Texas Teen Arrested After Allegedly Plotting Columbine-Style Church Massacre

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Texas Teen Arrested After Allegedly Plotting Columbine-Style Church Massacre

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

AmrineFORT WORTH, Texas — A teenager in Texas has been arrested and now faces a felony charge for allegedly plotting a massacre on a local church.

Nicholas Amrine, 19, posted a series of threats on Facebook last month, warning some not to attend Convergence Church’s upcoming youth event. According to reports, Amrine had participated in the youth group until he was expelled for concerning behavior.

When an assistant pastor noted that Amrine was posting a string of threats on his Facebook page following the expulsion, he contacted police.

“All the kids that forgot about me are going to get what they deserve,” Amrine posted on June 3. “I may have been hesitant in the past, but next time you see me I will not hesitate about anything. It will be over in a flash, it will be over in a bang, you will see my face, and then nothing else ever again.”

I am on fire, and this fire is going to end it all,” he continued, stating that he felt left out and unloved. “The misfits will all live except for me. Because the ones who get what they deserve, will—and that includes me. And the pain I cause will end in the end for all of us except those who are already left out. … I have to make a statement to this country.”

A photo published the same day showed Amrine holding a tactical-style rifle with the message “Run up on me. I dare ya.”

The teen had also posted a photo on his page of the 1999 Columbine killers, calling the gunman his “heroes.

The following day, Amrine was apprehended by police and questioned. According to a police report, he admitted to posting the threats on Facebook while in custody.

“In summary, during the interview, Armine admitted that he used his personal Facebook account to post all the threats of violence and warnings directed at Convergence Church,” the report reads. “He also admitted to participating in a text conversation … where he laid out his detailed plan to carry out a mass shooting event at the church on 7-22-15 of 13 people like Columbine.”

Armine was taken to a hospital last month for evaluation and was arrested on Wednesday upon his release. He is now facing a charge of making a terroristic threat, a felony.

The teen, who is out on bail, has now issued an apology.

“I apologize to everyone for what I said back on June 3rd,” he wrote on Facebook. “That is not who I am and I would never do such a thing. The things I posted on Facebook were wrong and I should have never done that.”

“I love people and I would never hurt myself. I would never hurt other people or animals,” Amrine stated. “Please forgive me for being so cruel.”

He also claimed that his actions were the result of “constantly flooding [his] brain with negative music.”

“I was never serious about what I said,” Amrine contends.

5 Comments on “Texas Teen Arrested After Allegedly Plotting Columbine-Style Church Massacre”

  1. He may not have been serious, but whatever spirit possessing him at the time was. It just needed a way to carry it out. We need to really start considering possession in some of these cases.

  2. Just as with the massacre that occurred in S.. a few weeks back, I am confounded that people on sit in the very church or among God’s people and they do not feel the love of Christ that is emitted, nor does it seem the preached or taught word penetrate their hearts. Baffling.

  3. Sorry, I don’t trust that apology it sounds like the voice of the enemy to me. Lord God please deliver Nicholas from those fowl unclean lying deceiving murderous demons in Jesus name.2 Chronicals 7:13-15 is a word for this hour it is a rehma word for our time. We need power from on High and we will receive it when we get LOW.

  4. I wish this young man would have listened to God and not succumbed to his anger like this. I understand how it feels not to always fit in, and to be left out. It probably hurt even more because it happened at church. But God’s validation trumps man’s validation. Sadly teens have a hard time understanding this. I believe that if he heard the messages from this ministry, he would have probably left his youth group and found ministry where the only acceptance that matters is God’s acceptance. I pray that he will get the help he needs.

    1. Thank God for him repenting and saying sorry….God is still in control. We should always look out for each other.

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