Robin Thicke: "I want to make a gospel album"

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This photo is not associated with the original article.

This photo is not associated with the original article.

‘Blurred Lines’ Singer Robin Thicke Wants to Make Gospel Album

By Jessica Martinez | CP Contributor

R&B singer Robin Thicke wants to crossover genres and make a gospel album following the success of his no. 1 hit, “Blurred Lines,” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“I want to make a country album, a Christmas album, a gospel album. I’m like, ‘Finally!’ I’m ready to make four albums right now,” said Thicke, reported

In the past, Thicke has become successful by making soulful, slow rhythm tracks that is his signature style.  But his new interest to delve into gospel music comes as no surprise as his funkier, upbeat new single “Blurred Lines,” featuring T.I. and Pharrell, is his first genre switch into mega main stream music – the opposite of what he is known for.

“The reason why `Blurred Lines’ is breaking records is because rarely do you have a song playing on all pop stations and all black stations, all of the urban stations. And because I have an urban fan base and urban audience, I wonder if it was a brand-new artist, would they play ‘Blurred Lines’ on black radio? I don’t think so,” said Thicke.



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29 Comments on “Robin Thicke: "I want to make a gospel album"”

  1. WHY!? Well I’ll tell ya why because most who buy Thicke’s record will follow any and everything he does and he knows it! Watch Beyonce come out and say she wants to do a gospel album or at least collaborate with a gospel artist. I can see it now. Many ignorant folk carrying on about how “anointed” these artist are just because they do a gospel project. I’m over it. Their motives are purely selfish, plain and simple.

  2. As if signging Gospel music will make you saved, holy and sanctified. It will do neither for you. Since Satan is in on the Music Industry. He has confounded and deceived many into believing that if they croon old spirituals over music with a dash of talent somehow makes them saved. We as adamant believers really need use the discernment taht God has given us so we don’t fall victim to the prophets of satan. I wish a saved, gifted musician would start a sanctified record label, with sanctified folks singing without the lure of filthy lucre. That is why my radio is turned to a radio station that plays sermons, or something that has real Christian value. Many so-called Christians has this man’s songs on their IPODS and MP3 players right now. Some believe that music does not affect you, but it does. It’s the only thing that doesn’t have to ask permission to change your mind’s chemical processes(TTBHH Volume 3).This brother and Christians in name only should give their lives to the Lord and be saved rather then lure fanatics to his seductive music that encourages folk to commit fornication and adultery.

  3. I agree with the comment made by “HB” I can actually see people like Beyonce, Monica, Lil Mo’ etc making a Gospel album and they’ll end up performing on the Celebration of “Gospel” and the other events within the gospel industry and no one will say anything.

  4. Nobody equates gospel music or the gospel industry to holy living or being set apart from worldliness. These artists see it as just another genre to capture new fans and more dollars. It is a shame.
    Watch misled folks embrace this man’s music and tell us not to judge him. Hmmm sorta like Kandi Burruss.

  5. This is like pastor says WORLD CLASS FOOLISHNESSSS. Sad to say but before I listened to the truth about hip hop series I purchased his first cd. He has a song on there labled magic and he says and I quote I took what the devil offered me because I knew he would set me free. Please people do your research on this guy he is very bad news.. Stay Blessed.

  6. Robin Thicke talks about forgiveness and grace but he needs to know those attributes in the person of Jesus Christ. Like a lot of artists, he speaks of a god in the abstract: higher power, in the sky, someone bigger than ourselves. I hope the interviewer told him about the only living God.

  7. He does that because LGBT had crept over the Gospel industry and now is opening doors to all secular artists to join in. It won’t be hard for him to do so.

    An artist’s dream (true artist) is to be able to be successful in multiple genres. Gospel and Country are the two genres that have the most loyal fan base. And if an artist is able to sell in both of these, as well as in pop, then he can sure be rich.

