Texas Childcare Center Manager Fired for Refusing to Refer to Girl as Boy

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Texas Childcare Center Manager Fired for Refusing to Refer to Girl as Boy

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

Kirksey-compressed-300x300KATY, Texas — A childcare center manager in Texas says that she was recently fired for refusing to refer to a little girl as a boy at the parents’ request.

Madeline Kirksey, a Christian, served as manager of Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy until late last month when she and another worker were terminated over the situation.

According to reports, the parents of the six-year-old girl had asked the center to begin referring to the girl as a boy and provided the new boy’s name that they were to use. The parents had also cut the child’s hair short so that she looked more like a boy.

While administrators at the center, an educational childcare facility for ages six through twelve, did not have an issue with the parents’ request, Kirksey did not feel comfortable with following through with it. She suggested that the other parents be informed, and expressed concern about speaking to the other children at the center about transgender matters.

Kirksey said that she thought the little girl herself was confused about her gender.

“One day, she wanted to be a girl [and] the next day she wanted to be a boy,” she told Fox26 News in Houston. “The other kids are confused as well, calling her a boy and she would start screaming, ‘I’m not a boy!’”

Kirksey soon received a letter advising that her employment was being terminated. It stated that “[w]hen requested by parent and management to call a transgender child by the child’s new name, Madeline does not follow instructions.” The letter also said that she also failed to tell another worker to leave the game room.

The center had distributed guidelines to workers to explain how they were to “handle transgender students.”

“The transgender student will tell you how best to handle themselves. Let them tell you what they want, and accommodate their desire for most appropriate pronouns, grouping (boy/girl), etc.,” the guidelines read in part. “If gendered bathroom and locker room usage is problematic, establish neutral facilities, available to all if possible, that the transgender student can safely use. But allow the transgender student to affiliate according to their own wishes, never by force.”

Another worker at the center told reporters that she was likewise fired for expressing her concerns about the matter.

Both the parents and the center have refused to comment on the matter to the media.


37 Comments on “Texas Childcare Center Manager Fired for Refusing to Refer to Girl as Boy”

  1. The parents have totally let go of their parental responsibility! Parents need to take their children out of these places that foster rebellion, confusion and unrest in children. Lord have mercy!?

  2. This distrubs me on so many levels I cannot begin to explain! This baby is 6 years old! What does she know about transgender! Jesus please save this nation! G. Craig Lewis how do you handle utter foolishness such as this as you and the ministry are researching and putting together these articles! It really saddens me and makes me angry all at the same time for all the confusion in this place!

  3. I would’ve done the same. I wish people would get it through their heads that when it all boils down, no matter what clothes that little girl wears, how short her hair is cut, what her sick parents think, say, or do…. she is a girl.

    point. blank. period.

  4. I don’t believe what I’m reading! I remember years ago, working in child care centers, I would never have dreamed I would have been faced with something like this. And this child is so confused, she don’t know WHAT she is anymore! Those parents need the mess slapped outa them!!!

  5. They said, never by force. But they turn right around and forced this woman to make a lie, the truth in order to stay
    employed. Seems like the confusion is with the parents. ( Sorry for the previous comment. It bothers me when
    Bible doctrine is thrown out completely, by people in leadership, supposed readers of the word.)

  6. Congratulations on taking a stand for what is right and appropriate. God will bless you with a new job, a better job, and a raise. In fact he just spoke to me and said, open your own facility. Amen!

  7. Only thing exposed is the enemy. There’s no Doors that man can Shut!. The children are being led as prey to the Demonic spirits that wishes to confuse and batter the mental or these babies. The child displays confusion because of the guardians who I’m pretty sure are making the decision. The Manager did her Job, remember this child wasn’t the only child that attended the facillity therefore she ( kirksey) was a over seer of many “What About there Beliefs” there parents concern. Its not about hate its about the will to stand for what you believe and not always getting the label as “THE ONE” who didn’t just say yes!! Who’s going to have a voice and not be afraid to speak Life into situations that folk try to ignore because, its uncomfortable. If my child was attending there I wouldn’t be happy because kids are impressionable. Kids can’t even just be Kids. Encouraged to be who They Are! Just let them be who God has created them to be. Mrs. Kirksey, this is just your beginning to a Higher Platform. Stay encouraged and know your supported and appreciated for being That Voice so many are scared to be.

  8. Sounds to me like this poor child is an experiment in indoctrination. There will be hell to pay…maybe not in these people’s lifetime, but rest assured, the Almighty definitely does not let sleeping dogs lie….

  9. So a 6 year old will tell you”how to accommodate their desire” that sounds psycho itself what does a 6 year old know about anything, would somebody please tell me. My daughter wants to be a teacher but mess like this along with all the disrespect that goes on in some class rooms here in chicago and around this nation is very discouraging. Pray for those in education saints those that are believers in the truth of what God has already declared to be sin. Here in chicago some of the classrooms are controlled by the students and now those in positions of authority want to tell them that a 6 year old knows whats best for his or her self, the scripture says that “foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child but the rod of instruction will drive it far from him” I really don’t know how the Holy One forebears and holds back His wrath on this hot mess. Death has entered into our windows and into our homes to cut off the children from the streets the carcasses of men are dropping on the ground like waste like the grain that’s been cut down and there is no one to gather them up

  10. I’m furious with the response of this facility; instructing adults on how to best handle transgender children. They had the nerve to say let the children tell you…. The adult. THATS A MAJOR PROBLEM right there!!! They are CHILDREN!!!! Confused about so many things already!! That’s why we as parents should be teaching, instructing, raising them up in the things of God. These parents are CONFUSED! No wonder the child is. Sad. Very sad. Innocent people’s lives have to be ALTERED because of one person’s CONFUSION!

