‘Sex Box,’ a reality show where people have sex in a box on TV

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‘Sex Box’: Why We tv’s new reality show may not be the worst idea ever

By Dr. Keith Ablow | foxnews.com

imrs.phpWeTV will premiere a new show on Feb. 17. It’s called “Sex Box”. During each episode a couple will get some advice from three “sexperts” before having sex in a soundproof box, with no cameras inside. Afterward, they’ll share their experiences with those “sexperts,” who will then counsel them on how to improve their sexual relationship, or advise them to end it.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) has objected to “Sex Box” as too racy for general cable television subscribers. The network describes it as extreme couples therapy.

Well, this may surprise many of my readers, but I don’t think “Sex Box” is likely to do anyone much harm. And if it takes itself seriously enough, it might even help some people.

As a psychiatrist, I know that millions of Americans never share their sexual disappointments or desires with their husbands or wives — even after decades of marriage. Maybe “Sex Box,” in its own peculiar way, will get those folks talking to one another.

I know there may be parents who don’t supervise their children well, and their children might stumble on “Sex Box” at an inopportune time and hear something they are ill-equipped to understand.

But I just don’t think sex in a windowless box, with no sound, is much competition for the rap lyrics they listen to routinely, or for the Victoria’s Secret window displays in malls, or for advertisements on television for the upcoming film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” about a sadomasochistic sexual relationship (the trailer for which has been viewed over 250 million times).

I don’t think “Sex Box” is nearly as destructive to young people as the fake frolicking and empty banter of the Kardashians (not to mention the utter tragedy of an athlete as gifted as Bruce Jenner ending up as a fame-obsessed reality TV star). I don’t think couples misguided enough to have sex in a box in a television studio can make young people mimic them the way Facebook makes them deploy a contrived, self-obsessed version of themselves.

What’s more, “Sex Box” might actually shine some light on the fact that lots of couples encounter difficulties in their intimate moments, and that those difficulties are by no means always insurmountable. They aren’t taboo. They’re worth thinking about and getting advice about.

The presence of the “Sex Box” on the set may fuel the imaginations of viewers, but at least the oversized cube leaves something to the imagination. The producers of the show could easily have shot the actual sexual interactions in shadow or shown as much skin as possible in brighter light to keep the show on the air. They could have had audience members vote on the sexual acts the couples would perform.

As a psychiatrist, I know that millions of Americans never share their sexual disappointments or desires with their husbands or wives — even after decades of marriage. Maybe “Sex Box,” in its own peculiar way, will get those folks talking to one another. “Hey,” I can imagine a wife telling her husband, “I saw the strangest show, with a couple that has sex in a soundproof box, and the woman said she always feels upset when… Well, I never thought I would tell you, but…”

Although “Sex Box” obviously promises its own salacious edge, it has a few interesting messages front and center: Sex is too private to be shown graphically. People sometimes need help to be close sexually. And if you think  pretty much everybody is too timid to talk about the limitations he or she faces sexually, you think wrong.



28 Comments on “‘Sex Box,’ a reality show where people have sex in a box on TV”

  1. Evil and demonic.basically they trying to put porn on regular TV instead of pay per view channels.sickening and stupid.God bless exministries and bro.G.Craig Lewis.

  2. This is insane, immoral. I glad i gave up watching tv years ago. This is absolute garbage. Lord have mercy on us! 🙁

  3. No, this is wrong. Intimacy, a gift from god to married couples should be private. Stop watching Tv and pick up your bibles!!!!

    1. When she was on her Prayer Line she was talking about GOD gave her permission to be on a show. She didn’t mention the name until Tuesday morning during 5am prayer. Now that I saw a preview, I don’t think GOD would allow Pastor Yvonne Capehart with this mess. This shows no anointing.

      1. I do not know who Dr Yvonne Capehart is but if she said God gave her permission to participate in a show that mocks holiness then someone is confused and it is not the Holy Spirit. Did you notice that at 1minute, 33 seconds into the you tube videos posted here there are two women in pj’s ?

