it’s really bad when a pastor makes Rick Warren look like he’s a man of God. It just shows you how antichrist this man is.

  9. Eternal heaven

    The bible is so plain and simple if they hated Jesus they will hate you, love not he world nor the things in the world our lord has set a standard for us believer our mindset should be about his kingdom. I’m nor surprise about the things that are coming to past the bible has predicted this Isaiah 59:14 in his time say that truth is fallen the street and equity cannot enter in meaning judgment is turned away backward referring to righteousness being out, while unrighteousness is in we must stand for truth and with that comes persecution so I encourage every believer to continue to contend for truth regardless of the cost . the ones who are faithful to the moral or doctrinal teaching of the word of God is persecuted despised, and derided by professing religious leaders and the world.

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