  8. I feel that secular artists need to stay where they are and not cross over. Everyone is only about making money. They have no discerning spirit and can care less how their music impacts our children.

  9. What is gospel music/songs? Seriously. All I ever heard in gospel music is the artist singing about themselves, which to me really the “Gospel Music” is all about them and not Christ. I still have yet to figure this one out or find it in scripture anywhere.

    I stopped listening to gospel music a while ago; mainly after watching all the TBHH dvds and Trojan Horse, and seeing these gospel artists become more prideful in glorifying their flesh. None of their music glorifies Christ, which is what the Gospel is all about. I only know that in Ephesians and Colossians Paul told us what the Lord expects us to sing and the purpose of it, and these gospel artist with their so-called gospel music certainly missed the mark. Therefore, I’ll stick to what God says sing and listen to and not THEM.

    Furthermore, if any song moves my feelings and emotions and cause my flesh to worship the artist – it’s demonic.

    I’d rather be taught from hearing a song that truly glorifies God so that I may continue to worship Him in spirit and truth and/or be admonish so that I can do better.

    Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – Eph. 5:19-20

    Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. – Colossians 3:16-17

    Thank you Ex Ministries for obeying God in teaching, reproving, exhorting and correcting us, His people, by instructions from His word.

  10. Might as well. The so called Christian artist don’t have any standards, so the secular artist might as well merge with them. Sad part about it is, the secular artist will probably have higher sales than the Christian artist. This is really a sad shame.

  11. Benny, I agree. I am subjected to listening to “Blurred Lines” whenever it’s on the radio or if I’m in the car with my family. I feel a pull on me when I hear that song so I acknowledge that the song was meant to draw you into being sinful by lusting after the flesh. That song is meant to infest your mind and stay’s bad enough that once you listen to a song, it stays in you but when a song is dangerously infectious to the point people who initially hate it change their minds and love it? That’s part of the reason I do not listen to the radio these days.

  12. People are attacking Miley Cyrus for that raunchy performance and I wasn’t going to entertain what happened but went to You Tube to see it anyway. C’mon, Robin Thicke enjoyed every minute of that foolishness yet there is no backlash against him. His wife has even defended the performance and now Justin Timberlake has defended Miley. Robin Thicke’s music is everything that is anti-God and pro-fornication. He should not be putting out a gospel album but then again, take a look at the so called gospel artists who are mainstream and won’t call out that wonderful name of Jesus.

  13. On another note did y’all see that fruit boy at the end calling himself a church boy! Smh!!! If this man makes a Gospel album its really gonna be some mess. I’m really at a loss for words basically. If he aint in it to help get souls saved then its only about money. Wow and did you notice his mannerisms when the interviewer was speaking of Jesus………ol Robin was kinda lookin uncomfortable. I’m at a point in my Christian life where if someone says “God bless!” I always think to myself- what God are you speaking of?

  14. Yeah, why not? Satan is in charge of the gospel music now anyway so why would it be a problem. It’s not what you sing but who is the person that is singing it. A good tree can not bear bad fruit and a bad tree can not bear good fruit. Either you are on the Lord’s side or Satan side, just as the Prophet Bob Dylan said, ” It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but your going to have to serve somebody’. If Baal is god serve him, if Jesus is God then serve Jesus…..Amen….

  15. Not surprised! This is part of the agenda. That’s why there are “reality” shows making christianity common,so no one sees anything wrong with church/world mix. It’s only going to get more appalling.

  16. I’m not sure how Robin Thicke will produce a true gospel album, when he seemed VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when the host mentioned the name of JESUS! Instead, Robin Thicke made expressions about faith in ones self and his deity which he referred to a “god” or the “sky”. It sounds like Mr. Thicke is on that “inspirational” tip that will use the style of r&b music.