        1. I would ‘NOT’ make fun of holiness at any given cost either! That is likely what happened to former church mi- nister and stand-up comedian Sam Kinison (he was killed in a car accident after his honeymoon in 1992). Well said, sister!!

      2. This shows a lust for fame and filthy lucre and listening to those dark angels speaking and teliing her this is ordained. We

  4. Hello Ex ministries! Can we really be surprised with what the world is doing, when the church is a filthy lucre lust demon behind closed doors? With how bad the body of Christ is going and calling it God. The world is celebrating their filth out in the open while the church is speaking in tongues, shouting, then at night they creep in the dark to perform their demonic acts of sexual lust and filth. God DOESN’T see a difference. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is screaming in our faces but we are ignoring the clean UP job it with take. Its too much hard work!!

  5. I watched the preview, though they dont show nothing,.thank God. They still are asking questions that should be dealt with in a more private way… They also displayed a gay female couple . and one off the panelist claims to be a pastor….i do not believe this is good bc if she is living according to scripture she would not be able to counsel or participate in something where a couple who are living against God’s purpose, are getting help, with the SIN they are living in. If couples are in need of help, they need to seek it from God fearing believers, not the world. Nothing from the world can guide you to be godly, nothing.

  6. This show is disgusting. I couldn’t get the volume up but just the idea of exposing one’s sexual escapades on tv is wrong, i don’t care what this psychologist thinks. Sex is a holy act performed by husband and wife. Most of the reason why there is unfulfillment in sex is because of sexual sin. It is sin against yourself. There is redemption found in Jesus Christ for MARRIED couples. And in marriage we are called to be naked and unashamed. So tell your spouse in a loving way that you are hurt or bored or whatever. If you need help, seek it, in prayer and in counseling but not before the world. Even the clip for the show glorifies lesbianism so that should tell us that this is just more depravity in the cesspool of sin.

    1. Even though I have never heard of that “shocking” program until now, I do believe that it is indeed smut TV. I don’t know all the sexual/emotional ramifications this “so-called” mass therapy endorses, but I would strongly label it “voyeurism”. It is awfully tempting for some (including me) to watch, but sex is in its proper perspective a spiritual gift, not a gutter-retrieved “pastime”. I don’t plan to watch it at all, period!!

  7. Welp, just plain tomfoolery and borderline pornography on daytime television replete with abomination. I’ll not waste minute one of my time I’ll never get back to lay my eyes on the youtube clip. Sin is gonna be the death of many with sexual immorality as the major instrument involved. SMH.

  8. Hmmmmm!! nothing shld b supprising or even shocking in this world we live. therapy indeed! what a pity why cnt they do it btw dem n their phycologist or better still the God. Humans always find it hard to resist the urge for fame

  9. What?!!!! This is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my entire life !!!! What?!!!! This is simply pornography in an another level !!! This world is very sickkkk !!!

  10. What is happening to the World ? This is sick , disgusting ..
    Shame on who ever came up with this sick show .

  11. Look @ the comments on youtube for this trailer, even non-christian are disgusted with the show
    calling it Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon “smh”

  12. Okay so out of concern due to one of the posts I read, I actually went to “Dr. Yvonne Capehart ‘s” facebook page and the same youtube preview on this post is on her facebook page.Please someone help me but at 1:18 of the youtube it appears to be 2 women, in pink pajamas. I think I will revisit the video ex ministries produced about “reality TV” there are so many confirmations. What really greives my spirit is that someone mentioned that this minister conducts some type of 5am prayer,if that is the case then how can it be led by the Holy Spirit? Maybe this is pretty strong, but if this is a Christian partcipating on a reality TV show about couples having sex on live TV, (a box means nothing and the devil knows it) not only is this vanity on all fronts but isn’t she helping the enemy throw souls “under the bus” by participating in this? Ex ministries what kind of spirit is behnd this? is it Jezebel? if not what is it?

    1. Lasciviousness. Jezebel would want more control than this. The best example I can give of Jezebel would be a church headed by a woman like Paula White.

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