State-of-the-art pro-life ultrasound centers, gone mobile

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An abortion clinic’s worst nightmare: State-of-the-art pro-life ultrasound centers, gone mobile

By Peter Baklinski |

9711261071_4e27bfe374_zHow can pro-lifers effectively reach out to women who are literally en route to abort their unborn babies? For the pro-life movement, that’s the million-dollar question.

Now one pro-life innovator, Joe Baker, founder and president of Save the Storks, believes he has found the answer: A mobile, fully-equipped, state-of-the-art medical center custom fitted into a Mercedes-Benz van, parked directly between the woman and the abortion clinic.

“Our mission is just to serve and to present the option to make a decision for life,” Baker told

Bakers’ vans sport an image of a large stork flying with a wrapped bundle in its beak, with the words “Save the Storks” written in large letters across the side of the van.

According to Baker, the image of the large bird carrying a bundled baby breaks down barriers, since for many people, the stork has a comforting and somewhat nostalgic connection to motherhood and pregnancy.

The interior of the vans are equipped with massage chairs, an examination table, a toilet for pregnancy testing, and an ultrasound machine. They are designed to create a comfortable and confidential space in which an abortion-minded woman will feel welcomed and safe.

Everything is state-of-the-art, down to the iPad that controls various van functions.

The strategy is simple: park the van in front of the abortion clinic, or as closely as legally possible. Warmly offer women heading for the abortion clinic free services including professional consultation, a pregnancy test, and a sonogram if needed.

So far, the strategy is proving wildly successful: Three out of five women who board a Stork van choose to keep their baby, says the organization.

Each Stork crew, consisting of three to five people, includes councilors and a licensed sonographer. When an abortion-minded woman enters the van she is presented with the three possible choices before her: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Counselors go through each option, telling the woman how each decision could impact her.

“All of the counseling on the bus is really about the impact to ‘her’, how it’s going to be so much more beneficial to ‘her’ if she chooses one of the first two options,” said Baker.

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19 Comments on “State-of-the-art pro-life ultrasound centers, gone mobile”

  1. I am LOVING this!!! And I will be praying for you to get this ALLLLL across the nation and prayerfully across the world! God has always made a way of escape and this is a way for mothers to escape the thought of abortion! God Bless you coming from a mom that was pregnant at 12, gave birth at 13, and now my son is 30 years old.

  2. This put tears to my eyes, we were just talking about this a few weeks ago at the clinic. This is very effective and many mothers can actually see their child in the womb, but in most or almost all clinics won’t allow the mother to see their preborn child. Need a lot more of these vans.

  3. Tears in my eyes!!! That is awesome!! The pregnant women can choose to save there baby AND salvation unto Jesus Christ.

  4. I remember meeting them when they were first getting this off the ground. So glad to see this moving forward.

  5. I think this is absolutely wonderful,brings tears to my eyes!! May this van ministry save many lives!!! Praise God!

  6. God is awsome! When I was 19yr old I became pregnant with my daughter, I knew her father would not help me take care of her so I tried to get an abortion. I was literaly on the ultrasound table and in the counselors office. God in his wisdom, mercy, and longsuffering for my child and I, allowed this plan from the enemy to fail. I walked out of there still pregnant and fully demonized because I could’nt kill my own seed. I actually told myself I would rather die and go to hell than be pregnant. Come on now somebody I’m speaking of my testimony and how God delivered and set me free from the sin of murder! Just because my child was not aborted does not mean the intent of murder was not already written upon my heart. The sin of fornication is what lead to my terrible choice, sin only lead to more sin and you will find yourself making decisions you never thought you were capable of doing. My daughter is 14 now and I love with the love of Christ Jesus, It’s sad how decieved I was to think killing my child was the best choice. I want to plead with all the mothers and fathers out there who are in this situation please don’t do it, you are destroying a human life. You will bring a curse in your own life the devil is a liar. You can’t cover sin with sin, please give your life to Jesus. Make a decision now to stop fornicating,and adultery because 99% of the time this is what lead to the road of destruction for so many. Repent and turn away before it’s too late!

  7. This is awesome!! The devil don’t want you to see your child. Because if you do…then you will realize you have been lied to. Many women suffer today because they made the wrong choice. Life is precious…it is a gift from God. If the enemy does not succeed in killing the baby in the wound…then he continue after the baby is born. But God is greater than any old devil…any old day. Thank God for people who are willing to do something.

  8. Wonderful praise be to God there are still people out there who really do care and using that caring in the most innovative and creative ways God bless them

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