    I thrive in this world knowing, THIS IS NOT MY HOME!

  11. Ok so now we need 5 bathrooms.

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Unisex
    4. Girls who think their boys (sometimes).
    5. Woman of the Year. (Bruce Jenner)

  12. This is ridiculous. If the child was confused, the parents child have listened. They should not have been fired.

  13. Good job for standing for what you believe in Homsexuality is a sin..and to train a kid to believe this sin is right…is wrong …we need more ppl in the world to stand up to this issue.May God Bless you because ..God is well please with you right now.

  14. This to me is ludicrous look the parents should have done more talking to their own child and the center for smoother transitions…People are so ready to forget what ultimately comes with discussions, confusion.I would love my child no matter what, and if their fears were still at the surface, how can punish someone who ultimately had their best interest at heart…

  15. This is bananas!!!!!! How in the world does a freaking 6 year old come up with something like this?! And the parents roll with it! Smh! These two ex employees shouldn’t even want their job back at the facility! I remember when I was 5 my brother that is five years older than me! Was the coolest person in my life! We had a discussion about how boys and girls urinate, so after I tried to pee like a boy! Literally sitting on the toilet backwards! If my family had played into that theses no telling how I would have turned out and how confused I would be! I think those type of decisions ate way too complicated and serious for a child to decide! At the precious age of 6!

  16. This is getting way out of hand and now is a violation of the right of every citizen in this nation to live according to the principles of their own faith, beliefs or according to the dictates of their conscience. This is not about human rights, this is about politics, a group of people who set in motion an agenda back in the 1970s they are now implementing. An agenda that seeks to punish and marginalize anyone and everyone who disagrees with the gay lifestyle. This is bullying on a national scale. They are boldly doing it with judges, teachers, pastors, anyone in a position of influence is being attacked as their manifesto declared they would be in 1974. Look it up on line. It is there in plain language. This is revenge on a sweeping level and it is literally holding Americans hostage economically by threatening their jobs and careers. All because of a supreme court decision that struck down the rights of a majority of citizens, denying them the right to dissent without legal retaliation. This is wrong! And unconstitutional.

  17. I’m sorry, but if I had worked for a childcare center and had parents do this to me then I would have had the child taken away from the parents because I consider this a form of abuse. The child clearly knew she was a girl and the parents were forcing her into being a boy, which was confusing her. The child is a girl plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how much the parents make her dress as a boy, or act like a boy, she will never be a boy. She will always be a girl. But, she will be a confused little girl.

    1. Correct the child is a Girl. At the age of 6 need to be taught and trained how to be a little girl/ young lady. Children at that age have learned behavior, so I totally agree its abuse and they the parents are confusing the child that is only 6yrs old. Marla everything in your comment I agree. Dito

    2. A really hard topic. i have a 6 years old girl. she is doing fine thanks GOD. if I see that on my child’s school. i simple take out my girl from that school right away.

  18. She got exactly what she deserved, as a paying customer to that facility the parents have every right to make the decision they feel is best for their child. If the management at the facility accepted that she should have got on board on been let go as she would.

    Luckily Marla yiu are not the law and no one gives a damn about what you personally consider as child abuse.

  19. If the parent had a problem with the curriculum and the way the manager and teachers were conducting the center with the training and development of the children then she should have removed the child or the center should have rejected or dismissed that child from the facilities. Me personally wouldn’t want my pediactric child around other children with identity issues or confusion with there sex/gender. They are babies in the most important stages of learning what they are, who they are and what they have. This situation angers me to my core. It’s sickening.

  20. Madeline Kirksey, don’t worry you did right… God will bless you… in the name of god i declare a lot of blessing for you who withstood against devil.

  21. Can someone please explain to me how a 6 year old knows they are transgender, children act and play all the time but these parents should be ashamed of themselves. Let the girl be a tom-girl or whatever but they are taking this way to far. That kid didn’t even know what transgender even is

  22. Leave the little tyke alone. She is a girl until the day she says is a boy or she definitely wants to be a boy. Stop confusing the child and other children.

    Why can’t people just leave well enough alone.

    Kudos to the 2 staff members who thought better,,,

    Dumb Ass parents and school,,,,

    Just me,,,,

  23. Sue the Day Care because it’s rediculous. That little girl is being brain wash by the two men that’s raising her. They need to take her away from them freaks.

  24. This is the most jacked up thing ever…why are the parents pushing that kinda gender on a child. .this is the time when they should be teacher their child how to be a girl…I have nothing against adults who wanna be Transgender, gay,or lez,but kids should have the right to be a boy if born a boy and a girl if born a girl. …no it ain’t ok or cool for a child to try to be the opposite of sex that they are…and way outta line for firing someone over some bs like this

  25. This is out right ridiculous and insane, their under the great delusion scripture foretold, that God would give the rebellious over too.

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