The Ambitions of Men vs the will of God

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“Until we learn to discern between the ambitions of men vs the will of God we will consistently look for men to grant us a position instead of God granting us our purpose.. The error came when men tried to take what belongs to God and take it into the world and gain the world support of it. Jesus said that the world is going to hate us because it hated him. So we can’t seek for the approval of the world.” – G. Craige Lewis, EX Ministries


5 Comments on “The Ambitions of Men vs the will of God”

  1. Amen. Let us not depend on the arm of flesh, but depend on GOD who is the author and the finisher of our faith.

  2. Powerful interview! “…Christianity is a counter-culture” powerful statement, when will these Christians leaders and Musicians learn?

  3. Let’s continue to be adamant believers amen on staying on Gods word Ex Ministries, continue the good fight in The Lord never compromise for the world, stay with truth in His word. Blessings!

  4. well said. When will the people who say they are of GOD go to GOD word to set the standard for the world and stop bringing the world standard in the church.the world worship men, the church worship GOD;that is what should be happening. God bless you and your family G Craig Lewis.continue fulfilling God’s purpose for you in your generation.

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