  17. Church folk will eat this up. Why wouldn’t they? Blurred Lines is already a hit in the church.

  18. I think, we cannot blame the devil if he tries to fake gospel…He is just behaving his nature, Robin Thicke may not be aware of this but he is just being used…

    The main question here is that, have we really taught our churches properly to be deception-proof…

    If we have not sharpened discernment of congregations by the the true unselfish Word,then surely Churches will start to invite him to sing in their churches without testing his level of repentance…

    So let’s work on houses first.


  19. Its all about the market, when he listen to Kirk Franklin. He doesnt hear any difference from his music.So then why cant he not tap into Kirk Franklin market (church folks).

  20. If you think he was uncomfortable at just the mention of the name of Jesus, how uncomfortable do you think he will be when he has to stand next to this same Jesus while he tries to sing his way into the Kingdom???

    Hmmmm, if he remakes Lionel Ritchie’s “Jesus is Love”, and sings the name Jesus enough times, maybe just maybe he will discover that Cross that Pat W mentioned………. At the name of Jesus, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

  21. gospel music is just a genre of music a style of music, if it had anything to do with salvation the world would be saved,I worked in a bar ate one time in my life and the jukebox had Kirk Franklin and Mary mary on it. i used to listen to gospel until I saw them on tv and what i saw was alwful. If you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig, The church has spent so much time coveting what the world has that it has lost sight of Jesus. We have pimp preacher preaching Jesus was rich so we should be too, they are so pump up with pride. But the bible says that blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness For they shall be filled. this a call for the church to wake up.

  22. Sometimes when I see stuff like this I ask myself “am I on glue” or has the church gone crazy. Is it just me? i have no words. How does this man who made one of the foulest songs ever get an interview on Lift Every Voice? And they played his video at the end of the segment. I have no words literally.

  23. Isn’t Corey Condrey “aka Coco Brother”? And why does he keep doing that Obama hand gesture and talking in a soft tone. Like if he says “faith” and “grace” and “god” that means we are ALL Christians?

    I just watched another “Lift Every Voice” with Lil’ Kim??? I am truly confused. Maybe “Lift Every Voice” has nothing to do with faith in Jesus Christ, since clearly every person they interview is of the world. Maybe the show is just for ALL “singers”. Then the guy at the end of the segment is just gay and happy. It’s very obvious, even Stevie Wonder can see that.

    This clip and the Lil Kim one was truly laughable and sad. Coco, I mean Corey said that him and Lil Kim were good friends and he has known her for sometime. Okkkkkay. Why would anyone Christian take his segment serious. I thank God that my eyes are open and he has blessed me with wisdom. I often wonder why others don’t see it.

  24. I never caught the title of the show or rather never paid it much attention. I assumed it was a gospel show but my wife said the title of the show stressing an important word…she said, “It is lift EVERY voice.” Wow!!! I just don’t understand why he is showing Robin Thicke’s videos? Are we suppose to go and get his album?

  25. I wish people would stop selling out the holiness of the bible (lift every voice). Jesus wanted nothing to do with fame. The problem with all of Christianity is that discipleship has not been a present vision that people can see to follow. I have found that Christians can take the correction but without seeing what they should become like, they are left to a wide gap of speculation for what is wrong and what is right. Most of them don’t read the word for themselves, but personal discipleship should aid to remedy that. Naturally following the Holy Spirit should remedy it best, but correction alone isn’t always the answer. We need to see the good happening in pure holy Christians to keep our pace with that direction. I personally don’t know 1 person in California that lives like I see G. Craige/Ex ministries lead with excellence and I pray that that changes. It’s like hope is all gone. Where are good righteous leaders. I may move to Texas to be where it is, because I feel alone. Once God opened my eyes to my errors, and sleep, now I hate this world like Jesus said to do, but that leads me to say, what does “right” look like. I want to achieve it, live it and do it. Discipleship is a must! EX ministries, please never stop doing what you’re doing. God is truly with you.

  26. Then they throw in the homosexual at the end, I second guessed but I looked close at the credits and the creative director is none other than Dr. Bobby Jones… people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. God bless you ex ministries for keeping us informed.

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