Teens Commit Murder So 16-Year-Old Could ‘Sell His Soul to the Devil’

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Teens Commit Murder So 16-Year-Old Could ‘Sell His Soul to the Devil’

By Gina Meeks | Charismanews.com

Corriann-Cervantes-FacebookA 15-year-old girl was found brutally murdered in Texas in what appeared to be a satanic ritual killing. Police said there was “evidence indicating occult activity,” according to a statement.

Corriann Cervantes, from Clear Lake, Texas, was found in a vacant apartment unit in Houston last weekend. Police say she was abducted and raped, then bashed in the head until she died. She was kidnapped Feb. 5, but her body was not found until early Saturday morning.

Cervantes’ partially naked body, found by a neighbor in the apartment complex, was surrounded by religious items, and an upside-down cross was carved into her stomach.

Houston police have arrested two suspects on charges of capital murder: 17-year-old Jose E. Reyes and a 16-year-old boy whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile.

The suspects knew Cervantes from the alternative high school they all attended in Clear Lake. Reyes confessed the crimes to a family member, who called police. He said the pair of teenagers killed Cervantes so his younger friend “could sell his soul to the devil.”

9 Comments on “Teens Commit Murder So 16-Year-Old Could ‘Sell His Soul to the Devil’”

  1. I praise God for you G craig Lewis And Ex ministries your faithfulness is a inspiration in my life, glory to Christ Jesus hallelujah.

  2. Oh God have mercy on that little girl’s soul. And may the Spirit of God convict those boys and bring them to repentance. I pray healing to the families and peace. Its hard to imagine that these children could be so demonically influenced to do such things. Evil is at a new depth in this final age. Please come soon Lord.

    1. Amen YHWH is King may your prayers for their souls be fruitful, may they receive his loving gift of salvation before they leave this realm and may Yahweh comfort the families and friends that this horrible event have impacted.

  3. Why so many teens are intrigued by the dark side and all things wicked these days ill never know. I seldom come across any good news of how a group of young people are standing strong and firm in Christ instead we keep giving birth to a rebellious and just outrageous youth. My prayer goes out to all the young people being enticed into such wickedness.


  5. Today’s youth are easily persuaded towards evil deeds because our religious pool is too broad. So many different types of religion, they don’t know which to follow…the devil is common in all religious groups so why can’t we all believe in one GOD? Because there is only one GOD and one devil. Let’s do away with the labeling of religion and lead our children properly!!

  6. Is this what is happening now? in America? The nation that says “In God we trust?
    Where are the Martin Luthers of the present day America.
    Stand up and out boldly and let the truth be heard,

    1. Yes in god..but which god..can’t be the God of OUR Bible. This world is coming to an end and it’s right around the corner

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