Teen Dating: Teen Couple Commits Suicide, Posts On Facebook

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In my video The Truth Behind Teen Dating, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, I spoke about the danger of allowing teens to date. It leads to sexual activity, mental and emotional scarring, and in many cases, multiple failed relationships that lead to living a single life permanently. Almost all marriages that dissolve are because of preconceived expectations that were developed because of previous relationships. When teens have traumatic issues in their lives such as divorce, molestation, abandonment or neglect, they will usually push the limits of their teen relationship and act as adults. This causes all kinds of problems later in life. In the case of this very young couple, it caused death. Pray for their families.


Today I lost my wife I should say I lost my life, can’t put in words how i feel, we just talked last night why you ain’t tell me? Even tho we knew we ain’t have nobody we knew we had eachother, you was really a reflection of me you knew how I felt knew when I was feeling and you though it was crazy how I knew something was wrong even when you would fake a smile , it feel like my life just ended it we just talked Tho why you ain’t say nothing man why???? Why bra whyyyyy ????

GOTONLINE: A tragic story about a teenage couple from Ohio committing suicide just days apart has gone viral on Facebook.

Details surrounding the suicides are scarce, but according to online reports, 18-year-old Mercedes Shaday Smith took her own life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday (Apr. 20), and her boyfriend, Markeice “Mari” Brown ended his life on Saturday (Apr. 22).

Apparently, Smith’s friends believed that Brown contributed to his girlfriend’s suicide and they harassed/bullied him online, which, along with the grief of losing his girlfriend, drove him to commit suicide just days later.

The entire situation is being heavily discussed on Facebook and has sparked a serious discussion about suicide awareness and depression.

Here are some things you need to know about Mercedes Shaday Smith and Markeice “Mari” Brown: Read More Here



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  1. So sad! This is why it is important for a man to first get married and leave his mother and father and cling to his wife. When you’re dating and sleeping around, your influence is not priority to that other person, so it becomes difficult to map how that person is feeling. Now that person is torn between many atmospheres they go through without any guidance.

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