Teen Dating: Early Issues

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When teens date, they alter their lives permanently. 99% of the time, these teen relationships dissolve after sexual relations. This leads to issues that causes strife later on in marriages and in most cases, keeps marriage from ever occurring. Most of the single women today dated haphazardly at an early age. Most men that currently fear marriage got so used to being able to change girlfriends at their leisure, that they enjoy the hunt far more than the capture well into adulthood. This has produced loose ideals of marriage, commitment, and perseverance.

Allowing your teens to haphazardly date is playing roulette with their emotional and mental well being. Parents, stand strong. Society wants them to experiment with their sexuality so they can be lured into sexual vice at an early age. These issues will plague them for the rest of their lives. We must stand up and protect our teenagers from the problems that come from teen dating.

Should teens date? Do they understand the temptations involved in dating? Can they handle the emotions involved with dating? And how does haphazardous dating effect future marriages and relationships? These and many other questions have been debated between parents and teens for many years. Through this powerful video G. Craige Lewis takes us on an in-depth and thought provoking journey through the natural and spiritual ramifications of teen dating. Designed to enlighten both adults and teens, this video shares facts and answers from the Word of God on the subject. Get your copy now! 


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